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Oct 7, 2009: CHRC Jennifer Lynch’s Speech to CBA in Dublin Ireland - Lynch claims there is a “reverse chill” against the CHRC [Access Request]


Oct 3, 2009: Rally the Troops for Free Speech - A campaign for intervenor status in the Judicial Review of Warman v. Lemire


Oct 1, 2009:  The Fanatical CHRC appeal Lemire decisionNo shame in using tax-payers money to keep their censorship franchise going

Sept 18, 2009: Why did the CHRC attack Marc Lemire? Was it really to silence a critic and shut down his website?


Sept 17, 2009: MACLEANS: It took a while but Section 13 is dead (Mark Steyn takes on the CHRC and censors)


Sept 10, 2009: The CHRC in a State of Confusion over Lemire Decision. What will happen now?


Warman v. Lemire

Final Decision of the Tribunal [PDF]

[HTML version]




Sept 1, 2009: PRESS RELEASE: Important legal decision on the validity of the Canadian Human Rights Act to censor Internet postings and online media. Tribunal ruling on the Constitutional Challenge of Section 13 expected on Wednesday Sept 2, 2009 at 9:30am (EST)


Aug 31, 2009:  Decision in Lemire's Constitutional Challenge to be released this wed - Sept 3, 2009


July 18/09: RCMP releases documents on the CHRC Criminal Hacking Investigation   

Investigation dropped due to jurisdictional issues with the United States And the RCMP investigates Lemire for daring to complain  


July 17/09: CHRCs Jennifer Lynch: Misrepresents Secret Hearing Ruling in Lemire case


July 16/09: [VIDEO] Conservative MP Russ Hiebert slams the CHRC on CTVNews


July 01/09:CHRC Grilled in Parliament on Criminality, Hate Postings and Abuse + Prof Robert Martin's Testimony [Transcripts now available]


June 30/09: MONTREAL GAZETTE: Rights commission threatens our liberty


June 19/09:  [VIDEO] CHRC Grilled in Parliament on Criminality, Hate Posts, Richard Warman and Abuse


June 11/09: LEMIRE: 2,044 days under the Iron heel of the CHRC


June 10/09: CAFE Seeks "Interested Party" Status in Topham / Radical Press CHRC case


May 20/09: Journalists nominate the out of control CHRC for their "Code of Silence" AwardAward recognizes the most secretive government, department or agency in Canada


April 11/09: Canadian Human Rights Commission Censorship: Talking Points on the Rights Fanatics (It's time to reign in the Human Rights Fanatics)


April 8/09: TRANSCRIPT: Conservative Party vote on P-203 to stop Section 13 and CHRC censorship


March 28/09: Marc Lemire files complaint against Toronto Police for thuggish arrest of Non-Violent Letter Writer


March 27/09: Marc Lemire files a complaint with the Ontario Judicial Council over FreeDominion ruling


March 25/09: Kingston Police Harass FreeDominion Website: Are Police to become moderators of political message boards? What's next, a license?


March 25/09: United Reformed Church Targets Section 13 - Send a Letter today demanding a repeal of Section 13


March 20/09: Serial Plaintiff - Richard Warman, skewered in the Mainstream Press


March 15/09: Did Richard Warman’s internet postings contribute to further hate? A study of some of the responses to Warman's posts




Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Slams Warman


YOUTUBEVideo of Richard Warman's testimony in the Ouwendyk hearing


March 10/09: Update on Marc Lemire's ground-breaking book - Silencing Thought: The Human Rights Industry's War on Freedom of Expression


Feb 12/09: Lemire Commentary on Free Speech + Canada's Gay Press: Repeal Section 13: Take hate clause out of human rights act


Feb 10/09: Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights to investigate Section 13 and the out of control Canadian Human Rights Commission


Jan 30/09: Privacy Commissioner rules on CHRC WiFi Hacking Allegations after a shockingly poor investigation


Jan 28/09: LEVANT: Justice Department launches internal review of section 13


Jan 26/09: ECP CENTRE: Parliament Must Repeal Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act


Jan 19/09: CATHOLIC INSIGHT: Repeal Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act (Great article)


Dec 19/08: CHRC: it's OK to say gays should be "beheaded", Jews "spread corruption", Hindus must "be killed" (As long as your not White)


Dec 2/08: Lemire submits Moon report for the Constitutional Challenge of Section 13


Nov 26/08: Media Bonanza: Editorials show overwhelming support to repeal Section 13!  Toronto Star to the Globe to the National Post.


Nov 24/08: CHRC hand-picked independent constitutional expert - Prof. Robert Moon submits his long awaited report, and amazingly calls for the Repeal of Section 13!


Nov 21/08: Criminal Complaint against CHRC: Evidence leads to the USA, where the RCMP can’t follow up.  RCMP won't investigate further


Nov 17/08: [VIDEO] Conservative Party votes to Abolish Section 13 (internet censorship) from the ambit of the Human Rights Fanatics


Nov 15/08: Conservative Party passes resolution to remove Internet Censorship provision from Human Rights Fanatics


Nov 12/08: FLYER: Support Conservative Party Resolution P-203 to repeal Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act


Sept 20/08: Was the Canadian Muslim community suckered by the CHRC?


Sept 19/08: CHRC Wants to BAN Humour. Look Out the CHRC Joke Police are trolling for Jokes that are "Not Funny"


Sept 17/08: LEMIRE Hearing - Day three wrap-up


Sept 16/08: LEMIRE Hearing - Day Two WRAP-UP

Sept 15/08: LEMIRE Hearing: Day One Wrap-Up

Sept 14/08: LIVE BLOGGING of the Closing Arguments in the Lemire case


Sept 10/08: Final Submissions on the Constitutionality of Section 13 (Part 2) a Must read!


Sept 8/08: One More Week Until the LEMIRE Hearing on the Major Constitutional Challenge of Section 13 and 54 of the Canadian Human Rights Act... BE THERE!


Sept 5/08: LEMIRE Hearing Moves Location -- Now at Holiday Inn Oakville Centre


Aug 25/08: Written Submissions of Marc Lemire On the Constitutionality of Section 13  (Part 1)


Aug 23/08: Academics fear speaking freely in Canada -- The Canadian Human Rights Commission reign of censorship has become a world-wide shame to Canada


Aug 16/08: Big Victory over the Secrecy Obsessed Canadian Human Rights Commission!   The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada states that the CHRC acted improperly by denying Marc Lemire information


Aug 15/08:  Can you spot the “Hate”? The Canadian Human Rights Commission absurdly claims this article by WWII war hero Doug Collins “exposes Jews to hatred or contempt”


Aug 11/08: CHRC Censorship and Abuse. Charts on how Section 13 is used and abused


Aug 5/08: CSIS Instigator GRANT BRISTOW Raises his head out of the sewer to support Section 13

Yet Bristow could have been prosecuted under Section 13


July 29/08: Richard Warman calls Canadian Human Rights Tribunal an "inquisition" and supports the DeTax Movement


July 25/08: Marc Lemire's Submissions on the Policy Review of Section 13 of the CHRA (Freedom of Speech in peril!)


July 4/08: Multiple Jewish organizations lobby the supposedly independent Canadian Human Rights Tribunal   Is it any wonder there is a 100% conviction rate!


June 24/08: Crazy CHRC Spends $75,000 in SECURITY on Paranoid concerns


June 9/08: BC Civil Liberties Association given the boot by “Human Rights” Tribunal.  Biased and Unfair … Have the Tribunals become Kangaroo Courts?


June 6/08: CHRC Transcript Irregularities 

Explosive testimony by CHRC Investigator Dean Steacy on Richard Warman is missing from Transcript!


June 2/08: Dr. Keith Martin's Press Release on Section 13 censorship


May 31/08:  BREAKING NEWS! Government to launch inquiry into CHRC "investigative techniques"


May 28/08: Attorney General Rob Nicholson opposes the intervention of the BC Civil Liberties Association in support of Lemire's Constitutional Challenge of Internet censorship


May 21/08: Hadjis Bias? Heck they are ALL ARE! Systemic BIAS exposed due to "sensitivity to Human Rights"


May 20/08: BREAKING NEWS: BC Civil Liberties Association seeks Intervener Status in support of Lemire’s Constitutional Challenge of Section 13


May 20/08: Kulaszka Hammers Attorney General of Canada over false claims   In a Bizarre submission - Conservative Rob Nicholson’s daft spokesman cries “unfairness”


May 17/08: UPDATE: on Criminal Complaint against Canadian Human Rights Commission for Stealing innocent woman's internet connection


May 17/08: LEVANT blasts lazy Hadjis: "Human Rights" Tribunal throws out application for Interested party Status of the CCF (WELCOME TO THE STAR CHAMBER...)


May 14/08: CAFE Motion for: Ruling on May 8th, 2008 motions. Postpone Closing Argument, Additional Witnesses and Reasonable Apprehension of Bias


May 11/08: CHRC Disclosure like a Game Show. They want to give “clues” and you are supposed to guess the answers


May 10/08: PUNDITA: Inside the Mad Kingdom of the Canadian Human Rights Commission's Section 13 department


May 10/08: TRANSCRIPTS of the CHRC being exposed as Spies, and completely corrupt - NOW AVAILABLE!


May 9/08: Kulaszka and Fromm hammer the CHRC on Secrecy Obsession, Untimely disclosure and Hiding of Documents


May 9/08: Appeal to Blogosphere on Constitutional Challenge of Section 13 a huge victory! Keep the pressure on


May 8/08: CAFE Demands that CHRC's Culture of Secrecy & Late/Partial Disclosure Have Consequences!


May 8/08: [VIDEO] Paul Fromm Exposes Borovoy and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association


May 5/08: Canadian Jewish organizations claim that Section 13 is needed for their “psychological security”


May 4/08: Lemire Demands Hearing Adjourn until CHRC properly discloses key documents


May 4/08: PUNDITA writes about the Lemire case and recent Call for Interveners


May 2/08: Canadian Constitution Foundation Seeks Intervener Status in support of Lemire’s Constitutional Challenge of Section 13


April 28/08:  URGENT APPEAL:  Where are the Civil Liberty Associations?


April 18/08: Privacy Act complaint filed against Canadian “Human Rights” Commission for unauthorized use of an Internet connection


April 10/08: Motion for Disclosure of CHRC fake names and to reopen hearing over CHRC WiFi Hacking


April 2/08: Criminal complaint filed against Canadian “Human Rights” Commission for theft of WiFi signals in order to spy on Canadians and post racist messages on websites


March 26/08: CHRC Operatives Hack Unsecured Wireless Access point to Post Hate Messages!

Innocent woman targeted due to CHRC dirty tricks


March 26/08: Lid Blown Off Commission Internet Spying in Lemire Case


March 24/08: PRESS RELEASE: Expect Fireworks -- Evidence of Government Dirty Tricks on the Internet at Rights Tribunal Hearing


March 23/08: Marc Lemire: Not a Nazi or White Supremacist  After a 6 year investigation the CHRC could not find SINGLE word I have written which violates Section 13.


March 20/08: Evidence to be used against the Canadian Human Rights Commission and it's spying on Canadians and totalitarian repression of speech


March 20/08:  CHRC demands the public be banned but allowed to see the hearing from a separate building to see the March 25th Secret hearing on CHRC spying!


March 18/08: CENSORSHIP BREAKER: CHRC wants Secret Hearing. Lemire Posts Evidence and will BLOG from Hearing!


March 17/08: Lemire Defence team Slams March 25 SECRET HEARINGS for CHRC Spies and Infiltrators


March 16/08: LIBERAL MP KEITH MARTIN: Open up the March 25 Marc Lemire Hearing in Ottawa


March 16/08: MACLEANS: Stalinist Tyranny in Canada: Dirty tricks of the Canadian Human Rights Commission exposed.


March 16/08: Canada has become a "HRC" Laughing Stock to the world: Cayman Islands hold up CHRC as example of Human Rights Commission out on control


March 16/08: Canadians Demand Public hearings on March 25 for CHRC testimony on Internet spying operations


March 16/08: MARK STEYN: Macleans Delegation wants to attend March 25 Lemire CHRT hearing!


March 16/08: LEVANT: How the Canadian Human Rights Commission violates the rule of law



March 3/08: CHRT RULING: Lemire Scores Monumental Victory over the CHRC - Spying Operations to be exposed!


Jan 18/08: CHRC senior investigator conducts spying operation against the  Conservative Website FreeDominion.  The dark plot of the CHRC’s Agent Provocateur agenda Exposed!


Jan 15/08: VICTORY! Commission Cries "Uncle", Reveals Staff Spying on the Internet & Court Awards Costs to Lemire


Jan 14/08: Canadian “Human Rights” Commission called before the Federal Court of Canada to justify Spying Operations on Canadians


December 19/07: Catholic Insight Magazine - another Victim of the Canadian Human Rights Commission


December 18/07: Canadian Human Rights Commission attacks Macleans Magazine and many others


December 17/07: Are the Canadian Human Rights Commission / Tribunal a KANGAROO COURT?


November 15/07: Internet Expert Bernard Klatt (and Lemire Witness) wins 2007 George Orwell Award


November 14/07: Has the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission become the Communists?


November 13, 2007: What Canadians think of the Canadian Human Rights Commission censorship of the Internet [Evidence the CHRC Tried to HIDE]


August 18, 2007: Marc Lemire scores another stunning victory over the Canadian Human Rights Commission and Attorney General of Canada


August 18, 2007: Canadian Human Rights Commission Lawyers give Undertakings to Tribunal on Medical Certificates to justify an adjournment.


July 8-07: Marc Lemire demands adjournment of Canadian Human Rights Tribunal until Federal Court rules on CHRC abuse of Section 37


June 18/07: CHRC Abuse of Section 37 of the Canada Evidence Act to cover-up the misdeeds of the CHRC


June 4/07: Canadian “Human Rights” Commission Chief Persecutor – Giacomo Vigna loses his “mental serenity!”


June 4/07: Marc Lemire's Lawyer demands an APOLOGY from CHRC Lawyers for shamelessly misleading evidence and false security threat allegations


May 16: Infiltrators target Marc Lemire. Motion filed in Lemire's Constitutional Challenge demanding Subpoena of Bell Canada.  Another Stormfront Infiltrator Exposed!


May 14/07: The Attack on Freedom of Speech by the misnamed Canadian “Human Rights” Commission


May 7/07: Huge Win for Marc Lemire: No Secret Testimony for Rights Commission Employees 


April 17/07: Upcoming Tribunal Hearing Date - May 9th to 11th, 2007 - Start: 9:30am [More information]


April 17/07: Upcoming Tribunal Hearing Date - June 25th to 27th, 2007 - Start 9:30am [More information]


February 25, 2007: Marc Lemire’s Constitutional Challenge of Internet Censorship continues on Monday February 26, 2007.  (Witness Schedule)


February 17, 2007: Marc Lemire’s Constitutional Challenge of Internet Censorship continues on Monday February 19, 2007 (Novotel, Mississauga)


January 25, 2007: The Canadian "Human Rights" Commission Accuses Marc Lemire of promoting "hate" for posting the contents of the Canadian Human Rights Act! [PDF]


January 24, 2007: Marc Lemire’s Constitutional Challenge of Internet Censorship to be heard in February, 2007 - Toronto (See the Freedom Fighters!) [PDF]


January 19, 2007: Marc Lemire Challenges the CHRC Non-Compliance! Demands an adjournment of hearing!


January 3, 2007: VICTORY - Two Tribunal Rulings in Lemire Favour! CHRT Allows Neuroscience Expert Dr. Persinger to testify and Amended Defence filed by Marc Lemire


December 31, 2006: 2006 A year of Victories and Challenges (documents the CHRC attack on Marc Lemire and our counter attack)


December 30, 2006: Marc Lemire's defence before the CHRC - Updated.  Now over 100 points![PDF Handout] (A must read!)


November, 2006: 2006 George Orwell Award Recipient - Marc Lemire


June 6, 2006: Tribunal dates set for Marc Lemire's case - ONE month of hearings booked!


May 16, 2006: Rulings before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.  (BIAS Exposed: three ruling so far - and Marc Lemire has lost them all)


May 16, 2006Witness List of Experts testifying before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (and expert reports)


March 20, 2006: Marc Lemire's Defence before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal [PDF Handout] (A must read!)


February 6/06: Canadian Jewish groups join censorship brigade to silence Freedomsite [PDF Handout]


RADIO FREEDOM: Paul Fromm interviews Marc Lemire on his current case before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal [Radio Freedom Homepage] [MP3 | WMA | Real Media]


Constitutional Motion - questioning the law under which Marc Lemire is charged




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