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Miscellaneous DVDs

Wolfgang Droege Memorial DVD

The DVD contains: Eulogy to Wolfgang Droege, Wolfgang's 55th Birthday (last known footage of Wolf), Speech Wolfgang gave in Kitchener,  Special video on the Heritage Front and Bristow with a great interview of Wolfgang done by Ernst Zundel, Speech Wolfgang gave called "A call to Action",  Some sample news clips of Wolfgang Droege during the founding of the Heritage Front




Free Ernst Zündel DVD 
CAFE's Battle for Freedom and Justice

Includes: November 23rd 2003 rally, National Free Zundel Rally (July 25, 2004) Where violent anarchy group tried to disrupt event with violence, "Free Ernst Zundel Day." - September 12, 2004, 15 minute documentary on who the terrorist "Anti-Racist Action" are and their financial supporters in the B'nai Brith, Federal NDP party and Metro council., Who is the Canadian Association for Free Expression [More info]



Trashing of Gary Schippers home by the terrorist Anti-Racist Action $15

David Icke - Secret Rulers of the World $15



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