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Articles and opinions from though-provoking Canadians.  Columnists  include people like Doug Collins, who is a career journalist and has written for newspapers such as the North Shore News, Calgary Herald, Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Province.   Other writers include author and Geologist John Ball, Promajority and former Heritage Front UpFront Editor Gerry Lincoln. 

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Started in 1996, Radio Freedom is one of the first interactive computer-only "radio" stations broadcasting primarily on the Internet and designed strictly for freedom loving people everywhere. Radio Freedom is an alternative to the main stream media! Finally, get the facts the liberal media has ignored for over 50 years. Webcasting 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

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Investigative and in-depth research on Pro-Censorship organizations in Canada.  Among the organizations profiled are: The Canadian Jewish Congress, The B'nai Brith,  the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and the worst censorship group, known as  Canada's "Political Police" - The Canadian Security Intelligence Service.  Major section on Canada's Anti-Racist Action recently added.

[Freedom-Site Exposed!]

A history of the various failed censorship attempts to silence the Freedom-Site.  From the 1996 Pathway Comminications censorship, the 1998 Interlog Internet fiasco, to the more recent attempts to silence us and our internet provider in British Columbia.

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Collection of interesting text files, news stories and articles. Articles include "The real facts behind the racism and hate at the National Action Committee on the Status of Women", "Revolutionary Majorities", "Electronic Iron Curtain" and much much more.

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A large collection of various snapshot of political life in Canada.  Pictures from groups like the Heritage Front, Canadian Association for Free Expression, Ernst Zundel and David Duke.

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