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Feb 23, 2015: BREAKING: Internet Free Speech - FreeDominion beats John Baglow (aka "Dr Dawg") in defamation trial

Feb 17, 2015: Growing Awareness of Freedom of Speech | Keltie Zubko

Dec 10, 2014: Quebec "Human Rights" Commission wants to regulate Internet "hate speech" now

Dec 1, 2014:  Defamation Laws in Canada Out of Control? Fighting for Freedom of Speech [Awan vs Ezra Levant]

Nov 27, 2014: Defamation: Jumps the Shark [Awan vs Ezra Levant]

Oct 24, 2014: R.I.P. Corporal Frank Cirillo

Sept 28, 2014: OCLA petition in defence of civil rights of Arthur Topham

Sept 9, 2014: Fight for your free speech against out of control Libel Laws in Canada

August 1, 2014: MARK STEYN: Complaining about Insufficient Complaints

July 29, 2014: The Obituary of CHRC Censorship [Part 3] Section 13 Goes Mainstream: The Mark Steyn / Macleans Case

June 29, 2014: The Obituary of CHRC Censorship [Part 2]: Modus Operandi of the CHRC: "simple forced deletion of the message"

June 26, 2014: Section 13 is Officially Repealed: The Obituary of CHRC Censorship [Part 1]

March 27, 2014: Day 4 of the Baglow v. Smith & Fourniers Defamation Hearing: Lawyer Outs Himself!

March 26, 2014: Day 3 of the Baglow v. Smith & Fourniers Defamation Hearing: More Baglow testimony and alleged spoliation of evidence

March 25, 2014: Day 2 of the Baglow v. Smith & Fourniers Defamation Hearing: Baglow testifies and hearing delayed due to medical problems

March 24, 2014: Day 1 of the Baglow v. Smith & Fourniers Defamation Hearing

March 19, 2014: FREEDOMINION: Defamation Law is strangling the Internet

March 19, 2014: The Fight for Freedom in Alberta - Support Motion 502

Feb 12, 2014: 1999 - The Battle of Vancouver - Douglas Christie faces down a mob of rabid loonies [Douglas Christie Memorial Video Archive]

Feb 5, 2014: Defamation Laws in Canada are Nuts w/ Connie Fournier and Free speech double standards by Brian Lilley

Feb 4, 2014: Blogosphere Comments on the Court of Appeals disgraceful decision on Section 13 - Internet Censorship

Feb 4, 2014: Court of Appeals rules that Internet Censorship via Section 13 is great! Court of Appeals rules that Internet Censorship via Section 13 is great!

Feb 3, 2014: NATIONAL POST: Court finds Internet hate speech law Section 13 to be constitutionally valid, doesn't violate freedom of expression

Jan 24, 2014: 1991 - Doug Christie on CBCs 'On The Line' - debating Freedom of Speech for Teachers [Douglas Christie Memorial Video Archive]

Jan 13, 2014: Doug Christie debates freedom of speech on CBC's "Petrie in Prime" from 1993 [Douglas Christie Memorial Video Archive]

Dec 12, 2013: Edmonton Police Jihad: "anyone should feel welcome and included in the EPS" except for those "Kikes," Muslims and Native "Red-Skinned" "Animal" and "Retarded Chugs"

Dec 10, 2013: Even video games now are full of NSA, FBI, GCHQ and other government spooks -- Sort of like "Hate" Websites with Police turning tricks as Hookers to get to 'White Power Island'

Nov 10, 2013: Federal Court Appeal Docs: A devastating critique of Canada's Internet censorship laws (Memorandum of Fact and Law of the Appellant Marc Lemire)

Nov 8, 2013: Lemire Appeal against Internet Censorship set to be heard on November 14, 2013

Oct 2, 2013: Doug Christie exposes the attacks on freedom in Canada from 'Ritual Defamation' to Impact Prosecutions

Sept 20, 2013: Douglas Christie comments on the 1998 Controversy about Internet Freedom (Bernard Klatt case)

Sept 14, 2013: Doug Christie at the Sheraton Centre on Book Burning and an Out of Control State Tyranny (1998)

Sept 7, 2013: Doug Christie: Free Speech is the Issue! (1997)

Aug 30, 2013: Ernst Zundel Meets Doug Christie and Keltie Zubko for first time - 1984 [Douglas Christie Memorial Video Archive]

Aug 23, 2013: Doug Christie Message to the CLR: Hammers CSIS, Police, CHRC and other Enemies of Freedom (1997) [Douglas Christie Memorial Video Archive]

Aug 18, 2013: Doug Christie exposes CSIS Agent Grant Bristow and the whitewash "Heritage Front Affair" Report (1995) [Douglas Christie Memorial Video Archive]

Aug 9, 2013: Doug Christie speaks in Great Britain on the importance of freedom around the world (1995) [Douglas Christie Memorial Video Archive]

Aug 8, 2013: NP: From Quebec, another human-rights-commission farce

Aug 2, 2013: Doug Christie Speaks in New Brunswick on the importance of freedom (1988) [Douglas Christie Memorial Video Archive]

July 29, 2013: Doug Christie on BBC's '5th Column' exposing the Fraud of so-called "War Crimes Trials" (1990) [Douglas Christie Memorial Video Archive]

July 20, 2013: Doug Christie Speaks on the loss of Freedom of Thought in Canada (1986) [Douglas Christie Memorial Video Archive]

July 14, 2013: Doug Christie on Freedom of Religion in Canada and the Malcolm Ross Case (1995) [Doug Christie Video Memorial Archive]

July 4, 2013: Doug Christie on building a secure and free community for freedom minded citizens [Douglas Christie Memorial Video Archive]

July 3, 2013: Section 13 Repeal - What does it mean for Victims of Section 13? NO new Section 13 cases, but for those currently caught by Section 13. It’s all out WAR!

July 2, 2013: LEVANT: Orwellian law toast - Section 13 of the human rights act was a utopian strategy that tried to regulate human emotions

June 30, 2013: [VIDEO] Doug Christie on Freedom of Speech in Canada (1991) [Doug Christie Video Memorial Archive]

June 27, 2013: Section 13 has been REPEALED! Media coverage and CCLA Testimony at Senate Committee

June 26, 2013: BREAKING NEWS: Section 13 has been Repealed! Bill C-304 passed Third Reading in the Senate

June 26, 2013: Section 13 Repeal Update: Senate Holds Hearings on Bill C-304 [VIDEO: Storseth's Testimony]

June 24, 2013: [CdA] Senate Leader Marjory LeBreton needs our help to Repeal Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act

June 21, 2013: Doug Christie Appears before the Supreme Court of Canada in the Malcolm Ross Case - Nov 1 1995 [Doug Christie Video Memorial Archive]

June 18, 2013: Breaking News on Section 13: Conservatives finally shut down the Liberal abuse of the rules on Bill C-304. A vote on Bill C-304 is imminent

June 14, 2013: Doug Christie Speaks at Open Space Victoria BC Nov 14 1985 [Doug Christie Video Memorial Archive]

June 9, 2013: Support Marc Lemire's Freedom of Speech Legal Defense Fund to Strike Down Section 13: "Why Marc Lemire Must Challenge Constitutionality of A Law That May Be Repealed"

June 7, 2013: Doug Christie Speaks about Freedom & Zundel Appeal - Jan 25, 1986 [Doug Christie Video Memorial Archive]

June 4, 2013: Why Marc Lemire Must Challenge Constitutionality of A Law That May Be Repealed [PLEASE SUPPORT FREEDOM]

May 28, 2013: [VIDEO] Doug Christie on Webster TV show (Debate on Freedom of Speech & Zundel hearings) [Doug Christie Video Memorial Archive]

May 24, 2013: Fight Internet Censorship -- Support Marc Lemire's Freedom of Speech Legal Defense Fund to Strike Down Section 13

May 24, 2013: Douglas Christie Video Archive - Weekly Shows

May 23. 2013: [VIDEO] Doug Christie Debates Human Rights Hack on the Cherington TV show June 1984

May 22, 2013: Repeal Section 13 today! Contact your Senator [Full Background on why Section 13 needs to be repealed]

May 21, 2013: Why is it okay for the Government to Discriminate, but not Ordinary Canadians? The Marc Lemire Case

May 12, 2013: [VIDEO] Doug Christie Crash Landing & Doug Christie on "Crossfire" 1985

May 12, 2013: Senator Doug Finley - Rest in Peace (Sponsor of Bill C-304 in the Senate) July 25, 1946 - May 11, 2013

April 30, 2013: CCLA & CAFE Granted Intervener Status for Federal Court of Appeals review of Internet Censorship Law [Section 13]

April 20, 2013: HRC: What's Up with Bill C-304? [Contact the Senate today!]

April 17, 2013: FBI intercepts and impersonation of Cell Towers [Secrets of FBI Smartphone Surveillance Tool Revealed in Court Fight]

April 13, 2013: CHRC 2012 Annual Report shows Section 13 is literally dead. (Complaints - Received and Accepted by CHRC a total of **2** in 3+ years)

April 9, 2013: Canadian Civil Liberties Association Applies for Intervener Status in the Lemire Constitutional Challenge of Sec. 13 Internet Censorship

April 3, 2013: Emotional Farewell for Free Speech Warrior Douglas Christie in Toronto

April 2, 2013: Mourning the Death of Freedom of Expression and Her Great Defender [Douglas Christie]

March 23, 2013: Ernst Zundel presents the Golden Eagle to Douglas Christie (Doug Christie Memorial Video)

March 22, 2013: Groan and Wail: Free-speech 'zealot' Doug Christie

March 22, 2013: Priest Hails Free Speech Warrior Doug Christie as a "Saint"

March 18, 2013: Lost Doug Christie tapes. A great story on a prison riot that Doug Christie Helped Stop

March 17, 2013: A very moving tribute to Doug Christie and freedom by Christopher di Armani

March 15, 2013: The Funeral of Douglas H. Christie - Canada's greatest freedom defender (March 15, 2013) [Videos + Pictures] ** MUST VIEW

March 14, 2013: Douglas Christie obituary

March 13, 2013:

March 11, 2013:

March 6, 2013: Canada = Absurdistan: Whatcott is guilty of "Hate Speech" for criticism of "sodomites", YET Government Agencies REFUSE to even allow Homosexuals to Donate Blood or Organs

March 5, 2013: Supreme Court Fossils rule that "Truth is no Defence!" ... Even tho not a single Government Expert Witness Agreed!

March 2, 2013: CHRT 'Judge' Who slammed Richard Warman - Assigned to Marc Lemire case

February 27, 2013: [TIMES COLONIST] Victoria lawyer Doug Christie, who defended Zundel and Keegstra, is dying |

[AUDIO] John Gormley Live - Douglas H. Christie, Lawyer and Activist

February 26, 2013: Doug Christie: In his own Words (Immortal freedom fighter and hero)

February 25, 2013: Update on Doug Christie's Medical Condition from his wife Keltie Zubko

February 25, 2013: Doug Christie Very Ill, Suspends his Legal Practice [National PUTZ article]

February 24, 2013: SUN: Kangaroo courts waste tax dollars, time

[CELL PHONE TAPPING] As Secretive "Stingray" Surveillance Tool Becomes More Pervasive, Questions Over Its Illegality Increase

[CdA] Marc Lemire Case Update - February 14, 2013

February 13, 2013: Lemire Files Devastating Legal Brief on Section 13 and the Corruption of the CHRC to the Court of Appeals

February 12, 2013: [VIDEO] Ezra Levant: Ethical 'Jihad' against Section 13 - Canada's Internet Censorship Legislation

[VIDEO] Brian Lilley: Restoring Freedom [Repeal Section 13 Now!]

February 8, 2013: We need to push the Senate to Repeal Section 13. Contact Your Senator About Bill C-304: Let's Get a Move On!

February 7, 2013: Section 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act Abolished? [Write your Senator NOW!]

Jan 29, 2012: Federal Court Rules: CHRC will get their fiendish wish; Lemire has to fight on two fronts in two courts. Marc Lemire now has to fight against Section 13 at the Court of Appeals and against a lifetime gag order at the “Human Rights” Tribunal

Dec 30, 2012: Richard Warman's 'Maximum Disruption' Approach: Defamation Suits, Criminal Complaints, Section 13 cases and even Copyright Act lawsuits

Dec 18, 2012: CHRC: Gag Lemire Now - Who cares whether or not Section 13 is constitutional?

Dec 11, 2012: NATIONAL POST: Kill the human rights commissions (before they kill our freedoms)

Nov 22, 2012: The Marc Lemire Internet Free Speech Case: A Bitter Grudging Partial Victory in Lemire Case

Nov 8, 2012: Muslim Hate Speech and Arthur Topham: The deception of "Hate Speech" Laws [+ VIDEO of Doug Christie and Ezra Levant on SunTV]

Nov 4, 2012: Marc Lemire Appeals outrageous ruling by the Federal Court on Section 13 censorship.  Judge makes multiple errors and fails to mention he was a key player at DoJ who passed legislation which applied Section 13 to the internet!

Oct 16, 2012: Mediation in the Lemire Case: The Federal Court gets it all wrong

Oct 5, 2012: Lucy 'Looses': Penalty Provisions Struck Down in 'Human Rights' Censorship Law -- Richard Warman asked for a penalty against Lemire at the Tribunal - And the Federal Court stuck down the entire penalty provision! Warman 0 - Lemire 1.

Oct 4, 2012:  DECISION The Federal Court of Canada's decision in the Marc Lemire case.  Strikes down penalty provision, but upholds Section 13

Oct 4, 2012: [VIDEO] Ezra Levant and Chris Schafer discuss the Federal Court Ruling in Lemire case

Oct 3, 2012: BREAKING: Federal Court Rules in Lemire case. Some good news and some bad news: Wacky ruling by Federal Court sends the Marc Lemire case back to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal for a declaration on Section 13 but invalidates the Penalty Provisions

Sept 7, 2012: Criminal Case against Terry Tremaine for Spreading "Hate" - STAYED by Sask Court

Aug 25, 2012: Ottawa Was Justified in Sending the Komagata Maru Back to India

Aug 14, 2012: Big Brother: TrapWire Mass Surveillance Spy Network Operating in Canada recently released documents from WikiLeaks indicate. TrapWire is a Minority Report-like, global facial-recognition surveillance system designed to spy on American's (and now Canadians)

July 28, 2012: Gay Man takes on "Human Rights" Commissions in Xtra! Magazine: "Speaking Freely"

July 10, 2012: [RoadKill Radio News] Interview with Marc Lemire: Canada Attacks Free Speech with Entrapment and Intimidation and the fall of Section 13

July 4, 2012: Senator Findley Speaks in the Senate on the Abuses of the Canadian Human Rights Commission

June 27, 2012: TECHDIRT "Canadian Court Issues Triple-Whammy Ruling In Favor Of Free Speech And Commentary Online" (Richard Warman vs Mark & Connie Fournier)

June 7, 2012: NATIONAL POST: Good riddance to Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act

June 6, 2012: Parliament Votes to Repeal Section 13!

April 24/12: April 24th - A bad day for Section 13 Censorship! Parliament committee and Mark Steyn - STEYNAMITE

April 19/12: OTTAWA CITIZEN: Immigrants get priority over 'white' Canadians for Ottawa's public housing, human rights complaint alleges

April 5/12: The "Native" Discount Alive and Well in Cana-DUH

April 3/12: Alberta judge upholds 'truth about homosexuality' activist's free speech rights

March 13/12: National Post: "If you were prime minister, what law would you pass?" -- SCRAP THE CHRC!

Feb 28/12: HERALD: Hate speech clause in human rights act may be history ("Abolish Section 13")

Feb 27/12: Possession of a dangerous crayon [WTF is going on in Canada!!!] Waterloo Police Freak out over a 4 year olds cartoon about shooting "monsters"

Feb 23/12: EFF: Canada's C-11 Bill and the Hazards of Digital Locks Provisions

Feb 20/12: CATHOLIC REGISTER: Section 13 of human rights act one step closer to being repealed

Feb 16/12: [VIDEO] Ezra Levant & MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay On Why Section 13 Will Die

Feb 16/12: [VIDEO] Second vote on Bill C-304 (An Act to strip the censorship powers from the CHRC)

Feb 15/12: Bill C-304 Passes Second Reading! One more nail in the Section 13 coffin

Feb 15/12: [VIDEO] Bill C-304 - Second Reading in House of Commons to strip CHRC of Section 13 censorship (hour long debate in HoC)

Feb 14/12: GLOBAL NEWS: Fight to repeal hate speech law brings together unlikely allies | Stand Up For Freedom Canada: Bill C-304 vote today - Contact your MP

Feb 10/12: Section 13 censorship to be discussed in Parliament. Bill C-304 coming to a vote Feb 15 (debate Feb 14, 2012)

Jan 28/12: Conservative MP Storseth asks for support on Section 13 repeal

Jan 24/12: Salim Mansur: Repeal Section 13 Censorship

Jan 19/12: [VIDEO] John Robson & Martin Collacott: Is Immigration Harming Canada?

Jan 14/12: Brian Lilley: Government Bureaucrats Gone Wild (Canada's crazy firearms laws)

Dec 20/11: Canadian Human Rights Commission ARE LIKE THE NAZIS! Kulaszka was right to make the comparison

Dec 17/11: TORONTO STAR: Free speech is the key

Dec 15/11: [VIDEO] Marc Lemire on Ezra Levant's The Source on Section 13 censorship. Plus Chris Schafer of the Canadian Constitution Foundation

Dec 15/11: Human Rights Commission's Attempt to Save Internet Censorship Law Is "Like Putting Lipstick on a Pig" -- Kulazska Says

Dec 12/11: The Fall of Section 13 Censorship: Information on the Upcoming Lemire case (Address of hearing, live blogging, parties, judge, etc)

Dec 8/11: The FATE of Section 13 to be decided in Federal Court - December 13-14, 2011

Dec 6/11: FLYER: The Marc Lemire Appeal at the Federal Court of Canada, December 13-14, 2011

Dec 4/11: Support the Marc Lemire Appeal - The best chance ever to defeat Section 13 Censorship!

Nov 30/11: DISMANTLING TYRANNY: The Marc Lemire Case [Book just published]

Nov 25/11: [VIDEO] Bill C-304 - Second Reading in House of Commons to strip CHRC of Section 13 censorship

Nov 24/11: Catholic Civil Rights League: Dump censorship of Section 13 | CATHOLIC REGISTER: Toss Section 13!

Nov 21/11: PEN Canada endorses Conservative MP's bill to repeal section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act

Nov 21/11: LEVANT: No More Witch Hunts: Persecuted sure to win reprieve from ridiculous, costly hate laws

Nov 17/11: VIDEO: MP Brian Storseth on Bill C-304 (An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act (protecting freedom)

Nov 16/11: BREAKING: Over 20 Conservative MPs come out to support the Repeal of Section 13

Nov 16/11: Wild Rose MP Blake Richards Press Release: FLAWED 'SECTION 13' A DANGER TO EXPRESSION AND HAS TO GO

Nov 15/11: The NDP gets it all wrong on Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act [Letter from Chris Charlton, MP Hamilton Mountain, Chief Opposition Whip]

Nov 1/11: Great News: Toronto area Conservative MP Corneliu Chisu supports Free Speech and Bill C-304 (An Act to remove the censorship powers from the fanatical CHRC)

Oct 21/11: [VIDEO] Ezra Levant & Alan Shanoff On The SCC's Crookes v. Newton Hyperlink Libel Decision

Oct 20/11: Good news for FREEDOM! Hyper-linking on Internet is NOT Libel

Oct 19/11: We have a right to free speech - despite the CHRC dismissing freedom as an "American concept"

Oct 16/11: Canadian "Human Rights" Commission slammed in New Zealand

Oct 12/11: Whatcott case - SCC hearing today. Freedom of Speech at issue

Oct 5/11: Scrap Section 13! Leave it to the Criminal Code alone (Windsor Star) | Calgary's Bishop Henry supports bill to curb controversial Section 13 | LEVANT: PM's chance to defend freedom of speech

Oct 3/11: [VIDEO] Ezra Levant: Get Rid Of Section 13

Oct 3/11: [VIDEO] Charles Adler & Anthony Furey slam the "Human Rights" Commissions

Sept 30/11: Bill C-304 - An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act (protecting freedom)

Sept 28/11: St. Catharines MP Rick Dykstra to continue push to reform CHRC and Section 13 | and OTTAWA CITIZEN: Conservative MP's bill takes aim at hate speech provisions

Sept 28/11: National Post editorial board: Abolishing S. 13 would be a big win for free speech

Sept 28/11: National Post articles on censorship provision Section 13 of the "Human Rights" Act and its possible repeal!

Sept 28/11: National Post editorial board: Abolishing S. 13 would be a big win for free speech

Sept 27/11: "Human rights" laws are eroding our democracy

Sept 21/11: Good News: Partial victory for free speech C-51 put on hold

Sept 8/11: Michael Coren Interviews Christie Blatchford On the mess in Caledonia. The situation in Caledonia is a shame and outrage in Canada.

Sept 7/11: STEYN on Free Speech "Gagging us softly"

Sept 5/11: Exposing "Lawful Access" - The governments plan to monitor and censor the Internet

Sept 1/11: [CFSL] Marc Lemire - Section 13 Case heading to Federal Court in December

Aug 31/11: Dr. Dawg defamation decision - Baglow v Fourniers [FreeDominion: FREEDOM OF SPEECH WINS]

Aug 27/11: Today in History - Aug. 27 - Zundel wins at Supreme Court

Aug 18/11: [VIDEO] Censorship Bill C-51 ripped apart by Ezra Levant

Aug 18/11: Justice Minister Ron Nicholson on Section 13 and the new censorship Bill C-51

Aug 16/11: Ezra Levant talks to Chris Schafer on Bill C-51 The Lunatic "Conservative" Hate Crimes Law

July 23/11: FreeDominion Appeal Court Ruling to Protect Anonymity of Users - CCLA set to intervene in John Doe Appeal again!

July 19/11: Only Whites can be Racist? Yes... according to the kooks at the Toronto District School Board.

July 17/11: Toronto District School Board Teaches That Only "White People" Are Racist

July 9/11: Stop Online Spying in Canada

July 6/11: CHRC says: No Section 13 (Internet censorship) Complaints in 2010! … so what do we need this law for?

July 2/11: What's positive happening for Freedom this week. Roundup of articles.

June 24/11: Those who Fear Debate. Are those who LEGISL-HATE

June 19/11: [RoadKillRadio] Extinguishing the Human Wrongs Commissions!

June 16/11: "Human Rights" Extremists Meet in Calgary - yet deny Marc Lemire ... so much for "inclusion". [Edmonton Police - Canada's Number 1 Hate Group!]

June 15/11: [VIDEO] Lawyer Doug Christie Faces Prostate Cancer.  We wish the best to Doug and his wonderful family.

June 4/11: Documents referred to by Marc Lemire during the Ezra Levant’s ‘The Source’ Interview

June 3/11: [VIDEO] Levant & Shaidle on the Marc Lemire interview and fighting Section 13

June 3/11: Marc Lemire on Ezra Levant's 'The Source' Discussing Censorship & Section 13

May 31/11: CHILLIWACK TIMES: This commission must go - "Inquisitions and kangaroo courts have no place in this day and age!"

May 30/11: [VIDEO] Levant & Shaidle on Section 13's Demise (+ the real origins of Section 13)

May 26, 2011: One Year without Section 13 … and the sky has not fallen!   The “perfect storm” is here to rid Canada of censorship legislation

May 12, 2011: Internet Censorship case finally gets Court Date - Lemire case to be heard December 2011

May 9/11: Bill C-51: the Conservative government is in favour of censorship

May 8/11: Canadian government plans to outlaw internet linking by Mark Fournier

May 7/11: Canadian government plans to outlaw internet anonymity By Mark Fournier

May 7/11: "Human Rights" Commissions slammed on CTVs Powerplay by Joseph Ben-Ami and David Krayden

April 28/11: WTF is going on in England!! Guy singing "Kung Fu Fighting" is hauled in by Police for "racism"

April 27/11: Guy Earle Media fallout: "Get rid of destructive human rights commissions" and "Nanny-state interference now extends to stand-up comedy"

April 25/11: iPhone and the police [Your PRIVACY at serious risk]

April 25/11: LEVANT: Canada's kangaroo courts strike a rocky mountain low

April 22, 2011: Is Massive Immigration really a Solution to the Boomer Employment Vacuum?

April 21, 2011: Comic Guy Earle Fined 15K For Offending Heckling Lesbian by "Human Rights" Tribunal

March 12, 2011: Canada = Absurdastan

March 1, 2011: Section 13 a "vague prohibition is all the more chilling as it is enforced by professional human rights experts" - Shanoff

Feb 21, 2011: Doug Christie: Police must be accountable to earn respect

Feb 17, 2011: Conservative MP Rick Dykstra Calls Canadians to Action against the "Human Rights" Commissions

Feb 16, 2011: Muslim Canadian Congress: "If you want to live under sharia law, go back to the hellhole country you came from"

Feb 15, 2011: VIDEO: MultiCult a failure in France? [CBN:France in civil war]

Jan 26, 2011: DOUGLAS CHRISTIE: Living Free in an Unfree World [VIDEO]

Jan 25, 2011: ROY GREEN: Freedom of Expression? Certainly! Unless......

Jan 25, 2011: EFF: Social Media and Law Enforcement: Who Gets What Data and When?

Jan 19, 2011: 'Freedom of Information' another empty promise.

Jan 19, 2011: Fun times at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. Workers slam 'toxic' environment at human rights tribunal

Dec 26, 2010: ORDER of Federal Court - CFSL, CAFE and ACLC are granted status. The Battle Lines for Freedom of Speech are now Drawn

Dec 14, 2010: SECTION 13 SERIES: The Process is the Punishment

Dec 1, 2010: CHRC Looses in Federal Court -- Ordered to pay costs to Terry Tremaine

Nov 23, 2010: If only the rest in the Liberal Party were so articulate [VIDEO] Akaash Maharaj, LPC National Policy Chair slams "Human Rights" Commissions

Nov 19, 2010:  Caledonia series in the National Post, based on Blatchford's new book - Helpless

CALEDONIA: "If the suspect wasn't white, the police learned to walk away"

CALEDONIA: "Arrested for making the police look bad"

Nov 18, 2010: The death of free expression - Human rights commissions deter ordinary Canadians from expressing unpopular opinions

Nov 13, 2010: QMI: CHRC paid big bucks for spin doctors: Docs

Nov 10, 2010: New Campaign Challenges the Assault on Freedom by Canada's Human Rights Commissions and Tribunals

July 14, 2010: SECTION 13 SERIES: Intimidation and Chilling Effects - The attacks on writers like Mark Steyn and rigged CHRC decisions

July 9, 2010: CHRC out of control. Spending money like mad. "Winnipeg to Ottawa? Hell of a commute"

June 20, 2010: CHRC Spent Close to $85,000 to Uphold Internet Censorship Legislation

June 19, 2010: Canadian Free Speech League File to Intervene in the Lemire Constitutional Challenge

June 11, 2010: SECTION 13 SERIES: Discrimination in the name of "Human Rights" - Section 13 targets one race exclusively

June 2, 2010: SECTION 13 SERIES: A Sword not a Shield! The Aggressive Nature of Internet Censorship

June 1, 2010: The Death Throes of Sec. 13 (Internet Censorship) -- Tribunal Adjourns Makow Case Sine Die

May 28, 2010: BREAKING!!! Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Refuses to Enforce Section 13. All S.13 cases halted

May 27, 2010: OSGOODE HALL LAW SCHOOL - THE COURT: On the eve of change? Addressing hate speech in the Internet age at the Federal Court: "I find Lemire’s submissions stronger"

May 26, 2010: Lemire Opposes the African-Canadian Legal Clinics Intervention to support Censorship

May 19, 2010: NATIONAL POST: Online hate law tested against Charter + Lemire's Comments

May 18, 2010: Lemire Beats the CHRC ... AGAIN:  Office of the Privacy Commissioner Slaps the CHRC's bogus claims - Internal CHRC Section 13 Investigation Guide Ordered Released over the shrieks of the CHRC

May 3, 2010: COURT: Freedom of Speech for Anonymous Posters upheld. Richard Warman loses appeal and ordered to pay $10k in costs

April 16, 2010: Senator Finley on RoadKillRadio. Freedom of Speech in Canada & Human Rights Fanatics (Mentions the Lemire case multiple times)

April 15, 2010: NATIONAL POST: Our Senate gets it right on free speech

April 12, 2010: CJC files to Uphold censorship. Yet are totally speechless on Machete Attack against Jewish Students in Ottawa

April 11, 2010: Doug Christie's Speech on Freedom delivered to the University of Ottawa

April 8, 2010: Canadian Civil Liberties Association Applies for Intervener Status in the Lemire Constitutional Challenge of Internet Censorship   CCLA supports Free Speech and an end to CHRC Censorship

April 3, 2010: Marc Lemire writes to the Senate on the inquiry concerning the Erosion of Freedom of Speech in Canada

April 2, 2010: NATIONAL POST: John Ivison: Laws should protect against hate, not against being offended

April 2, 2010: [VIDEO] Stephen Taylor interviews Senator Doug Finley about the state of free expression in Canada

April 2, 2010: Canadian Senators support Freedom of Speech and slam "Human Rights" Censorship.  Senator Finley says "…our own Canadian Human Rights Commission has egregiously violated freedom of speech without any shame."

March 24, 2010: Ann Coulter in Canada! University of Ottawa speech canceled due to "Security Concerns"

March 17, 2010: Federal Court Ruling: BCCLA is allowed to intervene in Lemire case

March 3, 2010: BC Civil Liberties Association files at the Federal Court of Canada to oppose Internet censorship from the misnamed Canadian "Human Rights" Commission   BCCLA Intervene in the Marc Lemire Free Speech case

Feb 28, 2010: Canadian Human Rights Commission calls B'nai Brith's 'Audit of Antisemitic Incidents' of "dubious scientific validity"

Feb 23, 1020: Marc Lemire files at the Federal Court to oppose Internet censorship from the misnamed Canadian "Human Rights" Commission

Feb 22, 2010: NATIONAL POST: Internet rendered hate law 'outdated'

Feb 8, 2010: LIFE SITE NEWS: Canadian Human Rights Commission Appeals Ruling against Hate Messages Statute

Feb 4, 2010: US Judge dismisses charges against Bill White for allegedly threatening Richard Warman

Feb 3, 2010: STEYN: Guy Earle - Regular Guy, broken man and "Marc Lemire ... wound up inflicting more damage on the Human Rights racket than anything else"

January 28, 2010: NATIONAL POST: Chair's ruling on Section 13 incorrect: rights body

Jan 26, 2010: Canadian "Human Rights" Censors file at the Federal Court of Canada to keep their precious censorship franchise

Dec 18, 2009: BCF: $45,580.39 of your tax dollars spent hauling CHRC Kommissar David Langtry between Manitoba & Ottawa

Dec 17, 2009: Mark Steyn comments about Human Rights legislation in Canada

Dec 17, 2009: Jennifer Lynch & “Human Rights” Commission Busted by Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF)

Dec 6, 2009: FALSE FLAG EXPOSED: Radical "racist" Hal Turner an FBI agent for "years"

Dec 3, 2009: Partial victory for free speech in Boissoin court judgment

Dec 2, 2009: [VIDEO] DOUG CHRISTIE: What Happened to Jeff Hughes?

Nov 14, 2009: STEYN on his appearance before the JUST committee investigating the Canadian Human Rights Commission: "Spare me the therapeutic platitudes"

Oct 29, 2009: Marc Lemire asks to testify before the JUST committee investigating the out of control CHRC

Oct 28, 2009: Canadian Free Speech League files application to Intervene in Lemire case

Oct 25, 2009: Parliament's JUST committee continues their review of the censorship provisions of Section 13. Next up, the Chief Kangaroo and her cheering section

XTRA!: Feds consider striking hate speech clause

Oct 13, 2009: The 24th Annual George Orwell Free Speech Award

Oct 8, 2009: Marc Lemire files in Federal Court: Opposes the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission

Oct 7, 2009: CHRC Jennifer Lynch’s Speech to CBA in Dublin Ireland - Lynch claims there is a “reverse chill” against the CHRC [Access Request]

Oct 6, 2009: Internet censorship and Section 13 blasted in Parliament.  Steyn and Levant come out swinging for freedom

Oct 4, 2009: Steyn and Levant to hammer Section 13 at Parliament Subcommittee [Info on Testimony]

Oct 3, 2009: Rally the Troops for Free Speech - A campaign for intervenor status in the Judicial Review of Warman v. Lemire

NATIONAL POST: CHRC seeks review of hate case ... Section 13: Tribunal found portion of law unconstitutional

Oct 1, 2009:  The Fanatical CHRC appeal Lemire decisionNo shame in using tax-payers money to keep their censorship franchise going

Sept 17, 2009: MACLEANS: It took a while but Section 13 is dead (Mark Steyn takes on the CHRC and censors)

Sept 18, 2009: Why did the CHRC attack Marc Lemire? Was it really to silence a critic and shut down his website?

Sept 10, 2009: The CHRC in a State of Confusion over Lemire Decision. What will happen now?


Warman v. Lemire

Final Decision of the Tribunal [PDF]

[HTML version]




Sept 1, 2009: PRESS RELEASE: Important legal decision on the validity of the Canadian Human Rights Act to censor Internet postings and online media. Tribunal ruling on the Constitutional Challenge of Section 13 expected on Wednesday Sept 2, 2009 at 9:30am (EST)

Aug 31, 2009:  Decision in Lemire's Constitutional Challenge to be released this Wed - Sept 2, 2009

Aug 16/09: African American creates fake white supremacist Facebook to threaten Black University Students

Aug 12/09: Petition to Repeal Section 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act

Aug 4/09: VIDEO: Human Rights Commission - Good or Bad? (100 Huntley Street with Levant and Father Alphonse de valk)

July 30/09: Another fake Radical "Internet Nazi" Exposed as an Agent Provocateur working for the FBI and Federal Marshals

July 28/09: Musical Band Lindy performs "Shakedown," the pro-freedom of expression song, at the Liberty Summer Seminar - MP Jason Kenny sings along

July 28/09: TORONTO SUN: Rein in the human rights bureaucracy

July 26/09: VIDEO Doug Christie: Section 13 - Truth is no Defence

July 18/09: RCMP releases documents on the CHRC Criminal Hacking Investigation.   Investigation dropped due to jurisdictional issues with the United States And the RCMP investigates Lemire for daring to complain  

July 17/09: CHRCs Jennifer Lynch: Misrepresents Secret Hearing Ruling in Lemire case

July 16/09: [VIDEO] Conservative MP Russ Hiebert slams the CHRC on CTVNews

July 01/09:CHRC Grilled in Parliament on Criminality, Hate Postings and Abuse + Prof Robert Martin's Testimony [Transcripts now available]

June 30/09: MONTREAL GAZETTE: Rights commission threatens our liberty

June 29/09: JERUSALEM POST: Canadian Jewish Congress and the Canadian NAZI Party

June 22/09: [VIDEO] Roy Green Show - June 20, 2009: Levant vs. Lynch

June 21/09: Harry Abrams - Spying on Free Dominion since 2007

June 19/09:  [VIDEO] CHRC Grilled in Parliament on Criminality, Hate Posts, Richard Warman and Abuse

June 19/09: [VIDEO] Douglas Christie challenges Richard Warman to a debate about freedom of speech and the Human Rights Commission.

June 18/09: National Post editorial board: The Canadian Human Rights Commission's unbalanced view of critics

June 17/09: [VIDEO] CHRC fails to CENSOR CTVNews debate on Censorship!

June 17/09:  Mainstream media slam CHRCOTTAWA CITIZEN: "The most dangerous part of the Canadian Human Rights Act is called Section 13" | Globe and Mail & Ottawa Citizen Denounce CHRC censorship

June 11/09: LEMIRE: 2,044 days under the Iron heel of the CHRC

June 10/09: CAFE Seeks "Interested Party" Status in Topham / Radical Press CHRC case

May 20/09: Journalists nominate the out of control CHRC for their "Code of Silence" AwardAward recognizes the most secretive government, department or agency in Canada

May 14/09: Ontario Human Rights Commission Conspires with Canadian Nazi

May 12/09: The "Human Right" to meet famous Grandfather

April 21/09: Conservative MP David Sweet: The CHRC is "cause for concern for all of us"

April 18/09: [VIDEO] Human Rights Commissions: Useful or Obsolete?

April 11/09: Canadian Human Rights Commission Censorship: Talking Points on the Rights Fanatics (It's time to reign in the Human Rights Fanatics)

April 10/09: Doug Christie's latest YouTube Shows

April 8/09: TRANSCRIPT: Conservative Party vote on P-203 to stop Section 13 and CHRC censorship

April 3/09: DOUGLAS CHRISTIE: 2(b) or not to be?

March 31/09: British MP Galloway breaks Canadian Censorship Ban and Speaks [Conservative MP Kenny is a MORON]

March 28/09: Marc Lemire files complaint against Toronto Police for thuggish arrest of Non-Violent Letter Writer

March 27/09: Marc Lemire files a complaint with the Ontario Judicial Council over FreeDominion ruling

March 25/09: Kingston Police Harass FreeDominion Website: Are Police to become moderators of political message boards? What's next, a license?

March 25/09: United Reformed Church Targets Section 13 - Send a Letter today demanding a repeal of Section 13

March 25/09: Political Prisoner Brad Love May Not Write Letters to Anyone -- Yes, That's In Canada, Not North Korea

March 20/09: Serial Plaintiff - Richard Warman, skewered in the Mainstream Press

March 15/09: Did Richard Warman’s internet postings contribute to further hate? A study of some of the responses to Warman's posts


Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Slams Warman

YOUTUBEVideo of Richard Warman's testimony in the Ouwendyk hearing

NATIONAL POST: Rights tribunal backs Warman, with reservation -- Hate Speech Ruling; 'Disappointing, disturbing' behaviour by WARMAN 'diminish credibility'

GLOBE AND MAIL: Activist wins rights case but catches flak

Ezra Levant: Human Rights Tribunal: Richard Warman’s conduct “disappointing and disturbing”


March 10/09: Update on Marc Lemire's ground-breaking book - Silencing Thought: The Human Rights Industry's War on Freedom of Expression

March 4/09: John Oakley Show: Two interviews on the Human Rights Maniacs. (Mark Steyn and Gators Teds)

Feb 25/09: Are Whites not an Identifiable Group? Ahenakew Crown Prosecutor Sandeep Bains seems to think so (The Anti-White Double Standard)

Feb 23/09: PRESS RELEASE: Douglas Christie Intervenes in Section 13 case

Feb 20/09: Conservative MP Blasts the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission and "their thought police mentality"

Feb 12/09: Lemire Commentary on Free Speech + Canada's Gay Press: Repeal Section 13: Take hate clause out of human rights act

Feb 12/09: Fahrenheit 451: Whips & Pain In, Historical Books Out, At Canada Customs Censors

Feb 10/09: Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights to investigate Section 13 and the out of control Canadian Human Rights Commission

Feb 9/09: WEBCAST: Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights - DEBATING THE CHRC AND SECTION 13

Feb 9/09: GLOBE: MPs to examine hate-speech provisions of Canadian Human Rights Act

Feb 8/09: SoCon: Privacy Commission Whitewashes Case Against CHRC

Feb 2/09: Catholic Insight Responds to the Moon Report

Jan 30/09: Privacy Commissioner rules on CHRC WiFi Hacking Allegations after a shockingly poor investigation

Jan 28/09: LEVANT: Justice Department launches internal review of section 13

Jan 26/09: ECP CENTRE: Parliament Must Repeal Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act

Jan 19/09: CATHOLIC INSIGHT: Repeal Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act (Great article)

Dec 19/08: CHRC: it's OK to say gays should be "beheaded", Jews "spread corruption", Hindus must "be killed" (As long as your not White)

Dec 2/08: Lemire submits Moon report for the Constitutional Challenge of Section 13

Nov 26/08: Media Bonanza: Editorials show overwhelming support to repeal Section 13!  Toronto Star to the Globe to the National Post.

Nov 24/08: CHRC hand-picked independent constitutional expert - Prof. Robert Moon submits his long awaited report, and amazingly calls for the Repeal of Section 13!

Nov 23/08: *** Liberal MP Keith Martin resurrects Bill in Parliament to stop the CHRC and introduces a new one to hold public hearings on the corrupt CHRC!

Nov 23/08: CHRC: Bunker Mentality. So Paranoid... they Treat the Fourniers as Terrorists

Nov 21/08: Criminal Complaint against CHRC: Evidence leads to the USA, where the RCMP can’t follow up.  RCMP won't investigate further

Nov 17/08: [VIDEO] Conservative Party votes to Abolish Section 13 (internet censorship) from the ambit of the Human Rights Fanatics

Nov 15/08: Conservative Party passes resolution to remove Internet Censorship provision from Human Rights Fanatics

Nov 12/08: FLYER: Support Conservative Party Resolution P-203 to repeal Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act

Nov 7/08: Conservative Party 2008 Conference to Debate Resolution on removing Section 13 (Internet censorship) Provision from the Canadian “Human Rights” Act

Nov 4/08: CCF Debate on Freedom of Speech and Censorship of the CHRC

Sept 20/08: Was the Canadian Muslim community suckered by the CHRC?

Sept 19/08: CHRC Wants to BAN Humour. Look Out the CHRC Joke Police are trolling for Jokes that are "Not Funny"


LEMIRE Hearing - Day three wrap-up

LEMIRE Hearing - Day Two WRAP-UP

LEMIRE Hearing: Day One Wrap-Up


Sept 14/08: LIVE BLOGGING of the Closing Arguments in the Lemire case

Sept 10/08: Final Submissions on the Constitutionality of Section 13 (Part 2) a Must read!

Sept 8/08: One More Week Until the LEMIRE Hearing on the Major Constitutional Challenge of Section 13 and 54 of the Canadian Human Rights Act... BE THERE!

Sept 5/08: LEMIRE Hearing Moves Location -- Now at Holiday Inn Oakville Centre

Aug 25/08: Written Submissions of Marc Lemire On the Constitutionality of Section 13  (Part 1)

Aug 23/08: Academics fear speaking freely in Canada -- The Canadian Human Rights Commission reign of censorship has become a world-wide shame to Canada

Aug 16/08: Big Victory over the Secrecy Obsessed Canadian Human Rights Commission!   The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada states that the CHRC acted improperly by denying Marc Lemire information

Aug 15/08:  Can you spot the “Hate”? The Canadian Human Rights Commission absurdly claims this article by WWII war hero Doug Collins “exposes Jews to hatred or contempt”

Aug 11/08: CHRC Censorship and Abuse. Charts on how Section 13 is used and abused

Aug 5/08: CSIS Instigator GRANT BRISTOW Raises his head out of the sewer to support Section 13 - Yet Bristow could have been prosecuted under Section 13

July 29/08: Richard Warman calls Canadian Human Rights Tribunal an "inquisition" and supports the DeTax Movement

July 25/08: Marc Lemire's Submissions on the Policy Review of Section 13 of the CHRA (Freedom of Speech in peril!)

July 4/08: Multiple Jewish organizations lobby the supposedly independent Canadian Human Rights Tribunal   Is it any wonder there is a 100% conviction rate!

July 1/08: FRONTIER Centre for Public Policy calls for Dismantling of the CHRC and the notorious totalitarian Section 13

June 30/08: [VIDEO] Paul Fromm FOR OUR PEOPLE: Analysis of the BCWhitePride Decision

OTTAWA CITIZEN: The resistance (against CHRC) must continue

June 24/08: Crazy CHRC Spends $75,000 in SECURITY on Paranoid concerns

June 21/08: Articles denouncing the censors at the Canadian Human Rights Commission

June 18/08: CHRC to Investigate the CENSORSHIP Role of Section 13-1 (Press Release and Media Articles)

June 17/08: HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION: Whose Next for the Electric Chair?

TORONTO STAR: Curb bigoted acts not free speech

Toronto Sun runs cartoon on Human Rights Commission

NIAGARA FALLS REVIEW: Human rights commission review is common sense

June 9/08: BC Civil Liberties Association given the boot by “Human Rights” Tribunal.  Biased and Unfair … Have the Tribunals become Kangaroo Courts?

June 6/08: CHRC Transcript Irregularities: Explosive testimony by CHRC Investigator Dean Steacy on Richard Warman is missing from Transcript!

June 2/08: Dr. Keith Martin's Press Release on Section 13 censorship

June 2/08: CATHOLIC INSIGHT: Freedom of expression and the "Conservative" government

May 31/08:  BREAKING NEWS! Government to launch inquiry into CHRC "investigative techniques"


May 30/08: Booklets now available.  Order them online!

  • Hate Laws Debunked
  • Challenging the Internet censors
  • In Defence of Freedom

[Order now]


May 28/08: Attorney General Rob Nicholson opposes the intervention of the BC Civil Liberties Association in support of Lemire's Constitutional Challenge of Internet censorship

May 21/08: Hadjis Bias? Heck they are ALL ARE! Systemic BIAS exposed due to "sensitivity to Human Rights"

May 20/08: BREAKING NEWS: BC Civil Liberties Association seeks Intervener Status in support of Lemire’s Constitutional Challenge of Section 13

May 20/08: Kulaszka Hammers Attorney General of Canada over false claims   In a Bizarre submission - Conservative Rob Nicholson’s daft spokesman cries “unfairness”

May 17/08: UPDATE: on Criminal Complaint against Canadian Human Rights Commission for Stealing innocent woman's internet connection

May 17/08: LEVANT blasts lazy Hadjis: "Human Rights" Tribunal throws out application for Interested party Status of the CCF (WELCOME TO THE STAR CHAMBER...)

May 14/08: CAFE Motion for: Ruling on May 8th, 2008 motions. Postpone Closing Argument, Additional Witnesses and Reasonable Apprehension of Bias

May 11/08: CHRC Disclosure like a Game Show. They want to give “clues” and you are supposed to guess the answers

May 10/08: PUNDITA: Inside the Mad Kingdom of the Canadian Human Rights Commission's Section 13 department

May 10/08: TRANSCRIPTS of the CHRC being exposed as Spies, and completely corrupt - NOW AVAILABLE!

May 9/08: Kulaszka and Fromm hammer the CHRC on Secrecy Obsession, Untimely disclosure and Hiding of Documents

May 9/08: Appeal to Blogosphere on Constitutional Challenge of Section 13 a huge victory! Keep the pressure on

May 8/08: CAFE Demands that CHRC's Culture of Secrecy & Late/Partial Disclosure Have Consequences!

May 8/08: [VIDEO] Paul Fromm Exposes Borovoy and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association

May 5/08: Canadian Jewish organizations claim that Section 13 is needed for their “psychological security”

May 4/08: Lemire Demands Hearing Adjourn until CHRC properly discloses key documents

May 4/08: PUNDITA writes about the Lemire case and recent Call for Interveners

May 2/08: Canadian Constitution Foundation Seeks Intervener Status in support of Lemire’s Constitutional Challenge of Section 13

April 28/08:  URGENT APPEAL:  Where are the Civil Liberty Associations?

April 18/08: Privacy Act complaint filed against Canadian “Human Rights” Commission for unauthorized use of an Internet connection

April 10/08: Motion for Disclosure of CHRC fake names and to reopen hearing over CHRC WiFi Hacking

April 5/08: Privacy Commissioner Investigates the CHRC!!!

April 4/08: CHRC Theft of Neighbors WiFi Connection all over the media today. (See articles here)


April 2, 2008:

March 27/08:

March 26/08: 

March 24, 2008

  • March 25 Hearing:   

LIVE Blog Updates Here -

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March 20, 2008

March 19, 2008:

March 18, 2008:


March 3, 2008


January 22, 2008

January 18, 2008

January 15, 2008

January 14, 2008

January 6, 2008

December 27, 2007

Documenting the chilling effects of Censorship and repression of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. The blog is run by Marc Lemire, webmaster of the Freedomsite

Exposing the Misnamed “Human Rights” Commissions in Canada. They are the single largest threat to freedom of speech in Canada. The Ottawa Citizen has called them a “Kangaroo Court” and “Star Chamber”. It’s time to abolish both the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission and the Canadian “Human Rights” Tribunal


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August 10, 2007

Paul Fromm - For Our People


July 8, 2007

June 20, 2007

June 25-27, 2007

Holiday Inn Select Hotel & Suites Oakville  

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June 18, 2007

June 4, 2007

CHRC Chief Prosecutor - Giacomo Vigna

  “I don't have the flu but I don't feel in a serene state of mind”   

“I am not dying, Mr. Chair, I don't have the flu, but I am not mentally capable of proceeding”   

“I really don't feel primarily mentally able to proceed”


May 16, 2007

Motion filed in Lemire's Constitutional Challenge demanding Subpoena of Bell Canada 

Another Stormfront Infiltrator Exposed!

May 14, 2007

May 7, 2007


April 17, 2007

Upcoming Tribunal Dates:

May 9th to 11th, 2007 - Start: 9:30am

Cross-Examination of 3 CHRC Employees: Harvey Goldberg, Dean Steacy and Hannya Rizk

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal
Hearing Room #1

160 Elgin Street, 11th floor
Ottawa, Ontario

[More information] [MapQuest directions]

June 25th to 27th, 2007 - Start 9:30am

Closing Arguments. (This will be explosive testimony and a must see!) 

Holiday Inn Select Hotel & Suites  Oakville  
Majestic Ballroom
2525 Wyecroft Rd.
Oakville , Ontario  

[More information] [MapQuest directions]


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June 23, 2006

June 6, 2006



May 16, 2006


March 20, 2006

Marc Lemire's Defence before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal 

  • [PDF Version
  • This is a great read and really exposes the CHRC and their vendetta to silence the Freedomsite and to stop a critic from talking about them.


February 6, 2006

New T-Shirt Available

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February 5, 2006

  • Paul Fromm interviews Marc Lemire on the Canadian Human Rights Commission attack on the Freedomsite [Listen Here]

January 17, 2006

Visit the CHRC Legal Index

January 15, 2006

In Defence of Freedom

Marc Lemire Vs. The Canadian "Human Rights" Enforcers 

48 pages (color cover) - $10.00


Visit the CHRC Legal Index

December 12, 2005



May 16, 2005

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April 14, 2005

Wolfgang Droege

Rest In Peace

Wolfgang Droege, 56, was shot this afternoon (April 13, 2005) at about 2:55 e.s.t. at his 2 North Drive Toronto apartment. When police arrived they pronounced Wolfgang deceased immediately. His alleged killer was known to him and, to our knowledge, had no political involvements.

Read entire obituary by Paul Fromm

See television reports

February 1, 2004:
CAFE Website is currently under massive Denial of Service attack

"We are currently fighting a massive and obviously well-organized distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) which is causing the site to be unavailable for periods of time,"

Why this criminal attack in cyberspace? "With CAFE being the number one voice for honest reporting of the bogus Zundel 'security threat' hearing, is it too crazy to ask if the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) or other government agents are behind the attack?" asks Paul Fromm, DCirector of the Canadian Association for Free Expression. 

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