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Internet Expert Bernard Klatt wins 2007 George Orwell Award


VICTORIA , Western Canada:  One of Canada ’s top Internet experts, Bernard Klatt , is the 2007 George Orwell award recipient. This is an award from the Canadian Free Speech league.








Bernard Klatt is a lifelong defender of freedom of speech in Canada and has been certified as an expert before courts and tribunals in Canada .


Most recently, Bernard Klatt testified for three days as an Internet Expert in the major Internet censorship case of Marc Lemire in Toronto Bernard Klatt has also testified in:

  • The Ernst Zundel human rights case ( Toronto ),
  • the Glenn Bahr Section 13 case in Edmonton , Alberta
  • John Micka case
  • and the “www.BCWhitePride.Com” case in Pentiction , British Columbia .


Back in 1995 and 1996, Bernard Klatt , was the target of an ongoing harassment campaign by Sol Littman and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre due to content of websites on his ISP – Fairview Technology Centre - FTCnet.com.


No one in Canada deserves more to be recognized for his accomplishments and dedication to freedom than Bernard Klatt .


The award presented by the Battling Barrister and Victoria Lawyer Douglas Christie .  The award read:  "For outstanding courage, expertise and integrity, in pursuit of Internet freedom for all."


Speaking to a crowd of close to 100 people, Bernard Klatt gave a rousing 20 minute speech, in which he laid out the currents threats to freedom of speech in Canada and highlighted the despicable censorship attempts by the Canadian Human Rights Commission, who not only persecute those they disagree with, but they are active participants on websites such as Stormfront.Org, which the CHRC describe as “neo-nazi”


I wish to congratulate Bernard Klatt for his principled stand for freedom of speech and his selfless dedication in defence of freedom, heritage and open debate in the pursuit of truth.


-Marc Lemire

November 15, 2007





Bernard Klatt , Karen, Marc Lemire and Barbara Kulaszka




Bernard Klatt Expert Reports:



·       Expert Report in the Marc Lemire Case.  (Klatt lays out what the internet is and analyzes evidence in the Marc Lemire case.  A VERY good read!)

·       Expert Report in the BCWhitePride Case

·       Précis of Anticipated Evidence in Ernst Zundel case





The Battle of Oliver – March 1998

Marc Lemire, Paul Fromm, Doug Collins, Bernard Klatt




Klatt Expert Testimony



Lemire Hearing


MS KULASZKA: I'm going to tender Mr. Klatt as an expert in the Internet and computers, and this would include functions associated with running an Internet service provider business.



THE CHAIRPERSON: So to that extent, I will accept him

as an expert, for the purposes being tendered by Ms Kulaszka, which was -- I'll repeat it for the record -- "Expert in the Internet and computers, including the functions associated with being an Internet service provider."


Zundel hearing




Monday, November 9, 1998


MR. FREIMAN:  I may have some questions later on that go to the weight to be given to this witness' evidence, but I will not trouble the Panel and waste time on whether he has expertise.  He has sufficient expertise within the meaning of the law to give evidence about telecommunications and about the Internet.

THE CHAIRPERSON:  Do other counsel have questions?  No.

         We will take our morning break.

- Short Recess at 11:26 a.m.

- Upon resuming at 11:50 a.m.



THE CHAIRPERSON:  This witness is qualified to give evidence, Mr. Christie.

Bahr Hearing


Page: 1358


THE CHAIRPERSON: Counsel, is that all right? All right. I am satisfied that Mr. Klatt has the requisite education, knowledge, and experience to be qualified, and opinion evidence that will be put before this tribunal will be with respect to the internet, with respect to computer functioning, and with respect in particular to the hacking of computers. All right, let us carry on,












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