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Lemire Beats the CHRC ... AGAIN



Office of the Privacy Commissioner Slaps the CHRC 's bogus claims



Internal CHRC Section 13 Investigation Guide Ordered Released over the shrieks of the CHRC





Section 13 Investigation Guide


Section 13 - Investigation Guide (14 Pages)


Section 13 - Investigation Guide + appendixes (47 pages)




Over the past few years, the CHRC has tried to bump itself up into a quasi National Security type agency.  Shamelessly, this politically motivated outfit operates in almost complete secrecy, with no public oversight.  When members of the public attempt to get access to CHRC records, the CHRC continually deflects Access to Information and Privacy Act requests over their activities


If a Tribunal orders disclosure of material, the CHRC will either claim to have “misplaced” the evidence in question, or release it at the absolute last minute. For material that really exposes the CHRC, they invoke Section 37 of the Canada Evidence Act to prevent any disclosure of the information.



It is clear that the CHRC will do anything to block and prevent disclosure of the true nature of their activities and how much the taxpayers of Canada are on the hook.  With respect to Access to Information requests, the CHRC almost always refuses to comply, thus hiding from public oversight what they are doing and how much they are spending.


Back on Aug 20 2008, Marc Lemire beat the Canadian Human Rights Commission in a complaint he filed with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. The Privacy Commissioner found that “Under the circumstances, I am of the view that your complaint that the CHRC denied you access to personal information is well-founded and the CHRC has been so informed.


Not surprisingly for tin-pot fascists, the CHRC just continued on like nothing happened.  The CHRC’s new tactic was to charge outrageous fee’s for Access or just claim “security” and deny everything.  Recently, a writer for the National Post requested information from the CHRC regarding their “1,200 name enemies list”.  The CHRC response was “in order for the Commission to process this part of your request, a search fee totaling $63,840 is required.”


On November 6 2008, Marc Lemire filed an access request with the CHRC for a copy of the “Section 13 investigators guide.”  This is the internal guide used by investigators to harass and persecute Canadian writers.



See full refusal letter from CHRC



On December 8 2008, the CHRC claimed “security concerns” and refused to release any part of the Section 13 guide.  As a result, Lemire appealed to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner on January 19, 2009.


After more than a year of investigation, the Privacy Commission slammed the CHRC and forced them to provide a copy of the CHRC Section 13 guide. 




[Larger version of letter]


Lemire received a partly censored copy of the guide in April 2010.  The document is full of shocking information and a complete analysis will be made public shortly.




Section 13 Investigation Guide









Section 13 Investigation Guide


Section 13 - Investigation Guide (14 Pages)


Section 13 - Investigation Guide + appendixes (47 pages)






This is the second complaint in a row that Marc Lemire has beaten the CHRC at the Privacy office.



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