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CHRC wants a Secret Hearing on examination of it’s employees on Internet spying and infiltration


Lemire Responds by posting all evidence and will blog live from Tribunal Hearing!


The Canadian Human Rights Commission, completely drunk with power and riddled with fanatical rights enforcers want the M arch 25th, 2008 M arc Lemire hearing on the spying actions of CHRC employees to be in secret. The victim, M arc Lemire is responding by posting some of the evidence upon which the CHRC employees will be questioned on, and by blogging onto the internet the details of the cross-examination live from the Tribunal hearing.


The M arch 25th Ottawa hearing will be the most controversial yet, with Macleans Magazine making a legal motion to open the hearings. Other reporters who are going to attend include Mark Steyn and the National Post. Even Liberal M P Keith M artin has spoken publicly and denounced the secret hearings. Free speech supporters from as far away as London , Cambridge , Toronto , Hamilton , Oshawa , Kingston and M ontreal will converge on Ottawa to defend freedom and stand as silent witnesses to the downfall of the CHRC.


Representing M arc Lemire will be the gentle warrior - Barbara Kulaszka , who now stands as the most successful lawyer ever to represent a Section 13 victim, winning more legal victories in a single case than every single lawyer that came before her – CO M BINED!.  Also coming all the way from Victoria , British Columbia ; the battling barrister Douglas Christie will be there and Free Speech dynamo Paul Fromm representing the Canadian Association for Free Expression.


Censorship and repression will never win out over freedom and justice!


Evidence will be posted online at:  http://www.freedomsite.org and http://www.StopSection13.com (On M arch 20, 2008)


Live blogging of the hearing will be at:  http://blog.freedomsite.org and http://canadianhumanrightscommission.blogspot.com



The secret hearing on M arch 25 will have:


  1. M otion from Rogers Publishing Inc / M acleans M agazine to open up the hearing to a delegation of reporters from M acleans and the international one man content provider M ark Steyn.
  2. Representative from Bell Canada to testify who owned the IP address which signed up an account on the Stormfront.Org message board with the appeared intention of entrapping M arc Lemire.
  3. Hannya Rizk:   The CHRC investigator on the M arc Lemire case, who received special training from the complainant and former CHRC employee, Richard Warman (!) and whose investigation techniques are in serious question (as she used the “Warman techniques” to then get M arc Lemire.  She also seems to be the only investigator to receive Warman’s special “training”)
  4. Dean Steacy:  CHRC investigator who is the most senior Section 13 investigator.  And who it was revealed at the Federal Court of Canada set up a fake internet identity called “jadewarr” and used that identity to attempt to entrap M arc Lemire and to infiltrator the Stormfront.Org and FreeDominion websites. Steacy has become famous for his quote “Freedom of speech is an American concept, so I don’t give it any value”



M acleans M agazine Lawyers Hammer CHRC!


Part of the motion filed on M arch 14, 2008 by Rogers Publishing Ltd and M acleans M agazine hammers the Tribunal.  It reads as follows:


4. The Canadian Human Rights Commission and its Tribunal are subject to the same rules of openness as our public courts. The themes in the major cases as to openness are applicable in this instance.

9.         I address this argument to you, Athanasios D. Hadjis, as you are trying this matter. Will you as the "judge" be indifferent to the evidence; agitated by the evidence; angry at the evidence or just plain blase? Will you radiate a sense of hurried justice? Or will you exhibit judicial restraint in the tradition of Patrick LeSage? We don't know. That is why the press is entitled to be present.


10.       The public can only tell how justice is being protected if it can see and read of your reactions, the nature of the court, the attentiveness of the participants. After all, the keyhole to justice requires eyes. It is crucial we observe how you react to testimony about the conduct of the very institution you represent and champion.



Background on CHRC Spying and Infiltration


Explosive revelations of CHRC spying on Canadians and infiltrating internet message boards have recently been made public after 10 months of intense litigation by the Marc Lemire legal team before the Federal Court of Canada and the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.


In January 2008, Barbara Kulaszka , counsel for M arc Lemire won a decisive victory at the Federal Court of Canada, which saw the CHRC in full retreat mode and withdrawing every absurd invocations of Section 37 of the Canada Evidence Act, which was used to cover-up the misdeeds of CHRC employees.  In a sick display, reminiscent of tyrannical  fascists, the CHRC used Section 37 close to 500 times to cover up evidence and grind down Lemire and his legal team. 


When the government invokes Section 37, there is a 10 day period in which the victim must file an appeal at the Federal Court.  The CHRC used this as a way hide what they were really up to, and with only days before a month and a half long hearing, they sent hundreds of blank pages and said the magic words “Section 37”.   Being financially strapped and a financially poor defendant  (the victim of choice of the CHRC) Lemire had no recourse.


Chronology of Corruption – CHRC abuses Section 37

Jan, 2007

Within days of the start of a month and a half hearing – the CHRC invokes Section 37 hundreds of times to get out of a direct order of the Tribunal for disclosure and to cover-up their misdeeds

M ay 9-10, 2007

CHRC invokes Section 37 numerous times during testimony of CHRC employees Hannya Rizk and Dean Steacy.   The questions the CHRC is preventing from disclosure mostly relate to their interactions with Police Services, their investigation techniques and their online spying / infiltration apparatus

M ay 17, 2007

M arc Lemire files notice of judicial review before the Federal Court of Canada for all invocations of Section 37 during the M ay hearing and a subpoena of Bell Canada ’s records for “jadewarr”

July 5, 2007

The CHRC wants to make sure no matter what happens at the Federal Court that the Section 13 case is over with before that and forces Marc Lemire to file a motion requesting to adjourn the tribunal hearing Sine Die (with no fixed date to resume).  The CHRC and Attorney General of Canada bitterly oppose stopping the hearing, and want to have final arguments in the case BEFORE any ruling by the Federal Court (thus rendering any relief Lemire is seeking totally moot)

Aug 17, 2007

Tribunal rules in Lemire’s favour and stops the hearing Sine Die until the final disposition of the Federal Court application on Section 37

Dec 20, 2007

In an attempt to scuttle the Federal Court appeal, the CHRC offered triple hearsay evidence to M arc Lemire and demanded he drop the Federal Court appeal, since all answers have now been “given”.  Lemire refuses to drop appeal

Jan 15, 2008

Hearing before The Honourable M adam Justice Layden-Stevenson of the Federal Court of Canada in Toronto .  The CHRC now withdraw every single Section 37 objection.  LE M IRE WINS on every single court

Feb 12, 2008

Case goes back to the Tribunal.  The CHRC and Attorney General of Canada again vigorously demand that the case go directly to closing argument and not allow M arc Lemire any further questioning of CHRC employees. The CHRC submits triple-hearsay as alleged evidence and demands Lemire accept it. M arc Lemire makes a motion to the Tribunal asking for both Rizk and Steacy to reappear for cross-examination and that a subpoena of Bell Canada be issued to ascertain the identity of “Jadewarr” who tried to entrap Lemire online

M arch 3, 2008

Tribunal rules in Lemire’s favour and requires Rizk and Steacy to reappear.  As well grants the subpoena of Bell Canada ’s records for “Jadewarr”

M arch 25, 2008

Scheduled date to hear the testimony of Bell Canada , Hannya Rizk and Dean Steacy.

Canadian Human Rights Tribunal

160 Elgin Street ,

11th Floor

Ottawa , Ontario






Evidence will be posted online at:  http://www.freedomsite.org and http://www.StopSection13.com


Live blogging of the evidence will be at:  http://blog.freedomsite.org and http://canadianhumanrightscommission.blogspot.com



M ore information on the M arch 25 hearing:






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Stop Section 13: http://www.StopSection13.com


Marc Lemire Legal Case and CHRC Documents



FACTUM - Written Submissions on Constitutional Challenge of Section 13 and 54 of the Canadian Human Rights Act  (This is a M UST read)









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