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CHRC Transcript Irregularities


Explosive testimony by CHRC Investigator Dean Steacy on Richard Warman is missing from Transcript!






On March 25, 2008, Marc Lemire called 2 CHRC employees to testify before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, as part of his massive challenge of Section 13 (internet thought control legislation) of the Canadian Human rights Act.


Before the hearing, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, no longer provided a court reporter to transcribe the hearings, but instead now offers a digital voice recording, which the parties could pay and have transcribed themselves.


In order to try to stop the impending damage to the human rights industries credibility, the Canadian Human Rights Commission in a shocking move applied for a Secret Hearing and have the Media and members of the public banned from the hearings


On March 20th, 2008, the Tribunal ruled in Marc Lemire's favour, and opened the doors to the media and the public.  The Tribunal went further and questioned the absurd claims of "security" by the CHRC.


[9] The outcome of the s. 37 matter gives me pause to question the soundness of the Commission's invocation of public security concerns with respect to the testimony of these witnesses.

Tribunal Ruling | March 20, 2008


On March 25, 2008, explosive testimony was heard.  The first witness a representative from Bell Canada's law enforcement team who provided evidence on an IP address CHRC employees used to attempt to entrap Marc Lemire on the Stormfront.Org website. This issue has now lead to both an RCMP investigation, and a Privacy Office investigation.


Jonathan Kay, editor of the National Post wrote an article and called the hearing a "landmark disaster for the Canadian Human Rights Commission".  


Lorne Gunter writing in the Edmonton Journal on March 30, 2008 stated:


"After years of investigating Lemire, CHRC investigators had too little proof that he was a hatemonger to proceed to a hearing. So they began logging onto his website under an assumed name, "Jadewarr," and posting provocative comments in hopes of obtaining racist replies they could then use in their case again Lemire.


To cover their activities, it appears commission employees logged onto the Internet through a wireless connection they detected in a woman's apartment near their offices, rather than using the commission's own server. They neither sought the woman's permission nor acquired a judicial warrant to tap into her computer."


The Canadian Human Rights Commission was in full damage recovery mode after the spying network of the CHRC was exposed and reported on heavily in the national media. 


As part of the damage control the CHRC was doing, they contracted a company to transcribe the March 25, 2008 Digital Recording into a transcript.  And in a strange Public Relations campaign they distributed copies of the transcript to the media.  This was revealed by Ezra Levant on May 9th, 2008.  


On his popular blog, Ezra Levant wrote that:


Imagine my surprise when, today, I received a copy of a beautifully-transcribed court report of the March 25th hearing. I received it -- but Marc Lemire and his lawyer have not.


I got it from a reporter who had received it from the CHRC itself. How did he get it? Did he make an Access to Information request? Did he pull a Jadewarr, and hack into the CHRC's computer and steal it?


No. He got it because a CHRC spin doctor called him up, and tried to spin his newspaper that the CHRC wasn't all that bad. He tried to show how the CHRC really hadn't gone online under a pseudonym to post bigoted comments -- even though the CHRC has admitted to doing so a half dozen times, under oath. The CHRC spin doctor used the transcript as "proof".


I have no problem with the CHRC engaging in desperate spin attempts. I love it, in fact -- the more they open their mouths, the more discredited they are, and in ways that their critics, like me, could never achieve.



But isn't there something corrupt about the CHRC having a transcript of the hearing, not disclosing it to the respondent, but using it against the respondent with reporters who have no formal standing in the case?


While the respondent has to hand-transcribe the audio recording of that hearing -- or pay out of his own pocket for someone to do so -- the CHRC has a transcribed version. But they don't turn it over. They try to use it as a PR weapon. (Good luck with that.)



CHRC Transcript missing explosive testimony.


In a copy of the Transcript the CHRC spread around to the media, a very explosive line was missing.


Here is a copy of the CHRC transcript:


CHRC Transcript - Volume 26, Page 5764




Now the truth, as transcribed by Marc Lemire



Lemire Transcript | Volume 26, Page 20



Download a copy of the audio recording as provided by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, which makes it absolutely clear that the CHRC version of the transcript is missing this information


Dean Steacy's Testimony in MP3 format




Senior CHRC investigator Dean Steacy seems to contradict sworn testimony by Richard Warman:


MR. FROMM : Could I direct your attention to tab 17?

THE CHAIRPERSON: Perhaps you should specify which of the two versions.

MR. FROMM : Yes. To the one we were given yesterday, one of three, where it says across the top, "Welcome, Jadewarr." Do you see that, Mr. Warman?


MR. FROM M : Can you explain what that is, "Welcome, Jadewarr?

MR. WARMAN: It appears to be a name that was logged in under.

MR. FROMM : By whom?

MR. WARMAN: I'm sorry, I don't know.

MR. FROMM : Would that not have to have been by you?

MR. WARMAN: No, it would not.

Beaumont Transcript, Volume 2, Page 273






Watch the YouTube video on the CHRC Missing Transcript
















Groups, Writers and MPs that Support a Repeal of Section 13: http://www.stopsection13.com/repeal_sec13.html


Liberal MP Keith Martin

Liberal MP Dan McTeague

Conservative MP James Rajotte

Conservative MP Bruce Stanton

Ezra Levant

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Rex Murphy)

Catholic Insight Magazine

Catholic Register

Halifax Chronicle Herald (Paul Schneidereit)

PEN Canada

CDN Association of Journalists

Mark Steyn (Macleans Magazine)

Calgary Herald

Western Standard Magazine

London Free Press

B'nai Brith Jewish Tribune

Sask Leader-Post

Deborah Gyapong

Calgary AM 770  

Lawyer Karen Selick

Globe and Mail

National Post

David Warren (Ottawa Citizen)

Eye Magazine (Toronto)

Toronto Star

Toronto Sun

Interim Magazine

Sault Ste. Marie SooToday

Winnipeg Free Press

Oak Bay News

Victoria News




Constitutional Challenge of Section 13









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