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Tribunal dates set for Marc Lemire's case - ONE month of hearings booked!



The dates for a hearing in the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission Vs. Marc Lemire have been set and they have an entire month of hearings booked!.



The location will be Toronto, Ontario. (Exact location not decided yet)

Dates of the hearings are the weeks of:

  • January 29, 2007
  • February 5, 2007
  • February 19, 2007
  • February 26, 2007

During the tribunal hearing we are going to expose the "human rights enforcers" and their paid enforcers. It will be very exciting and dramatic with Marc Lemire challenging the very foundation of the "Human Rights" maniac's death grip on the Internet -- Section 13 and 54 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. The constitutional challenge is a huge undertaking but has to be done. If we can win this case, every other case before the tribunal would stop, as the law itself would no longer be valid.


This is a real David versus Goliath situation, with me as David, pitted against the formidable Goliath resources of the Canadian government and well-connected powerful special interest groups. This landmark case promises to be an uphill battle — not a single person has ever won a case that proceeded to a tribunal.


In the tribunal hearing it will be me, flanked by supporters of freedom Paul Fromm and Doug Christie -- against at least seven opposing lawyers. In the case of the Federal Attorney General of Canada, they have assigned one of their senior lawyers to oppose me … and this in a tribunal that has less authority than a parking ticket court!


This case is very complex and requires many expert witnesses and experts. During the hearing, I will be calling numerous expert witnesses in support of my case, including Internet Expert Bernard Klatt (who also testified on behalf of Ernst Zündel) and Donald A. Downs, Professor of Political Science, Law and Journalism at the Department of Political Science, from the University of Wisconsin. Paul Fromm and the Canadian Association for Free Expression will be calling veteran journalist Joe Sobran and Professor Fraser from Macquarie University in Sidney Australia.

Expert witnesses supporting Marc Lemire and Freedom of Speech include:

Joe Sobran received his B.A. in English from Eastern Michigan University and pursued graduate studies in English. In 1972, he went to work for National Review Magazine, beginning what would be a 21-year stint, including 18 years as senior editor.
From 1979 to 1991, Mr. Sobran was a regular commentator on CBS Radio’s “Spectrum” series. He has been a nationally syndicated columnist since 1979, first with the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, then with the Universal Press Syndicate, and now with Griffin Internet Syndicate, for which he writes two columns per week. He also writes the weekly column “Washington Watch” for The Wanderer, a weekly Catholic newspaper.

Internet and computer expert. Has been in the computer industry since 1970. Mr. Klatt has worked for multinational corporations like Digital Equipment, General Electric and Philips-Signetics. Owner of Fairview Technology Centre, a pioneering Internet Service Provider in British Columbia. Testified as an expert witness at the Zundel CHRC hearings.

Donald Alexander Downs is Professor of Political Science, Law and Journalism at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has written four previous books, including Nazis in Skokie: Freedom, Community, and the First Amendment (winner of the Annisfield-Wolf Book Award) and The New Politics of Pornography (winner of the Gladys M. Kammerer Award of the American Political Science Association). Professor Downs has also published extensively in leading journals, encyclopedias and professional books, lectured throughout the US and in England and Scotland, and made numerous media appearances on radio and television to discuss issues of American politics and law.

Professor Drew Fraser is a Canadian born senior Academic and is an Associate Professor in the Department of Public Law at Macquarie University in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Fraser holds a BA (Hons) and an LLB from Queen's University, an LLM from Harvard University, and an MA from the University of North Carolina

History of the case


Back in 2004, the Canadian Human Rights Commission (Canada’s leading internet censorship agency) received two complaints about content on the Freedomsite (http://www.freedomsite.org) and the Freedomsite message board located at http://chat.freedomsite.org.


The two separate, but identical, complaints named Marc Lemire in one and the second named “The Freedomsite” which was listed as “www.freedomsite.org” and “chat.freedomsite.org”


The complaints surround posts to the Freedomsite Message Board, as well as a post by Kevin Strom entitled “Aids Secrets.” After the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission investigated the complaint, additional grounds were added, which included an article by the veteran journalist and WWII hero Doug Collins.


After a well written legal motion by famous attorney Barbara Kulaszka, the complainant withdrew one of his complaints, and the case against the “The Freedomsite” was quashed. In January of 2006, Marc Lemire became the first person in Canadian history to ever win a Section 13 complaint under the Canadian Human Rights Act.


The case against Marc Lemire continues to progress it’s way to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. The tribunal is a farce that poses as a court, where truth is no defence. Your intent is no defence. Your motivation is no defence. In fact, there are no listed defences for a private citizen. Yes that’s correct. ZERO defences!


The Canadian "Human Rights" Tribunal (CHRT) is a systematically biased quasi-judicial hearing. As clear evidence on how biased the tribunal is, every ruling so far in the case has been against Marc Lemire. Many people that have seen the Tribunal in action have referred to it as a Kangaroo Court. They conduct Show Trials on behalf of the Commission.


The Canadian "Human Rights" Tribunal has ruled:

  • Truth is no defence
  • Intent is no defence
  • Fair comment is no defence

*** In fact there are ZERO defences available ***

  • Any evidence is allowed (hearsay, double hearsay)
  • They do not need to show any proof of actual harm of the messages complained of
  • Standard of proof is very low and is based on a “balance of probabilities” not “beyond a reasonable doubt”

While the tribunal has a legal like atmosphere, it really has no rules and can do pretty much anything they want. If previous hearing are any indication, they are nothing more than politically motivated enforcers, working at the behest of special interest groups who are intent of silencing any critiques of issues such as immigration, multiculturalism, the holocaust, Zionism and other current political issues. This outrageous abuse of power has lead observers to call these tribunals “nothing more than Kangaroo courts” and “hick tribunals”


The Canadian Human Rights Act - Section 13, covers literally all forms of speech via “a group of interconnected or related computers, including the Internet, or any similar means of communication.” This act can cover literally any communication made from a computer – whether it was public or not. Private communication is also covered.


With the more recent amendments to the “Human Rights” Act, victims can now face stiff fines as well as cease and desist orders. If your found in contravention of a wide ranging cease and desist order that the “Human Rights” Tribunal issues, your looking at possibly lengthy jail sentences. We need to fight against such a broad act that covers literally every form of speech imaginable on the Internet -- enforceable by fines which could run clear in excess of $60,000 and financially ruin people.


The Canadian "Human Rights" Tribunal can:


  • Issue a Cease and Desist order:

An order that is enforceable by the Federal Court of Canada The C&D order can be very broad and can literally silence the person it was issued against In my case, the CHRC refuses to identify what exactly they are complaining about – how could I follow a C&D order if issued? If disobeyed can face up to FIVE years in Prison (Federal court Rules – Rule 472) [John Ross Taylor spent one year in jail]

  • Can also assess fines and award “special compensation” to the complainant

- Fines: Can award up to $10,000 in penalties [Sec 53(3)]
- “Special Compensation”: Up to $20,000 to compensate "victim" [Sec 60(f)]
- Up to $20,000 for “willful or reckless discrimination” [Sec 60(g)]
- All fines have outrageous interest rates applied if not paid immediately

We continue our intense fight to preserve our inherent rights to freedom of speech and freedom of the press on the Internet.


This battle will be long and expensive. I need your help to continue the fight! Please read on for how to assist in my case and get a copy of “In Defence of Freedom” our latest booklet on the Canadian Human Rights Commission and the battle for Marc Lemire’s freedom $10.00. Also Available: T-Shirts for $20.00





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Censored by the Rights Maniacs at the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission

Table of Contents


1.     What is Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act and why it is a threat to our freedom?

2.     What is the Freedomsite?

3.     The case against Marc Lemire

a. Timeline of case

b. Specific case put forward by Richard Warman and the Canadian Human Rights Commission

c. Motions submitted by Marc Lemire and Canadian Human Rights Commission

4.     Legal Motion challenging the Constitutionality of Section 13 and 54 of the Canadian Human Rights Act

5.     Who is going to Intervene in this case

6.     How can you help?


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