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Richard Warman calls Canadian Human Rights Tribunal an "inquisition" and supports the DeTax Movement


On July 23, 2008 the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal released close to 400 pages after a request was made under the Access to Information Act by Toronto webmaster M arc Lemire.


The documents released were the evidence as filed in the Richard Warman vs Eldon Warman Canadian Human Rights Tribunal hearing, which took place in 2005 and a decision was rendered on September 23, 2005.


> Download Warman’s Mary Dufford Email <


The most interesting document is HR-3.   It is a two page email sent by Richard Warman to Eldon Warman, while Richard Warman was pretending to be a female named M ary Dufford. 


The email starts off by referring to Eldon Warman’s DeTax movement and Richard Warman states: 


“I appreciate your previous efforts to help not just myself but all thinking Canadians to liberate ourselves from the false taxations chains put on us people who want to be our masters and feel that it is  now our turn to give something back to you.”


In that email Richard Warman refers to the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal as an “inquisition” and refers to the CHRT as: “Canadian human rights (should be ‘wrongs’!!!) tribunal


Richard Warman as “Mary Dufford”


“There is a rumour going around that you are being asked to attend an inquisition before the Canadian human rights ( should be 'wrongs'!!!) tribunal in Ottawa begining on M onday april25th. No doubt CCRA is somehow mixed up in this in an attempt to silence your much needed voice.


  M e and two friends who have used your methods to free ourselves have vowed that if this is true we will come to Ottawa and sit with you in support./ We feel it is

the least we can do for you after you've done so much for so many others. It would be over an hour drive but worth it many times over.


Please let us know if this is true and we will be there for you.


  M ary


 ps no problems with last years taxes using your guidance and doing same for this years too!





Richard Warman’s testimony on calling the Tribunal an “inquisition”


THE CHAIRPERSON: I see that the inquiry is referred to as an inquisition.


M R. WAR M AN: Yes, there is some tongue-in-cheek there, I'm afraid.

Eldon Warman Transcripts – Volume 1, Page 22









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