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Infiltrators target Marc Lemire and Stormfront.Org Message Board



Motion filed in Lemire's Constitutional Challenge demanding Subpoena of Bell Canada

Another Stormfront Infiltrator Exposed!  That's four so far and we're not done yet!




Stormfront Infiltrators Exposed:


Stormfront Alias: Estate

Real name: Sgt. Stephen Camp of the Edmonton Police “Hate Crimes” unit


Stormfront Alias: MarkW14

Real Name: Shane Ruttle Martinez (Anti-Racist Action thug, and CHRC witness)


Stormfront Alias: Pogue Mahone

Real name: Richard Warman


Stormfront Alias: Jadewarr

Real name: CHRC Employee


The misnamed Canadian “Human Rights” Commission has been using tax-payers dollars to fund their political vendetta against individuals and websites they hate. Websites such as The Freedomsite (www.freedomsite.org) – have been the focus of a 3 year legal attack by the Commission to shut it down, over documents such as “The Immigrant Poem”, criticism of immigration and even the awful “hateful” act of posting an unedited copy of the Canadian Human Rights Act on the Freedomsite! The Commission and complainant Richard Warman are seeking a LIFETIME speech ban placed on Freedomsite webmaster, Marc Lemire along with hefty fines


In what best can be described as sheer lunacy, the CHRC (with ONLY remedial powers and NO police powers) has attempted to elevate itself to the level of a CSIS (National Security Agency), in an ongoing infiltration operation, using shady and secretive tactics to silence and possibly entrap those they don't like.  The operatives of the CHRC have said they must get those they don't like "by any means necessary"


Sgt. Stephen Camp of the Edmonton Police “Hate Crimes” unit posting on Stormfront:

·        “Anybody read the Edmonton Journal dated January 22? I know it's a kike publication but...”

·        With any luck they will end up like the nogs in the states who predominantly kuill each other.”

·        In Reference to Native people he wrote: “retarded little ch-g” and "how can u hold the little redskin responsible he's only an animal..."

·        “Our corrupt government is nothing but a puppet to this so called multicultural agenda.”

·        “This post again re emphasises the point that our tax dollars are waisted on keeping Zundel behind bars, while Muslim extremists are allowed re entry into Canada and free to come and go as they please.



The farce of ‘Retaliation”


In the case of Marc Lemire; he was a recent victim of what could possibly be construed as sinister attempts by all involved in the case against him. BOTH the complainant and amazingly the Commission have attempted to engage him in conversation in a poor attempt to get him ensnared with "retaliation" complaints.


Amazingly, the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA) has special fines of up to $40,000 for "retaliation" if a victim dares to confront his accuser.


Infiltration Techniques Taught by Jewish Groups to numerous Canadian Police Services


Infiltration of websites such as Stormfront is part of an organized and darker tactic that is now employed by politicized Police agencies and censorship enforcers.  The Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies is now offering a new course aimed at Canadian Law enforcement agencies and "investigators" entitled "Investigating Internet Extremism".  According to the Wiesenthal Centre’s website:


"The workshop works from the premise that in order for law enforcement to be effective in the arena of hate, it must be proactive rather than reactive." The course description continues "Investigating Internet Hate consists of three components; namely infiltration, Internet tools and legalities. In the first section, police officers are introduced to the most frequented web forums, allowing them to become ‘part of the community’ and investigate varying groups and their activities." [Emphasis added] (Copied from Wiesenthal website: www.fswc.ca)


Among some of the Police forces that the Wiesenthal Centre list as recipients of their "training" includes:  Ontario Provincial Police, Owen Sound Police Service, Kingston Police Service, Ottawa Police Service, Barrie Police and the Vancouver Police Service.


Interestingly, according to the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies, they are "... participating in the prosecution against Marc Lemire at the Human Rights Tribunal ..." So far, Marc Lemire's case has sat for 22 hearing days, and the “prosecutors” at the Wiesenthal Centre, has attended all of ONE day so far. For the Wiesenthal Centre to refer to the remedial nature of the CHRA as a "prosecution" plays 100% into the Constitutional Challenge filed by Marc Lemire.


In the Warman V. Lemire case - more than 90% of the material they are complaining about concerns the Freedomsite Message Board posts by anonymous posters.  Up to May, 2--7 - close to $600,000 has been spent persecuting the case against Marc Lemire. With the organized effort of the Wiesenthal Centre and others ... could it be possible the Freedomsite Message Board was really a victim of infiltration attempts by the SAME people who now have laid complaints and are "prosecuting" the case? 




In a motion filed with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal - Marc Lemire has exposed the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission and their use of another infiltration alias on Stormfront who goes by the name of "jadewarr" and who also has failed in attempts to engage Marc Lemire in conversations.



Motion by Marc Lemire for Subpoena of Bell Canada ’s Records to Ascertain identity of Stormfront User Account “Jadewarr”




May 14, 2007

Re: Warman v. Lemire, Tribunal No. T1073/5405


To: Canadian Human Rights Tribunal,


This is a motion by the respondent for a subpoena of Bell Canada for all documents and information concerning the IP Address


The facts which form the basis of this motion are as follows:

  • On December 12, 2006, during questioning of Richard Warman by Paul Fromm in the matter of Warman v. Beaumont, he asked about an exhibit filed by the Commission from the Stormfront website which was headed “Welcome, Jadewarr”. Mr. Warman testified that it came from the Commission. 

T1106-8705 2006-12-12 Warman-Beaumont

CHRC attempts to put into evidence a post from Stormfront entitled “ Italy for Italians” at Tab 17.   Warman V. Beaumont. The top of the page showed the login name as “Jadewarr’


MR. FROMM: Can you explain what that is, "Welcome, Jadewarr?

MR. WARMAN: It appears to be a name that was logged in under.

MR. FROMM: By whom?

MR. WARMAN: I'm sorry, I don't know.

Page 273, Transcripts


MR. FROMM: Is it your testimony, then, that it's a Commission document?

MR. WARMAN: It originates with the Commission. I do not know its providence.

Page 275, transcripts

  • The person using the account “jadewarr” on Stormfront has attempted to engage Marc Lemire in public conversations on the message board;
  • The person using the account “jadewarr” has engaged a person using the account “fenrisson” numerous times in private conversations on the Stormfront system;
  • The Stormfront “fenrisson” user posts have been used at least twice by the Commission to dismiss complaints against Richard Warman and CAERS as “vexatious”;
  • In March, 2007, Marc Lemire requested and received the e-mail address, IP address, hostname and access to the Stormfront account “jadewarr” from the owner of the Stormfront website, Mr. Don Black
  • The information regarding “jadewarr” provided by Mr. Don Black was as follows:
    • IP Address:
    • Host Name bas2-ottawa23-1177597387.dsl.bell.ca
    • E-Mail address used: jadewarr@yahoo.ca
  • During the hearings in Ottawa on May 10, 2007 , the Commission claimed Section 37 of the Canada’s Evidence Act over questions relating to the Stormfront Account “Jadewarr”

The respondent is requesting a subpoena of Bell Canada ’s records to ascertain the user account and subscriber information for the following:

  • User account and subscriber information for the user of IP Protocol address:, with hostname bas2-ottawa23-1177597387.dsl.bell.ca, that was connected to the Bell Sympatico and/or Bell Canada network on: December 8th, 2006 at 03:29 PM (EST) (Also Known as: 3:29 PM Ontario time” to Bell Canada Corporate Security)

 It is submitted that this information is relevant to the hearing of the constitutional issues in this case as it shows the activities of the Commission under section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act are going far beyond attempting to ameliorate discrimination, and are impacting the fairness of its procedures, the rights of complainants and respondents both, and the guarantees to Charter rights.

The Commission appears to be actively engaging with respondents on message boards, in particular with relevance to this case, Mr. Lemire. The respondent should be able to question Commission witnesses concerning these matters upon the resumption of the hearing in Ottawa in June if in fact “Jadewarr” is proven to be the Commission.



Chronology of Events

Jadewarr and Fenrisson



Description of Event

February 2, 2005

“Jadewarr” signs up account on Stormfront

Signs up account using e-mail address: jadewarr@yahoo.ca

R-17 – Tab 18 Page 6


April 7, 2006

Andrew Guille and Alexan Kulbashian file Section 13 complaints against Recomnetwork.org.  Dean Steacy is assigned as the investigator.

R-3 – Tab 3 & Tab 4


June 7, 2006

Fenrisson Post on Stormfront, RE: Flood CHRC with complaints:

Thread: Warman: The Destruction of Terry Tremaine (Mathdoktor)

è    Not a single person responds to Fenrisson’s post on Stormfront

R-17 – Tab 17


June 30, 2006

10:46 AM

“Jadewarr” send a private message on Stormfront to user: Fenrisson.  Asks about “bogging down the CHRC” and how ”one goes about that without identifying themselves”

R-17 – Tab 18 Page 12


July 5, 2006

Dean Steacy sends letter to Andrew Guille.  Steacy asks Guille about the “Fenrisson post” (among other things)

R-3 – Tab 3


July 10, 2006

Fenrisson replies to “Jadewarr” via a Stormfront Private message.  Fenrisson.  Talks about filing a complaint with the CHRC.

R-17 – Tab 18 Page 13-14


July 11, 2006

Andrew Guille responds to Dean Steacy’s letter.   Writes: “I am not aware of the posting cited in the respondent’s position nor am I familiar with any person by the name ‘Fenrisson.’ … My complaint is a bone fide effort to confront the communication of hate messages …”

R-3 – Tab 3


August 14, 2006

Alexan Kulbashian receives investigators report on complaint against Richard Warman.  Investigator was Sandy Kozak. Recommendation is that the complaint is vexatious and relies on “Fenrisson” post.

20. Recent postings found on the forum of the white supremacist website “Stormfront” support that the motive behind filing complaints such as this one are without legitimate foundation, are for an improper purpose and involve a sinister motive

R-3 – Tab 4



September 15, 2006

1:24 PM

“Jadewarr” posts a public message to Stormfront in reply to a post by Marc Lemire.

Topic: Canadian "Human Rights" Commission finds promotion of "Hate" by RCMP – No Problem

What did you expect from the govt??? I read your stuff with interest but, didn't the RCMP deal with the officers in question? From what I read in the paper, I was under the impression that the officers were punished. SO I don't understand why you're making a complaint. I also read Human Rights Act and it would seem to me that if the RCMP dealt with it, the CHRC wouldn't deal with it.

Anyways, I'm no expert and I don't know why all this effort is being wasted on filing a complaint where the perpetrators had arleady been punished.

R-17 – Tab 18 Page 7-11


September 15, 2006

2:19 PM

“Jadewarr” send a private message on Stormfront to user: Fenrisson. Says: “Ok thanks. It sounds like a lot of work so I don't think I will be doing it and after reading the threads from marc lemire, it looks like he's having his own sort of problem.”

R-17 – Tab 18 Page 15-16


September 22, 2006

4:08 PM

“Jadewarr” send a private message on Stormfront to user: Fenrisson.  Asks for a copy of the letter Fenrisson claims to have written to the CHRC.

R-17 – Tab 18 Page 17


October 17, 2006

Investigators Report (Section 40/41 Analysis) written by Dean Steacy.  Claims that CAERS gave CHRC the Fenrisson post.

R-3 – Tab 3


December 8, 2006

Last time “Jadewarr” account is ever used

Last Activity: 12-08-2006 03:29 PM

Used: IP Address

Host Name: bas2-ottawa23-1177597387.dsl.bell.ca

R-17 – Tab 18 Page 5


December 12, 2006

CHRC attempts to put into evidence a post from Stormfront entitled “ Italy for Italians” at Tab 17.   Warman V. Beaumont

The top of the page showed the login name as “Jadewarr’

MR. FROMM: Can you explain what that is, "Welcome, Jadewarr?

MR. WARMAN: It appears to be a name that was logged in under.

MR. FROMM: By whom?

MR. WARMAN: I'm sorry, I don't know.

Page 273, Transcripts


MR. FROMM: Is it your testimony, then, that it's a Commission document?

MR. WARMAN: It originates with the Commission. I do not know its providence.

Page 275, transcripts

R-17 – Tab 18 Page 1-4




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