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Marc Lemire’s Constitutional Challenge of Internet Censorship continues on Monday February 19, 2007 – 


Novotel, Mississauga 

(Across from Square One) 9:30am. Monday to Friday



Printable Flyer about Venue of Hearing





This weeks hearing schedule

Novotel Mississauga (Across from Square One Mall) – 9:30 daily

Monday to Wed

Karen Mock (Witness for the Canadian Human Rights Commission)

·         Hysterical zealot who has attacked Ernst Zündel for years.

·         Supporter of the Terrorist Anti-Racist Action (ARA) group

·         Gave a presentation to Metro Toronto City Council in support of a grant from the city for Anti-Racist Action

·         Spoke at various ARA meetings, including their “Youth Against hate” conference in 1996

Professional government grant catcher and has raked in over One Million Dollars since the 1990’s. ($1,074,500)



Dr. Michael Persinger (Witness for Marc Lemire)

Full Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience at Laurentian University. Since 1987 has been a registered Psychologist in Ontario , specializing in: Neuropsychology and Personality Assessments, with secondarily specialization in Psychometric Family Assessments. Dr. Persinger has written seven books and written/contributed to over 200 scientific articles and journals. He is well recognized as an expert the world over. Since 1983 has been the Coordinator of Behavioral Neuroscience Program at Laurentian University.



Fact Witnesses:  Paul Fromm and Jerry Neumann

Paul Fromm: Canada ’s leading internet freedom activist and head of the Canadian Association for Free Expression. Mr. Fromm has represented various persons brought before Tribunals under section 13 and/or is personally knowledgeable about others whom he did not represent. He will provide testimony concerning the respondents and their cases. He will identify documents he has received from persons who have laid complaints under section 13 which were refused by the Commission.


Mr. Neuman will prove documents relating to the case and video evidence. He will give testimony about violence against those accused of hatred from his personal experience. He will testify to the effect and his user experience of the Freedomsite.org.


(See the Witness list for detailed bios and expert reports)






The culmination of three years of research will be brought down on the censors, across 20 hearing days in Toronto .  Headed up by lead defence counsel and courageous civil liberties lawyer Barbara Kulaszka , we are going to bring down the most serious challenge the Canadian Human Rights Act has ever faced. The battling Barrister Doug Christie has also intervened on behalf of freedom of speech and will have a tremendous effect during the hearing! The defence team includes, three world-renowned expert witnesses, including Dr. Michael Persinger, who is right now on TVO being voted on as 1 of the top 10 best University Lecturers in Canada ! Other experts include; the computer/internet genius Bernard Klatt and Professor Donald Downs from the University of Wisconsin . Fact witnesses will include, Canada ’s leading internet freedom fighter – Paul Fromm. Opposing Barbara Kulaszka and Doug Christie will be the thought-control fanatics at the Canadian Human Rights Commission, who pretend to represent the “general public” interests. Others at the hearing will be complainant Richard Warman, Federal Attorney General of Canada, Canadian Jewish Congress, Bnai Brith and the Simon Wiesenthal Centre.


Please come by the hearing and show your support.  We must stand together and in a united voice denounce the “Human Rights” Commission, this horrible law and their apparatchiks’ that enforce it. Your presence in the hearing will show beyond a doubt that Canadians will defend Freedom of Speech and support the victims of state sponsored repression.


Hearing times and locations

All hearing days start at 9:30am and run to approximately 5:00pm .



- February 19 to 23, 2007

-February 26 to March 2, 2007


Novotel Toronto Mississauga

3670 Hurontario Street

Mississauga ON



Take HWY 403.  Get off at Hurontario, go south 3 blocks, just past Square One shopping plaza, Novotel is on right hand side.  Park in Square One for free. [MapQuest]


What this case is all about ... Freedom of Speech!


   This case is about Freedom of Speech - plain and simple.  The Canadian “Human Rights” Commission is seeking to hold Marc Lemire liable for material he never wrote, and they even refuse say exactly what they are actually complaining about. Their only agenda is to silence Marc Lemire and Internet freedom at all costs. They are in such a censorship rage, they have actually pulled up articles from Marc Lemire’s website – the Freedomsite, written by mainstream media sources like the Vancouver Sun, Georgia Straight and even official House of Commons hansard and are accusing Marc Lemire of promoting “hate” for having those articles and transcripts online. The CHRC is so poisoned with ineptness, hatred and contempt – they have actually accused Marc Lemire of promoting “hate” for posting the contents of the Canadian Human Rights Act on his website! 

   Thanks to the immense research of our legal team, we have conclusively documented the bias and outright hatred the Canadian Human Rights Commission has for White working-class Canadians.  Some 43 cases have been brought since the inception of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act (Internet censorship law), and every single one of the defendants were White. 98% of all cases involved poor defendants and only 9% could afford a lawyer to represent them. The CHRC is in a rage to silence all opinions they disagree with and will use “any means necessary” to enforce their will on Canadians. And we say NO MORE!




The Freedom Fighters


Barbara Kulaszka

Lead defence counsel for Marc Lemire. Expert on Section 13. Life long defender for freedom


Douglas Christie

The Battling Barrister! Dedicated to freedom and open debate in pursuit of truth


Paul Fromm

Canada ’s leading internet freedom activist and head of the Canadian Association for Free Expression.


Bernard Klatt

Internet and computer expert. Has been in the computer industry since 1970. Freedom Oriented. Testified as an expert witness at the Zundel and Glenn Bahr CHRC hearings.


Dr. Michael Persinger

Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience at Laurentian University. Written seven books and written/contributed to over 200 scientific articles and journals.


Prof. Donald Downs

Professor of Political Science, Law and Journalism at the University of Wisconsin , Madison . Written four books and published extensively in leading journals and encyclopedias.






Support Marc Lemire's Constitutional Challenge


Be part of our team and contribute what you can to defeat this horrible law 

and protect Freedom of Speech in Canada !


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Books won't stay banned. They won't burn. Ideas won't go to jail. In the long run of history, the censor and the inquisitor have always lost. The only sure weapon against bad ideas is better ideas.

 -- Alfred Whitney Griswold

Censorship reflects a society's lack of confidence in itself.

-- Potter Stewart