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2006 A year of Victories and Challenges




Over the past year, courageous free speech lawyer and Section 13 expert, Barbara Kulaszka has been putting the boots to the Canadian “Human Rights” Commission (CHRC).  To start 2006, in a brilliant legal move, Barbara Kulaszka was victorious in her efforts and got half the case dismissed against me.


As the year went on, Barbara won even more legal motions on disclosure of material in front of the Canadian “Human Rights” Tribunal. During a recent conference call, the CHRC admitted to strong-arming upwards of 200 to 300 Internet Service Providers to remove websites they disagree with – and that’s with no finding of guilt by any court or tribunal! The CHRC has disobeyed the Tribunals orders numerous times and with an utterly contemptuous attitude is fighting tooth and nail to not reveal those documents.  

CHRC Admits attacking 200 to 300 websites!


MR. VIGNA (CHRC Lawyer): How much time, Dean, Mr. Steacy and Mr. Goldberg, because how many files are involved, approximately, that we will need to go through in order to get that? Approximately.


MR. STEACY (CHRC Investigator) : It's Dean Steacy speaking again. Approximately --


THE CHAIRPERSON: We are only talking about section 13 complaints here. Right?


MR. STEACY: Yes. Probably --


MR. VIGNA: Section 13 complaints.


MR. STEACY: Section 13 complaints, I would think it is 200 or 300.


Conference Call with the CHRC - September 8th, 2006



Thanks to the immense research of our legal team, we have conclusively documented the bias and outright hatred the Canadian Human Rights Commission has for White working-class Canadians.  Some 43 cases have been brought since the inception of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act (Internet “hate” law), and every single one of the defendants were White. 98% of all cases involved poor defendants and only 9% could even afford a lawyer to represent them. 


The CHRC, motivated by powerful well-connected privileged groups, are intent on silencing every Canadian that dares to speak out against the insanity of Multicult, as well as a litany of other topics such as immigration, media domination, the holocaust or homosexuality – just to name a few.



CHRC: Canada 's Political Police

The CHRC is acting as a rogue agency which does not want to allow any public oversight of it's actions. Working behind the scenes they have recruited the police and others (terrorist ARA) to do their dirty work and extend their powers, well outside of their enabling legislation, into the realm of law enforcement.  We have documented several cases where the CHRC benefits from the police raiding peoples homes on trumpeted up “Hate Crimes” charges. The police seize computers and other goods during the raids and then the CHRC uses that information to persecute people through their questionable tribunal system.  It is truly sick and a huge abuse of their power, which shows why we must challenge the constitutionality of this law! 


Censored by the CHRC 


The CHRC are trying to silence me at any cost. The entire case against me, is to persecute me for what others have said. They are in such a wrath to shut me up at all costs, they have actually pulled up articles from my website, written by mainstream media sources like the Vancouver Sun, Georgia Straight and National Public Radio and are accusing me of promoting “hate” for having those articles on my website.  


As hard as this is to even believe – the CHRC is so mad with hatred and contempt for me – they have actually accused me of promoting “hate” for posting the contents of the Canadian Human Rights Act on my website! Talk about a band of creeps and mental patients.




Canadian Human Rights Commission Letter 

- November 8, 2006

Written by English-language word guru - Giacomo Vigna






"The titles in themself"   ?   And what do the CHRC List as those "Hate" documents?










House of Commons HANSARD! , Vancouver Sun and Canadian Jewish News articles and to top it off,  they list:  "Complete Canadian Human Rights Act, from January, 1989"  as a HATE document! 



View the CHRC's actual letter here





The Year to come

In 2007, the culmination of years of research will be posted for the entire world to see on the internet. We are going to expose the CHRC for the thought control enforcers and maniacs they are!


Calling on three expert witnesses and five fact witnesses, our legal team is undertaking the most serious challenge this disgusting law has ever seen.


Happy New Year!




-Marc Lemire










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