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CSIS Instigator GRANT BRISTOW Raises his head out of the sewer to support Section 13


Yet Bristow could have been prosecuted under Section 13

 The July 30th, 2008 edition of the National Post carried an opinion piece by CSIS instigator and hatemonger Grant Bristow.  The piece was also run in the Full Comment section, where readers can comment. Readers to the National Post eviscerated Bristow, and a majority of comments saw right through his lies.


Bristow’s opinion piece was about the notorious Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.  The thought prime / pre-crime legislation used to silence political dissidents for their non-violent expression of political ideas.


While I won’t waste my time answering many of the clearly bogus claims made by Bristow, I will confine my comments to Section 13 and his support of the law.


Since 2002, Grant Bristow has become active with the Canadian Jewish Congress.  [here and here] Perhaps his CSIS cheques have run out and he needs to find more work?  This might also explain why he is suddenly such a big supporter of Section 13.  The Canadian Jewish Congress have intervened against me to support Section 13, and even have absurdly claimed that Section 13 is needed for Jewish “physical and psychological security”



Canadian Jewish Congress on Grant Bristow



CSIS Instigator Grant BRISTOW, speaking in Toronto .  Date: Unknown.


Ahhh.  YES,  that is a NAZI Swastika Bristow is giving a speech under… Strange behavior for a hero of “Canada’s Official Jews

Grant Bristow’s courage and willingness to help in the battle against racism and antisemitism, at great personal cost, has made Canada a better place,” said Ed M organ, CJC national president.

Source:  Canadian Jewish Congress Website


“I think what was most important about this evening was how heroic this man was. Both as a Jew, and an historian, I wish to thank you, Grant Bristow, for your courage in coming forward [and] for the truly important role you played in those risky years of ten years ago.”

[Professor Irving Abella, a former president of the CJC]  

Source:  Walrus Magazine




Grant Bristow could have been a Victim of Section 13


During Grant Bristow’s time of financing and setting up the Heritage Front, he was a very prolific speaker at many public events.  M any of the provocative comments made by Grant Bristow would be considered a violation of Section 13 if on a phone message hotline or the Internet.


In fact, Grant Bristow gave so many speeches, that the Heritage Front put together a video tape of his various talks called “The Best of Bristow”


The Canadian Human Rights Act is written so poorly that the speakers intent is totally irrelevant to a finding of liability under the Act.  So, even if Bristow was promoting hate ‘in the name of human rights’, he would still be found liable.


Intent is no Defence!


The Court specifically held that people don’t have to intend to discriminate to be found guilty of discrimination under section 13

[Source: CHRC, Legal Milestones]


Further, the absence of an intent component in s. 13(1) raises no problem of minimal impairment when one considers that the objective of the section requires an emphasis upon discriminatory effects. As in other human rights legislation, an intent to discriminate is not a precondition of a finding of discrimination. To import a subjective intent requirement into human rights provisions, rather than allowing tribunals to focus solely upon effects, would defeat one of the primary goals of anti-discrimination statutes.”

[Source: Canada (Human Rights Commission) v. Taylor, [1990] 3 S.C.R. 892]



Section 13 makes it clear that the intent of the speaker is not relevant to be “found guilty”, so even if Grant Bristow was a CSIS agent, and government spy, when he gave public speeches denouncing Native Canadians, Jews, Blacks and others, he could well have been found guilty under the insane Canadian Human Rights Act.




Grant Bristow on the Canadian Human Rights Commission

In his own words…


W.A.R. in Toronto - June 27, 1992

CSIS instigator Grant Bristow was in the July, 2008 National Post voicing his support for Section 13 - Canada's notorious thought control legislation.

Here is the first in a series of Grant Bristow speeches where he attacks the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Calling them "parasites" and "enemies of free speech". CSIS Agent Bristow states: "A collection of aplitic genetic parasitical misfits are not going to steal and take our rights away from us under any circumstances" And ends his speech with shouts of "WHITE POWER".

[YouTube Link]



"A Call to Action" - February 22, 1992

The second in a series on Grant Bristow - a paid government informant working for the Canadian Security "Intelligence" Service.


In this video, Bristow slams the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Calls them "loonacy like a disease". Refers to all Human Rights Cases as "Persecutions .. not prosecutions"

The Bristow turns his sights on the complainant against the Heritage Front - Rodney Bobiwash and attacks him. Calls him a "mental deficient" and other nasty names, in violation of the CHRC's retaliation policy

[YouTube Link]



Kitchener Ontario - May 15, 1993  

This is the third in a series on CSIS instigator and government trouble maker, Grant Bristow: exposing his instigation of the Heritage Front and against the Canadian Human Rights Commission

In this speech Grant Bristow says the "Heritage Front is sweeping the nation" And that the Human Rights Complaint against the Heritage Front is from "professional victims" with the intent of silencing the HF.

In regards to the CHRC Bristow states: "YES, we do hold you in contempt" Refers to the CHRC as "quasi judicial thought police." Bristow refers to the complaint against the HF as "frivolous charges"

[YouTube Link]



The ROMA Restaurant - November 13, 1992  

This is the fourth in a series on CSIS instigator and government trouble maker, Grant Bristow: exposing his instigation of the Heritage Front and against the Canadian Human Rights Commission

In this speech Grant Bristow calls the Anti-Racist Action (ARA) group "biological pollution" Grants says that what the Heritage Front is doing is "excersing their rights to free speech" and ends with Grant asking for donations.

 [YouTube Link]


Gerrard Street HF Meeting

This is the fifth in a series on CSIS instigator and government trouble maker, Grant Bristow: exposing his instigation of the Heritage Front and against the Canadian Human Rights Commission

In this speech Grant Bristow tried to agitate the Heritage Front to mount a constitutional challenge of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. This speech is a fundraiser to raise money to retain legal counsel to fight it.

Bristow refers to the complainant against the Heritage Front -- Native Canadian Rodney Bobiwash as a "disgusting putrid moronic Neanderthal like individual" a "fat little man" and a "sniveling little rat"

Bristow says that it is good to use the Heritage Front name when promoting "white separatism", "white rights" and "white unity" but advocated when committing a criminal act to use a fake name such as "Lesbians for a free Guatemala"

[YouTube Link]













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