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Huge Win for Marc Lemire: No Secret Testimony for Rights Commission Employees


Motions and Tribunal Ruling


Marc Lemire's lawyer - Barbara Kulaszka - Response to CHRC Motion to have Marc Lemire banned from hearing


CAFE's response to CHRC motion (fantastic read!)


Tribunal decision. Dismissing CHRC's motion




A very quick note, since I am overloaded with work preparing for the cross-examination of three Canadian Human Rights Commission employees, I won subpoenas against them and the hearing is scheduled this week in Ottawa .


GREAT NEWS TODAYThe ruling just came down on the CHRC's attempt to ban me from seeing WITNESSES IN MY OWN HEARING in Ottawa this week.


Member (Judge) Athanasios Hadjis threw the entire motion out and ruled everything in my favour. No special security! No secret hearing .... No banning ME.  None of the draconian measures the CHRC demanded were granted.


The CHRC witnesses will not be allowed to testify from some remote secret location via video conference, etc. The CHRC witnesses have to testify and reveal themselves to me and the pubic in an OPEN hearing.


The CHRC asked to limit the questions for the CHRC witnesses, because the "operations of the commission" would totally break down. Member Hadjis refused to limit the examination of CHRC employees!


The CHRC spent a lot of time and money on this motion. Thousands of pages they submitted. Their motion was so big it came in TWO boxes.


Both Barbara Kulaszka and Paul Fromm responded with fantastic and crisp arguments. The CHRC was left in the dust with the strength of our arguments.


Wed to Friday this week we will be in Ottawa and make history!


Thanks for ALL your help!  We are spending a small fortune on this case, but we are WINNING for a change!







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