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The Internet's Attack Poodle...


Warren Kinsella has taken it upon himself to attack me on his website over the past few days. Poor Warren is mad I have called him out numerous times for not telling the truth. 


Instead of wasting my time replying to more of Kinsella's lies, half-truths and libel, I have decided to open the Kinsella files instead.  See what a sleeze he is yourself.


There is already plenty on my website about who Warren SPINsella is. (See: Kinsella’s Kookpot, Kinsella Lies again) 



Internet resources: 

  • Kinsella pays Rocan for libel,  
  • According to Wikipedia, Warren was front and centre with his band "Shit From Hell"  After reading Wornouts blogs, perhaps Shit from Mouth would be a more appropriate title?


Here is the real dirty side of Kinsella, from an E-Mail exchange with me in 1999, which ends up with the great debater SPINsella calling me a "Hitler-loving pillow biter".  He also wants to "meet me" for a beer.  I agree ... Kinsella buggers off. This may have been interesting since Kinsella had ties to the ultra-violent Anti-Racist Action (according to his buddy Agent 007 Matthew Lauder)


Notice most of the E-Mails were sent from the Law Firm he worked at. McMillian Binch.   Such professionalism.  Maybe it's that since I am not a trained lawyer, and didn't pass the bar, I wouldn't get such great retorts as "why don't you shove them up your arse"






The Kinsella Files

(To see a larger version of any emails click on them)




According to the former research director for the Guelph and District Multicult centre - Matthew Lauder, Kinsella provides "a lot of info" to the violent street thugs at Anti-Racist Action.







Kinsella E-Mails with Marc Lemire










(PS Look at the original email.  There was no attachment... poor Wornout..)




























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