History of the Freedom-Site

Jan, 1996 Freedom-Site opens with a few pages on Pathway Communication in Toronto.
June 28, 1996
Pathway Communications in Toronto shuts down Freedom-Site due to content
June, 1996 Freedom-Site moves to Fairview Technologies [Ftcnet.com] in Oliver, BC
July 19, 1996
Sol Littman of the Simon Wiesenthal tries to pressure our ISP [Ftcnet.Com] to shut us down and cancel our account.  Ftcnet refuses.
March 22, 1998 Ftcnet and CAFE hold press conference in Oliver, BC to denounce censorship
April 26, 1998 Ftcnet web services is sold to different provider.  Freedom-Site moves to World-Wide Internet Publishing Company [USA]
May 20, 1998, Jewish groups succeed in  pressuring Interlog Internet in Toronto to kick off Marc Lemire
June 19, 1999 hackers try to shut down Freedom-Site with a series of "Denial of Service" attacks
As of December 17, 2000 the Freedom-Site has 
435 Megabytes online material consisting of
2,031 Webpages -- 2,005 Graphics -- 143 Audio/Video Files


June 28, 1996: Pathway Comminucations in Toronto Censors the Freedom-Site

July, 1996: Censorship Attempts on Ftcnet.Com and Freedom-Site

March 22, 1998 CAFE and Ftcnet Press Conference in Oliver

April 26, 1998:  Ftcnet.Com Closes it Internet Business

May 20, 1998 - Interlog Internet Censors the Freedom-Site

June 19, 1999: Hackers try to Shut Down Freedom-Site



The Freedom-Site has been online since 1996 and served over 10 Million Visitors

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