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Regarding the following text from the Heritage Front Affair - A report to the Solicitor General of Canada from the Security Intelligence Review Committee, Dec. 9, 1994.

Regarding : Wayne Elliott

a) Chapter 3.2.3
b) Chapter 3.2.4
c) Chapter 3.3.1
d) Chapter 3.3.2
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f) Chapter 3.3.4
g) Chapter 3.3.5
h) Chapter 5.9.6

I Wayne Elliott of *************, Toronto, Ontario make oath and say as follows.
a: "Androids" - This is strictly a Grant Bristow made up sarcastic remark and not Don Andrews. Grant only started using it after he left the NPC and help set-up the HF. The same goes for the term "Necro-Nazi". I have never heard of it until I read this report.

b: "'Androids' were invited to his (Don Andrews) mansion". Another sarcasm, as Don's house is an average semi-detached house, not a mansion. One again the term "Androids" didn't exist at that time. Andrews, in different conversations with me in private and other times in a group, sometimes referred o the members who were constantly on welfare or social assistance of some kind as "Underlings". These so-called "Underlings", would never be present when the term was used.

c: The CSIS report states - Andrews paid for most of the rest of the trip by using money advanced by Libya, this was likely arranged though a Libyan agent. This is not true, Andrews never received any advance money. The trip was already paid for and the only thing that was received was the airline tickets. Also, Andrews wasn't the contact person with the Libyans.

d: Partly true, but only after we landed in Libya. There were different groups performing various entertainment on land to welcome the boat and every one on board. Shortly after, I was one of two members of the NPC and along with other groups selected to meet the "Welcoming Committee". The next day all the people on the ship were taken to visit Kadhafi's bombed out house. On return to the ship, word had spread more thoroughly and with more certainly of who we were because of a woman from Ottawa, that was on the first trip, was spreading the word all along. Others had also noticed, a group of East Germans had read the registry at Kadhafi's bombed out house (book for visitors to sign and make comments) when a member of the NPC signed the registry with his name and after his signature put "Nationalist Party of Canada".

The Leftist and Marxist East Germans were really turning up the heat. The Libyans didn't want any incidents to mark their celebration. They were angry with the Leftist's for bad manners and trying to dictate to them about what to do with us. Once again, as on the first trip, they actually did us a favour. The Libyan's took us to a posh place. This time it was a county retreat for foreign visitors some miles outside of Tripoli. It was not called Camp Kadhafi, that was just another name Grant Bristow made on the spot. Grant had sarcastic nicknames for everything. I can't recall the proper name fully, but it was _ _ _ _ _ Springs.

As for the uniforms, Grant Bristow was wearing the baseball hat and T-shirt along with the rest of us when we went to view the parade.

e: We were only detained, not arrested as claimed in the report. Only Droege was arrested. I didn't hear or receive any threats from the Customs Agents, but did hear a couple of comments. I was not strip-searched and did not have my body cavities probed for contraband. I was thoroughly patted down, but with my clothes on.

f: We were never worried about being attacked in Libya because they (Libyans) would not allow any violence. They were very embarrassed by the way their invited guests were treating other invited guests. They were the same on the first trip when almost the same thing happened and we apologized for all the trouble our presence was causing them. They said we had nothing to be sorry for as we weren't responsible for what was going on. They told us we always acted politely, respectfully and properly, unlike the Leftists. As they said, you don't go to another country as invited guests and dictate to your host who you can invite or who should be allowed into your country. This really incensed the Libyans, as Arabs, it is important to treat all guests equally.

g: I never heard the term "Brethren" ever used and never heard that the HF was to have four levels. Also, I never heard of any talk of any illegal activities. Droege never hoped to get cash from the Libyans, he knew that Andrews had the only two contacts through two of his own members (NPC)

Why doesn't CSIS investigate the leftist groups from Canada. The woman from Ottawa received $85,000.00 according to the Libyan contact and others received large amounts of money reportedly in the five to six digit area. It seems this would be more of a threat than a little $1,000.00 the NPC got, with no strings attached. And the money the NPC received only went into Andrews's pocket and certainly did not go towards any political purpose.

h: Within an hour after the A.R.A. trashed Gary Schipper's house, on Grant Bristow's surveillance, word got back to us gathered at Allan Gardens. Bristow in my presence said "We got to go down to Sneaky Dees and show them that we are not scared. Wolf doesn't think we should go down there. We have got to convince Wolf" He said the same thing several times in similar words while pounding his fist into his open palm. I had to leave shortly afterwards.
Swore before me this ____ day of ___________
AD 1996 at the city of _____________, province of _____________
Wayne Elliott
A commissioner for oaths etc.

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