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Regarding the following text from the Heritage Front Affair - A report to the Solicitor General of Canada from the Security Intelligence Review Committee, Dec. 9, 1994.

Regarding : Max French

a) Chapter 3.2.3
b) Chapter 3.3.1
c) Chapter 3.3.2
d) Chapter 7.7.1
e) Chapter 5.9.6

I Max French of ************, Toronto, Ontario make oath and say as follows.
To start off with, let me state how appalled I was upon first reading the SIRC "Heritage Front Report". It was full of omissions, exaggerations and outright lies. That SIRC would take at face value the utterances of a man described by CSIS itself as having "committed breaches of authority", "overzealous", "hard to control", "indiscreet", "claimed to have CSIS contacts" etc., etc., shows clearly that Canada's Intelligence agency was concerned only with advancing the agenda of Ottawa's most powerful interests.

Allow me to comment on those sections where my name appears.

a: While it is true that I have purchased Commonwealth & German memorabilia, as do tens of thousands of others in Canada, I have not heard the term "Necro-Nazi" before your agent 'John Smith' related this to me by telephone. That I would purchase only articles owned by dead soldiers is typical of Bristow's attempts at demeaning sarcasm.

b: It is true that Dawson, Droege, my then wife June & I were detained by Rome Customs upon entering the terminal. An Italian agent did jokingly comment about my tolerance of Libya's hot climate & I in appropriate humour replied as stated (I'll wear shorts). Droege responded with a laugh of his own. This information was related to Bristow who spiced up the exchange to give the required effect. In point of fact, Bristow was no where near the room where we were briefly detained before the Italian official walked our group of 4 through the terminal to join him for a cappuccino before releasing us.

c: The Libyans as a gesture of goodwill handed out T-shirts, ball caps and slacks, the wearing of which was optional. The Libyans thought it better that we not participate in the parade as Canadian Leftists also participating had threatened violence if we also took part. We did however observe the parade. At no time was Anne Ladas told she could sit by Kadhafi and at no time did I desperately want to wear a uniform in the parade. And at no time did I call the two dissidents every imaginable name in the book and simply accepted the Libyans decision.

d: Reform party critic Val Meredith alleged in the House of Commons that I had called the Reform party "Race Traitors" etc. As stated to 'John Smith' by telephone. At no time did I state this, but regardless this was included in the Heritage Front Affair report and only serves to further question the report's overall reliability.

e: In regards to the events surrounding the trashing of Gary Schippers house and the incidents at Sneaky Dees, I make oath as say as follows:

1) At approximately 5:00pm on the day of the ARA attack on Gary Schippers house myself, Wayne Elliott and approximately 30-35 other Heritage Front members gathered at Allen Gardens. We were directed there by Grant Bristow our intelligence chief who directed us from his police scanner that Zundel's house was the target of a group of about 300 or more ARA persons. As we waited in the park for directions from Mr. Bristow who was listening on his police scanner, he informed us that the mob was moving east on public transit. A few minutes later Bristow informed us that Schipper's house was being attacked by the mob. He derived this information from his electronic listening device which had an earphone on occasions (perhaps this one) which we observed on that occasion.

2) This information caused some of us to move in about 4 separate cars to Gary Schippers house. When we arrived it was too late to prevent the massive damage the mob had created to Schippers house. They smashed the windows, smeared shit and paint and threw a child's bicycle through the front window. I saw the damage. Two bicycle police were in attendance and did nothing. We saw the mob move south on Bertmount St and decided not to intervene with the large mob.

3) We returned to Allen Gardens by car. At that point we met 25 or 30 other Heritage Front members, among them Grant Bristow and Wayne Elliott. I am not sure if Bristow or Elliott travelled to Schipper's house as they may have done so in another car. I travelled with Al Weiche of London in his jeep.

4) Upon returning to Allen Gardens I heard Bristow saying we had to "go down to Sneaky Dees and even the score". When Wolfgang and I heard Bristow make this suggestion for the first time, we realised some members were lapping it up or accepting this direction. I was concerned and opposed and so was Wolfgang. We both walked the 2 blocks east to Zundel's house.

5) Zundel was out front of his house with approximately 6 other people of whom I recognised Jurgen and Eugen his friends. Wolfgang explained to Mr. Zundel what Bristow was suggesting to "even the score" and the influence this was having on our troubled angry and excited members who had just seen the destruction by the mob.

6) Wolfgang asked Ernst is we should go do it. Ernst said "don't do anything stupid that you are going to regret. Don't do it, it's crazy. This is just what they want you to do. It was only a rented house and Schipper was going to move out anyways." Those to the best of my recollection are his exact words. I heard him plead with us not to be involved in a violent reaction and that is what I understood he wanted to avoid. I understood he wanted us to go home and let the police handle it. This I wanted and agreed with Ernst. Wolfgang was more pragmatic and of two minds. Wolfgang was willing to go along with majority opinion in our group.

7) We returned to Allen Gardens after our 5 minute conversation with Ernst Zundel. There we joined our group and found Mr Bristow hysterical, in a rage with his eyes bulging and spittle flying from his mouth. His arms were waving, pounding his fist into his palm saying "We got to go to Sneaky Dees and even the score" Wolfgang said he didn't think it was a good idea. Bristow became livid and played up to the crowds sense of outrage. Bristow spoke loudly, yelling for several minutes saying "We have to go down to sneaky Dees and show them we are not cowards and they can't get away with this." He was very intense and there was a difference of opinion between Bristow who said to go down and Wolfgang together with George Burdi who said it was a set-up.

8) Bristow prevailed and Wolfgang said "all right we'll go against mY better judgement, we'll go for 1 drink and leave" Which is what I reluctantly did. The results are known and I can testify about them up to the point where Wolfgang was arrested. I was never charged with any offence that day and I have no criminal record of any kind.

9) But for the pressing and persistent incitement of Bristow it is clear to me the trip to Sneaky Dees would never have occurred. The first mention of that objective come out of the mouth of Grant Bristow. I had never heard of Sneaky Dees before that time as a place for us to go. The choice of this objective was Grant Bristows.

Swore before me this ____ day of ___________ AD 1996 at the city of Toronto, province of Ontario

Max French
Douglas Christie a commissioner for oaths
in and for British Columbia

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