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Regarding the following text from the Heritage Front Affair - A report to the Solicitor General of Canada from the Security Intelligence Review Committee, Dec. 9, 1994.

Regarding : June French

a) Chapter 3.3.1
b) Chapter 3.3.2
c) Chapter 3.3.3
d) Chapter 3.3.4
e) Chapter 5.9.4

I June French of Toronto, Ontario make oath and say as follows.
a: I was never deemed an "appointed deputy", as a matter of fact, I had no power or position in the Nationalist Party of Canada, at this time or ever.

b: Right wing racists were not separated form left-wing anti-fascists. In fact members of our own group were split up between two different floors. Rooms were assigned to us as a group then we decided amongst ourselves who would stay where. When the ship docked in Tripoli, the group was not prevented from disembarking. It was not until members of a left-wing group recognised certain members of our delegation that had been on the previous Libya trip and then prevented us from getting on a bus that was to take us sightseeing. This is when we were moved as a group to a compound.

c: No NPC members were arrested except for Wolfgang Droege. I never received a threat from U.S. officials nor had anyone told me that they had. I was not strip searched nor had my body cavities probed for contraband. Many of us were close friends and no one mentioned strip searches in any degree.

d: There were no humiliating interviews or body cavity searches. I personally did not experience this nor was I ever told by anyone on the trip that they experienced such things then or to this day.

e: Elisse Hategan had just been served with papers accusing her of defamatory Libel. She came over to Nicola's house and was upset. She said that Grant Bristow wanted her to take the blame because he said it was her first offence, and she would probably get off. Elisse said Grant told her not to say where she got the flyer from.
Swore before me this ____ day of ___________
AD 1996 at the city of _____________, province of _____________
June French
A commissioner for oaths etc.

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