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Sol Littman Canadian Representative

July 16, 1996

Mr. Bernard Klatt
Fairview Technology Centre Ltd.
Route 1, S24-C9
Oliver, B.C. V0H 1T0

Dear Mr. Klatt,

It has been brought to my attention that your internet service has become the site for a number of groups that specialize in racial and religious hate material. [None of the people listed have ever been charged much less convicted of any hate related charges, and remember hate is illegial in canada]

The following is a list of groups that have taken advantage of your service:

Freedom Site (operated by Mark Lemire) which serves as host to:
Canadian Patriot's Network
Digital Freedom (Lemire)
Heritage Front (operated by Lemire)
Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform (C-FAR)
Canadian Association for Free Expression
Euro-Christian Defence League (operated by Rick Logsdon) [Not operated by Logsdon]

Please note that Lemire's Freedom Site was recently removed from the net by Path.com in Toronto. [Was removed by Pathway Commnuication. Not Path.com]

Other groups that employ your service include:

Skin-Net - a favourite locale for white supremacist skinhead groups including:
White Power Skinheads (www.ftcnet.com/~skinhds/main.html)
Hammer Joe Rowan (www.ftcnet.com/~skinhds/main.html)
Jlajka (www.ftcnet.com/~skinhds/rowan/index.html)
Berserk (www.ftcnet.com/~skinhds/vlajka/index.html)
Nordland (www.ftcnet.com/~skinhds/berserk/index.html)
New Order (www.ftcnet.com/~skinhds/neworder/index.html)

Since most providers do not have the time or the personnel to monitor the many groups, organizations, and businesses that utilize their service, they seldom know what is being distributed over their network. We thought it best to bring the matter to your attention and to point out that you are not obligated to carry subscribers who involve the provider in matters such as race hatred of which they disapprove. [There is clearly no hatred on any of the above noted sites]

Yours truly,


Sol Littman
Canadian Representative

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