Sol Littman LIES to the Prime Minister of Canada
and claims Josef Mengele tried to immigrate to Canada. From Littman's lying letter the Deschenes Commission was founded. And Littman had to sit in a court, and get exposed for the two bit liar he is. Read the trasnscrips and our write up!
Sol Littman vs Fairview Technologies
"The letter from Sol Littman to Bernard Klatt, owner of Fairview Tech. Plus the entire story behind Littman's attack on the peaceful small town of Oliver, British Columbia and his libellous smear on Fairview Tech. Plus real audio of Littman lying on the radio!
Eddie Greenspan Tears 3 Strips of Littman
"The famous defence attorney Eddie Greenpan tearing 3 strips off the infamous old rumour-monger Sol Littman in the Letters page of the National Post. Littman's own letter was remarkable for the legal advice it offered to alleged Serb and Croat war criminals."
Littman attacks various ethnic groups especially the Ukranian Community
"The family of late Ukrainian Nationalist leader Stephan Bandera appeared yesterday at the Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals to complain that Nazi Hunter Sol  Littman has maligned and slandered their name" ... "'Some people who've become professional spokespeople on the Holocaust," Mr. Epstein said "In their overzealousness, are doing much .. harm to the cause they profess to pursue and the aims of this commission"
Sol littman writes letter to B'nai Brith on Nizkor boss Ken McVay
"Which brings me to the next question. On whose side are McVay and his cohorts on? ...
"Let's face it, McVay is a quirky loose cannon whose usefulness is almost over. If it weren't for B'nai Brith he would be out of business. "Sincerely, [signed] Sol Littman"
Matthew Friedman on Sol Littman
Montreal reporter Matthew Friedman lets lose on Sol Littman's stupid reported entitled "The need for Regulation on the Information Highway" ... "Littman's proposals had little to do with reality to start with. The purpose of the document was to create a climate of fear, to inspire panic in otherwise reasonable people whenever they looked at a computer.Littman chose his words and illustrations carefully, prefacing the report with a quote from an inflammatory message from a known white supremacist, while neglecting to mention that it did not violate Canadian hate laws and that, in any case, was posted by an American user, far beyond the reach of Canadian courts."
Sol Littman founds the League for Human Rights of B'Nai Brith (1970!)
And it one of the first directors of the corporation. Straight from our research department, the Letters Patent incorporating the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith from Feb 16, 1970!
"Over the past 15 years Sol Littman, the Canadian Representative of the Simon Wiesenthal Center has at times falsified information and agitated people with nothing more then rumours and innuendo. From his letter to the Prime Minister of Canada on Josef Megele to his recent letter to our Internet service provider, Littman has proven his poison pen is still not out of ink.  
Just like his mentor, Simon Wiesenthal, Sol Littman is a person who is not confused by the reality of facts. They both like to make up "facts" as they go along and do not worry about being called to answer for their lies, after all that would be Anti-SEMETIC!"

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