Sol Littman's lying letter to the Prime Minister of Canada and the Deschenes Commission

On the 20th of December, 1984, Sol Littman wrote to the Prime Minister of Canada Brian Mulroney that his Center had obtained the following "information" (ie: not just allegations):

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As a direct result of this letter, the government established the Deschenes Commission.  During the course of their proceedings they investigated Littman's Mengele allegations.

Initially, Littman claimed that his "documentation" had been "analyzed" by two "retired" civil servants, but that both had "exacted" from his a pledge not to reveal their names. [Deschenes Commission, Vol. 23, p3308]

Eventually, under threat of a criminal charge, he did reveal their names as Al Naylor and Corporal Fred Yetter. Under oath, Naylor testified that he had analyzed no document for Littman nor had he exacted any pledge of confidentially [Vol. 25, p3446] --- he had never seen the documentation until it was shown to his by the commission [Vol. 25, p3426]. He also testified that Littman deliberately made up his "retired" status in order to deceive the Deschenes Commission [Vol. 23, p3417]

Yetter testified that Littman had shown him some documentation but that Littman's conclusions regarding "Mengele" were entirely Littman's [Vol. 23 p3388] not his (Yetter's) "analysis."

When Littman was pressed for his evidence about Mengele applying in "Buenos Aires", Littman himself was forced to admit that this reference in his original letter was only an "assertion" ... "a very strong belief" [Vol. 24, p3363]. "One had to speculate" as to which of the hundreds of Canadian Embassies Mengele had applied, he stated. [Vol. 24, p3363] Littman had already admitted to the Prime Minister (Letter Dated 25th March 85) that his original allegations regarding Mengele adopting the alias of "Menke" were incorrect, and that in fact "Mengele had never applied to Canada and had never come to Canada" [Vol. 24, p3338]. Thus Littman was conceding that his original allegations were false.

At various times during the proceeding, Federal Government lawyer, Whitehall had heated exchanges with Littman. the most notable is when Whitehall called Littman a "Vigilante" which caused various Jewish groups in the audience to shout and become hysterical. [Vol. 24, p3363 - p3364]

The Deschenes Commission, which was specifically set up because of Littman's false assertions [Vol. 24, p3353] and has created considerable ethnic and social unrest and anxiety, propelling one group -- the Ukrainians -- to engage counsel and others to send community leaders and delegations to make representations before the Commission. Among these ethnic spokesmen was Dr. Jossip Gaumulin of the Croatian community. They fear of having an American style "Office of Special Investigations" witch in Canada.

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