CSIS Agents Visit Fairview Tech Ctr Ltd.

May 10, 2001 - Oliver, BC CANADA

Thursday afternoon at about 2 PM PST CSIS agents Carol Ann Titus and Lisa Morawecki made an unannounced appearance at our front door. They claimed not to have their business cards with them, but did show some sort of light blue stylized variant of the CSIS logo with their name on it purported to be their identification.

Agent Titus asked several times if they could come in and ask questions. This request was declined with the counter offer that she should direct any questions for me via my lawyer.  She claimed I was "not in any trouble" and only wanted to ask questions about the "Festival of the Ages" in Salmon Arm, BC and Eustace Mullins.

Shy CSIS agent Carol Ann Titus plays peek-a-boo with camera

CSIS agent Carol Ann Titus (5 year employee)... still camera shy when facing the public

CSIS agent Carol Ann Titus says, "please don't take my picture.. we just want to come in, snoop around, and ask you some questions.."

CSIS agent Carol Ann Titus.. looks like she's finally getting used to having her picture taken anyway.

  CSIS agent Lisa Morawecki displays the time of departure
1:58 May 10, 2001

  CSIS agent Lisa Morawecki waves 'Goodbye'

CSIS agent Lisa Morawecki practices her impression of the 'Heil Hitler'/'Sieg Heil' salute

CSIS agents Lisa Morawecki and Carol Ann Titus take their leave after a futile attempt to solicit information regarding the "Festival of the Ages" in Salmon Arm, BC and lecturer/author Eustace Mullins.

May 17 - update

Apparently this little webpage has been noticed by CSIS.  The Salmon Arm Observer ran a garbled report stating that:

A Web page called “The Freedom Site” contains a report from a Kelowna group called “Fairview Tech Centre” claiming CSIS agents had been at their front door wanting, “to ask questions about the Festival of the Ages in Salmon Arm, B.C. and Eustace Mullins.” The page also includes photos of two women who are identified as CSIS agents.

The entry suggests the CSIS investigation “could be the pretext used to having Eustace Mullins denied entry to Canada as a ‘security threat’...”

Philip Gibson, director general of communications for CSIS, says the inaccuracies on “The Freedom Site” are of concern to his organization, but he is not in a position to correct them.

Complete article at: http://www.saobserver.net/story22315.html   Is Gibson trying to be funny?  Is he saying that he can't find a way to contact the author of the "innacurate" material and request correction?

It's possible that this CSIS activity is partly due to the scurrilous allegations made by our local communist agitator, Prof. 'Bare-Bum' David Lethbridge or his handlers.

May 30 - update

David Lethbridge is facing a charge of criminal defamation after a complaint filed by an organizer of the Festival of the Ages.

Charges have been sworn and a criminal file instigated against Lethbridge by people associated with the festival. The file has been handed over to the local RCMP for investigation.

According to a press release sent out by The Freedom Site, ... the complaint, under Section 310 of the Criminal Code of Canada, is being filed due to Lethbridge connecting the alternative health movement, and Debbie Anderson, with fascism on his Web site.

Mullins, a speaker and author, has been called racist by the Canadian Jewish Council and some of his writings have been deemed hate literature by Canada Customs.

Complete article at: http://www.saobserver.net/story24304.html

CSIS - Canadian Security Intelligence Service calls itself the "Political Police". You don't believe it?  See: CSIS Exposed  This CSIS 'investigation' could be the pretext used to have Eustace Mullins denied entry to Canada as a 'security threat' similar to that of David Irving.

June 2 - update:

    It looks like my prediction wasn't far off.  The following is an excerpt from the June 2 issue of the National Post

Canadian Immigration officials have been put on alert for two controversial authors accused of spreading anti-Semitic propaganda, in advance of scheduled lectures this week in Eastern Canada.

Eustace Mullins, a Virginia writer whose works deny the Holocaust, and David Icke, a former sportscaster from England who claims a secret cabal of Jews control the world, are planning to give three joint seminars to hundreds of New Age devotees in Montreal and Toronto. Eustice Mullins

But yesterday, an official with the federal ministry of Citizenship and Immigration raised questions about whether the pair will even be allowed to set foot in the country.

"Theoretically, it takes a work permit to give a lecture like this," said Richard St. Louis, a spokesman with CIC's Quebec region offices in Montreal.

"If these people ever show up at the border they will be interviewed by immigration agents who will determine if we can let them into Canada."

Anti-racist organizations and Jewish groups, alerted to the speaking tour this week, have been talking with police forces and the scheduled venues about halting the events.

"We're doing everything we can to make sure Canadians are not duped by this new age mumbo jumbo that often obscures their hateful message," David Birnbaum, the Canadian Jewish Congress' executive director in Quebec said on Thursday.

Yesterday, Mr. St. Louis said efforts to intercept the pair at the border have been "beefed up" in light of the appeals from concerned community groups and media attention.

"Our officers at the border are instructed to examine them seriously, check if they have any criminal activities or anything that could render them inadmissable to Canada," he said.

Complete article may be found at: http://www.nationalpost.com/search/story.html?f=/stories/20010602/580863.html&qs=mullins%20icke

Rear view of junior CSIS agent Lisa Morawecki... (your tax dollars at work)

Rear view of senior CSIS agent Carol Ann Titus... (more tax dollars at work)

These two individuals are referred to as 'agents' although it is likely that their CSIS job clasification is that of "Intelligence Officer" (IO)

The CSIS BC Region office is at:

P.O. Box 80629
South Burnaby, British Columbia V5H 3Y1
(604) 528-7400
CSIS agent Carol Ann Titus volunteered the phone number: 431-5354 as a number where she could be reached.

The INTELLIGENCE AND POLICY: article by Blair Seaborn provides some useful background material for evaluating where and how information produced by CSIS is used.

For more information on CSIS see: http://www.csis-scrs.gc.ca/eng/menu/welcome_e.html

For more info on Faiview Tech and Bernard Klatt see: http://www.geocities.com/ftcnet/doc_index.htm

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