Stand up now! Complain that the B'nai Brith has Charitable Status!

The B'nai Brith has right to lobby for any repressive measures they like. This still is a democracy, although the rights of free thinkers and, indeed, anyone who questions the radical multiculturalisation of this country, face increasing restrictions.

Here's the problem: the B'nai Brith enjoys tax exempt status as a "charity". That means they have the lucrative privilege of issuing tax creditable receipts to donors. However, to qualify under Canadian law as a charity, the activities and objectives of the organization must be exclusively "charitable"; that is, for the relief of poverty or the promotion of knowledge.

B'nai Brith clearly do political lobbying; worse still, lobbying to restrict and remove your right to freedom of speech and the rights of other Canadians! A recent court decision upholding the removal of the charitable status of Human Life International is most relevant. This March 18, 1998 decision indexed as Human Life International in Canada v. Canada (Minister of Revenue) contains the judges' reference to a decision by the English Chancery Division in McGovern v. Attorney-General, "where it is said that trusts [our charities] for political purposes include, inter alia, trusts of which a direct and principal purpose is ... to procure changes in the laws of this country ... or to procure a reversal of government policy or of particular decisions of governmental authorities in this country.."

The law seems clear. the B'nai Brith functions as a political lobby. This violates the regulations. They should lose their charitable status. If you wish to bring this to the attention of the relevant authorities, send a letter to Rheal Dorval, Auditor's Division, Revenue Canada Charities, 320 Queen Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0L5. If you wish to follow up with a phone call, the number is (613)-954-0939.

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