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John of Vancouver

January Review 2001

The government also uses public consensus as an argument for its legislative tyranny, claiming that upwards of 75% of Canadians support the new gun registry. This may well be true of a largely urban vote that has been horn swoggled by Liberal misinformation. But the main point here is that the Liberals have used public approval in order to rationalize this legislation to Canadians. Good. Two can play at that game.

Maclean's released it's annual polling of Canadians last month and the results should prove a little humbling to the Liberal's unholy jihad on all things Canadian.

One question, for example, asked 'if the government should insist that all immigrants adopt Canadian values?' To which 71% of Canadians agreed, 20% disagreed and 8% were undecided. This is exactly opposite to the Canadian government's most favored chant "Unity through Diversity." I suppose we can expect the federal Liberals to reverse their destructive agenda now that they've taken an apparent liking to democracy.

Another question asked whether Canada should increase the number of immigrants? 49% disagree, 33% agree and 18% are undecided.

Not surprisingly this is exactly opposite to what the Liberals are proposing. Eleanor Caplan, Minister for Immigration, announced just two months ago that it would be a damn fine idea if Canada brought in even more immigrants. The current goal is 250,000 per year of which 70% are from non-traditional sources. They come from such forward thinking places as Africa, Asia and Central America. Coincidentally the same regions listed by the U.N. as being the most dependant on western nations to prevent mass starvation and tribal brutality. One wonders what the polling results on immigration would be if we had a secret-ballot referendum nation wide. I'd be willing to bet the farm on the results, but I won't hold my breath for the Liberals to come round to the idea. On other social issues the government is just as opposed to the will of Canadians.

Should Canada have the death penalty for first-degree murder? 55% agree, 35% disagree and 10% are undecided.

Should all young offenders, regardless of age, accused of violent crime, be tried in adult court rather than youth court? 76% Agree, 19% disagree and 5% are undecided.

Should Canada be governed according to Christian principles? 50% agree, 30% disagree and 20% are undecided.

I am not surprised, and nor should you be, that on each of these issues the government is operating exactly opposite the majority consensus.

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