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John of Vancouver

January Review 2001

As begins the 21st century, so too does Vox Populi begin it's third year in publication, and this time, no more mister nice guy. After all, how can one even begin to show sympathy for the establishment fools who are ruining Canada? Purposefully. So, to sing their praises...

Let us raise up a temple To the cult of mediocrity, Do nothing by halves Which can be done by quarters.



Now that the January 1st deadline has passed for the Liberal's new gun registration, we can all let out a collective sigh of relief - and relax. From this day forward there shall be no more home invasion robberies, drive-by shootings or ethnic family massacres caused by an insufficient quantity of goats being exchanged for the bride.

Now I don't think anybody still believes this Liberal lie that the new gun control registry will reduce crime. After all, handguns have had to have been registered since 1936 and rifles and shotguns since the late seventies. The Liberals have admitted that crime prevention is not the reason for the new gun registry. What then is?

If history has taught us nothing else it is that the tiger can't change his stripes, anymore than a Liberal tyrant can change his ways. Britain and Australia have already been down this road and it eventually led to the nation wide confiscation of hunting rifles from normal law-abiding citizens - a fact seldom mentioned by a compliant media here in Canada. In both Britain, and later Australia, violent crime against an unarmed citizenry grew almost overnight, as did the use of guns in the commission of crimes. The criminals, apparently, hadn't bothered to register their guns, and knowing that homeowners are guaranteed by the government to be unarmed, took advantage of the situation.

Another hard pill to swallow is the way in which this boondoggle was sold to Canadians. Early on in its inception, the idea was to scare Canadians with statistics showing a high rate of gun deaths in Canada. The actual numbers, however, didn't jive with the government's intent so the figures were falsely inflated by including police shootings in the statistics. In this way, a self-defense action by police against armed criminals was hidden within the figures to appear as a gun related crime. This certainly lends credence to the old adage that 'figures cannot lie, but liars sure can figure.'

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