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Save Free Speech Now!

Uh! Oh! they're ba-ack!

Gerry Lincoln

March 9, 2001

After a six-year hiatus, the long-moribund Heritage Front has been resurrected.

Seems someone rolled away the stone and released the "racist demon" back into Canada's complacent and apathetic society.

Anyone want to place bets on how long until the "Oye Vey-ing" begins again?

What's good for "the racists" is double good for the "human rights" industry. If the HF did not exist, it would be necessary for scribblers like failed Toronto Sun reporter Bill Dunphy and the Anti-Defamation crowd to invent it.

This is more or less an open letter to the new leadership, specifically Marc Lemire, who seems to have assumed the role of head honcho and put his good name on the line.

It's a thankless job, but I guess somebody has to do it.

Lemire was little more than a munchkin when he joined the HF back in the early nineties. He quickly proved his dedication by filling in wherever and whenever needed. I recall numerous phone calls from Marc in those days; he was always looking for things to do. We couldn't keep him busy enough. A go-getter from Day One, when projects were scarce, Marc took the initiative, setting up Canada's first "racialist" BBS, which later evolved into Canada's premiere "white rights" website, the immensely popular Freedomsite.

Marc has earned his stripes.

As a "founding father" (ugh! — just like John A. MacDonald) of the original HF, can I offer a bit of unsolicited advice? Feel free to take it or leave it.

If the "human rights" creeps come-a-callin' I suggest you tell them to hit the road and go perform a sexual act upon themselves that's impossible unless they're double-jointed as well as two-faced. Anyone who has watched these clowns in action knows they're so brainwashed and blind, they couldn't find their ass with a flashlight. In short, F - 'em! Don't waste valuable resources defending yourself against jerk-offs — save your money until you get to a real court, where you might still have some hope of attaining justice.

At this point, you don't have the money, the support or the infrastructure to sustain a ten-year battle in a pseudo-judicial Mickey Mouse charade of "human rights" show trials like the dynamic and charismatic Ernst Zündel. Mr. Zee has a thirty-year head start on you so it'll take time to polish your act and gain the trust and respect that he enjoys. You'll have to earn that by proving yourself worthy and equal to the task at hand. For now, save your shekels for the real thing.

If you're the leader, be a leader!

Don't allow yourself to be sidetracked by people promoting their own wacky agendas. Initially, allies may be few and far between, but don't feel you have to align yourself with every crackpot organization that comes down the pike. Let the conspiracy buffs wallow in their own paranoia. If it's raining when you hoped for a sunny day, don't blame "the Jews" or anyone else for the inclement weather. Avoid the alcohol-besotted John Morgans of this world who will invariably try to derail you with their kooky theories. Remain focused — you've got REAL fish to fry.

Just as important; there will be younger, less-experienced people who come into your life, kids impatient for overnight change who may try to goad you into taking inappropriate action to achieve your goals. I don't have to tell you that you can't be pushing non-white immigrants in front of subway trains or throwing them into dumpsters because you disagree with this country's fucked-up immigration policies. People tried that in the past, and yet the hordes still keep coming, so that approach to the problem obviously wasn't all that successful. Not to mention, it's just not nice and it's highly illegal.

Somehow, no matter what cause you might espouse, be it purifying the environment, or cleaning up other types of pollution that have infested this once-great land, some schlep, anxious to accuse you of "anti-you-know-what-ism" is bound to ask you about the "Big H." Don't allow yourself to become mired in a non-productive argument over an issue that is now largely regarded as a "Bubeh Meise." It has nothing to do with you. In my opinion, an appropriate response might be a simple non sequitur like a quickly mumbled "douchebag-says-what?"

I've long admired your "Fuck-the-media!" attitude. Despite what the mainstream press might say, you know your cause is just and right. Just don't expect them to laud your efforts.

They won't.

Encourage your supporters to use the Internet, where at least for now, they can get an uncensored and unfiltered version of what you want to say.

For the most part, avoid the old farts who offer unsolicited counsel, telling you how they've "been in the movement for over forty years" and blah, blah blah! Look at what they've accomplished. Chances are, their best "movement" activity consists of little more than a successful bowel movement — and probably twenty years ago at that. Many of them are still "full of it."

You're embarked upon a difficult, perhaps dangerous undertaking. Surround yourself with capable and talented people. Learn to delegate responsibility. The task at had is too great for any one person to handle by himself.

Learn from the mistakes of the past. Study what worked and what was totally unsuccessful and from there, plot your own course.

And finally, above all, have fun with it!

Best regards,

----->Gerry Lincoln

Gerry Lincoln is a freelance journalist and the former Editor of UpFront Magazine, the popular magazine and official voice of the Heritage Front, the largest and most successful Racialist group in Canadian history. You can contact Gerry Lincoln by sending E-Mail to:

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