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Gerry Lincoln

April 27, 2000

It's easy to be one hundred per cent anti-all-immigration when it's a bunch of -- as Doug Collins so aptly put it -- bulbous-eyed bug eaters.

It's a little harder to hold that position when a cute little six-year-old like "Alien" Gonzalez washes up on shore.

It's easy to say "Kick 'em all out!" Until it's Janet (That's a MAN, baby!) Reno and her stormtroopers doing the kicking.

More than once I said, "they should storm the house and get that kid out of there!" -- but when it actually went down, I felt uncomfortable numb.

Whatever position we might have taken on the Elian Gonzalez affair, I think we were all just a little unnerved by the photos of flak-jacketed INS agents snatching a terrified little kid from sheltering arms at gunpoint. Try to imagine the sheer horror of awakening in the dead of night to the sound of your front door being smashed in by what must appear to be terrorists, as they race about screaming and pointing their ominous-looking weapons at you and your loved ones.

This is the kind of stuff you see in motion pictures, where Middle Eastern terrorists kidnap helpless Western tourists in the name of some screwed up holy war. And Hollywood must have cranked out six million movies in which jackbooted Gestapo marauders invade in the dead of night, terrorizing helpless innocents and schlepping them off to concentration camps.

But in noble America? The greatest country in the world?

Something just seems so wrong here.

The end, I believe was right, but can it possibly justify the means?

If it was a case of illegal criminal aliens -- not Elians -- hiding out, then yes, get them out by any means necessary. Blow them up, gas them, whatever!

But Elian is a little kid, for Christ's sake.

And yes, absolutely, he DOES belong with his father.

The mother had she lived, should have been criminally charged for illegally taking her son on such a reckless journey. Divorced, she shared joint custody of the kid with her former husband, Elian's father, and had no right --legal or moral -- to be risking the kid's life on such a foolhardy adventure. Truth is, this irresponsible bitch was running off to America with a new boyfriend, and gave no real thought to Elian's welfare. She was simply chasing dick. So if she ended up as shark food, I shed no tears for that slut.

After she and ten or eleven others perished at sea, when their flimsy boat capsized, fate -- or dolphins -- delivered Elian to obscure relatives in Miami's Little Havana.

A cousin, Marisleysis Gonzalez, who has been described as Elian's chief caregiver, turns out to be a real prize. When she's not wailing in front of the TV cameras and making far too much noise, she's fainting and being carted off to the hospital -- obviously a very disturbed woman, and certainly not capable of looking after a young child, if she's never there.

But she and Elian's not-so-great uncle, Lazaro Gonzalez, loved the celebrity status that had been bestowed upon them, so they were willing to defy court orders and take the law into their own hands. Charge them with kidnapping and obstruction of justice. Maybe let Janet Reno smack 'em around a bit.

Fact is, Elian has a loving father who obviously cares very much for him and that's where he belongs -- at his father's side, even if it is in Castro's Cuba. It's certainly not the worst place in the world, and Castro can't live forever.

As for those damn relatives -- any chance we could find some old inner tubes and ship them back to Cuba too?

- 30 -

Gerry Lincoln is a freelance journalist and the former Editor of UpFront Magazine, the popular magazine and official voice of the Heritage Front, the largest and most successful Racialist group in Canadian history. You can contact Gerry Lincoln by sending E-Mail to:

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