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Introduction to Keepin' It Real

Gerry Lincoln

April 26, 2000

The first step is always the clumsiest. Kids learning to walk invariably trip over their own dopey feet before they ever get it together and manage to remain upright. They head in one direction and often end up somewhere else.

So it is with this column. I've been putting it off for a long time but it's time to finally take that first step. And who knows where it will lead? But like Newton's Law of Motion or Inertia or whatever it is states, unless we get moving we'll never get anywhere, will we?

When I agreed to undertake this task it was with one strict condition on my part -- I would not be bound to adhere to anyone else's party line or politics, or restricted to some "program director's" topics for discussion. (As I gaze at my monitor, my screen saver kicked in, with a Marilyn Manson quote I kinda like: "If you meet your master today, kill him!")

So exactly what will you be writing about, Gerry Lincoln?

Essentially, anything that's on my mind at the moment.

It would probably be simpler to list topics that I won't discuss -- and I can't think of any that are out of bounds. On a slow day, I may even take suggestions from readers -- assuming I have some

Don't expect a radical rant of right-wing rhetoric, or left-wing lunacy. I've always hated labels and other peoples' attempts to pigeonhole me into some narrow political compartment. Crazy conservatives will be fair game, as will goofy liberals. Creeps come in all shapes and sizes and stripes. There will be no sacred cows.

But we won't be restricted to dull political stuff. While it might be informative, for example, to explore our mayor's business dealings before he was elected, or to compare him to a REAL mayor like they have in New York City, it might be just as entertaining to explore his wife's drinking problem.

On any given day, we might cover exciting new scientific advances, social issues, assorted news items, entertainment -- you name it! There's always a wealth of material out there.

If I have any goal in mind at this point, it is simply to make this thing fun. I see this column first and foremost as light entertainment, and if, along the way we actually end up being anything more, well, that's a bonus.

Although you may not agree with everything -- or anything -- that I might say, we think you'll keep coming back, because, to paraphrase the guy in Howard Stern's "Private Parts" movie: "You'll want to hear what he says next!"

Gerry Lincoln is a freelance journalist and the former Editor of UpFront Magazine, the popular magazine and official voice of the Heritage Front, the largest and most successful Racialist group in Canadian history. You can contact Gerry Lincoln by sending E-Mail to:

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