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The Latest In Holocaust Mania

by Promajority

The Holocaust industry is like the toy rabbit in those battery commercials that is seen enthusiastically pounding a drum to a voice-over stating "It just keeps going and going...." The message is that the brand of battery that is running the rabbit outlasts all other brands and operates well past expectancy. The Holocaust campaign seems to have a similar battery. It's been over 55 years since it supposedly happened and not only is its propaganda machine "still going," but with each passing year it becomes increasingly energetic and further penetrates our culture. For example, as I type on this Sunday afternoon (November 19th/00), the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) radio program Tapestry is in the background and not surprisingly it's about The Holocaust. Here's a description from show's site:
November 19
Quarelling With God
Fifty years after the Holocaust, many Jews still struggle with questions of faith. They ask: did God die at Auschwitz? Does He even exist? And if so, where was He during the Holocaust? Can God be forgiven and be redeemed in our eyes? Mary O'Connell explores this tradition of Judaism: calling God to task for human suffering, a task undertaken by both theologians and survivors.


On October 30th also on CBC Radio, the program Ideas ( aired an episode titled "The Case Of Martyr Teresa Benedicta," which is described as "Edith Stein, a Jew, converts to Catholicism, becomes a nun, is murdered in Auschwitz, and becomes a saint." Also on the radio recently was an interview conducted on November 05/00, on the weekend edition (with host Ian Punnett) of the extremely popular Mike Siegel overnight syndicated radio show (the guy who replaced Art Bell). It featured Eric Zeusse, who wrote the book "Why The Holocaust Happened: It's Religious Cause & Scholarly Cover-Up." Other recent Holocaust drum beats involved the world of professional wrestling, a proposed "Holocaust Act," a Survivor's visit to a school, yet another public apology, and of course the Canadian election.

Wrestler Refuses To Wrestle In Germany

Wrestling superstar Bill Goldberg of World Championship Wrestling (WCW) fame, recently refused to wrestle in Germany recently because it is the "land of the Holocaust." This self-proclaimed Zionist (who has claimed that he would climb into the stands if he ever heard anyone make an "anti-Jewish" remark, and who also expressed a desire to wear a Star of David symbol on his wrestling trunks), hasn't, however, said a word about Israel's latest campaign of brutality against the overmatched Palestinians. Mr. Goldberg, as is typical of many of his fellow Zionists, appears to be aggressively asserting a selective moral code and also maintaining a deep hatred of Germans

A Proposed "Holocaust Act" In Alberta

In 1987 in Ottawa the then Ottawa Board of Education proposed a mandatory "Holocaust studies" program. The proposal caused a huge stir and outraged some minority communities who claimed their genocides were being shortchanged. The resulting pressure downgraded the program to optional status and was modified to include the teachings of other holocausts. It would appear the same process played itself out in Alberta recently, where similarly outraged minority communities opposed a proposed "Holocaust Act." It is now known as "Genocide Remembrance." The Jewish lobby probably thought they could sneak this one through, but unfortunately for them some members of the very observant Ukranian community would have none of it.

"Survivor" Visits School

On November 9th in Ottawa (Canada's capital), St. Joseph's intermediate school paid tribute to a group of visiting war veterans and a Holocaust Survivor named Betty Steinmetz. Steinmetz never made it to an actual camp, but was instead a "hidden child." Evidently, her presentation was so moving that it produced a shower of tears from the young students, the teachers and also the veterans.


Holocaust Survivors visiting schools in order to "sensitize" (brainwash?) students to the "horrors of racism" has become an established practice. One of the worst cases in Ottawa occurred in early 1991 at the large Glebe Collegiate High School. A Holocaust Survivor was called in to address a full assembly shortly after a student had written a pro-revisionist article that had been published in Novae Res, the school's newspaper. The presence of a "Survivor" was probably deemed necessary in order to put an immediate stop to whatever doubts the article might have prompted in the impressionable minds of the students.

The author of the article had become an instant heretic and the resulting pressures contributed to the abandonment of her studies. Besides the humiliation of the school assembly, she was also forced to sit in on a heated and lengthy closed door meeting involving the school's Principal, a leader with the B'nai Brith (the Jewish advocacy organization), the school's newspaper editor, and also a former "progressive" City Councilor who was disgraced several years later for being caught soliciting gay sex in the washroom of a shopping mall. It was a very intimidating experience for the student and a painful reminder that schools are not places where ideas can be openly exchanged; they are instead politically correct assembly lines.

Christian Group Apologizes

On November 5/00, Ottawa was the scene of an event with Holocaust implications. A group of Christians got down on their knees to do some serious apologizing to the survivors of the St. Louis ship at a reception and dinner at the posh Chateau Laurier Hotel. This act of contrition was organized by "Watchmen of the Nation," a said to be "Vancouver-based Christian charismatic group that had raised more than $250,000 to bring the St. Louis survivors to Ottawa." The group's leader, Egyptian-born David Demian, preached that "Canadians need to take responsibility for the atrocities of our past." He added that "We want to open the door for God to heal our land."

It would be interesting to see how a Canadian-born person would be received if he were sponsoring an event in Egypt that solicited Egyptians to "take responsibility for the atrocities of their past." In Ottawa, an equivalent plea to Canadians spawned many tears from both Jews and Christians. It's unlikely that an outsider would walk into Egypt and impute that nation's guilt so strongly that Egyptians would drown themselves in shame and sob in a similarly pathetic fashion.

Neither is it likely that any Egyptian worth his patriotic salt would compromise the integrity of both his country and religion in the fashion of David Mainse, one of event's speakers. Mainse, who is also host of television's 100 Huntley Street (a popular religious program), declared that he was "so ashamed," but didn't stop there. "I am most ashamed," he said, "that Christians in Canada, the Churches of Canada, not only did not rise up to condemn the turning away of the St. Louis ship, but indeed there were professing Christians who made anti-Semitic decisions." Unfortunately, such melodramatic public confessions and abjectness towards Jews are becoming commonplace. (Earlier in the week Mainse reported for 100 Huntley Street from in front of a wall at the Bergen-Belsen camp in Germany. Contrary to initial post-war perceptions, Bergen-Belsen is no longer categorized as a "death camp," yet one would have never been able to realize this fact from the way Mainse sermonized. With his eyes reddened from grief and his voice quivering with emotion, Mainse fought back tears and was barely able to make his highly emotional appeal to God to never again permit a repetition of what supposedly happened at this camp.)

Canadian Alliance (Canada's Official Political Opposition) leader Stockwell Day, who has recently shown a willingness to pander to the Jewish lobby in order to win their support in the upcoming Canadian election, sent a note to the event that was read aloud. "With a broken heart we realize we cannot bring back to life those who perished because we turned them away. Let us hope that this act of repentance can bring life to a new commitment, to stand strong in the face of evil." This same politician also recently condemned the Liberals (Canada's ruling party) for being "too hard on Israel."

The agitation about the St. Louis relates to an occurrence in 1939, before the outbreak of World War II. The refugee ship carrying 937 mostly Jewish passengers was turned away by Cuba, the United States, Canada and the "rest of the western hemisphere." It returned to Europe where it is alleged that "almost half of its passengers later died in concentration camps, or internment camps, or as a result of the Second World War." For many years it was common to hear that from Canada they were all delivered to the "death camps" in Europe. On 100 Huntley Street, Mainse claimed at least two thirds died while one local radio station suggested that the death toll was around 200. This is typical of the confusion surrounding Holocaust accuracy,

The legacy of the St. Louis affair has stimulated additional pontificating in Canada because it evidently "exposes" the "anti-semitism" both of the country and of its former Prime Minister Mackenzie King. There is nothing that delights Jewish moralists and their sycophants more than to "discover" something in history that permits them to carp about "anti-semitism." With the St. Louis affair they are behaving like a dog that is gnawing a victimological bone. It's been manufactured into a propagandistic legend upon to which they keep building. It provides them with with the perfect excuse to keep chewing away at Canada's self-respect and moral fibre, as they have Germany's, Switzerland's, France's, etc. Seemingly, they will not be content until every country, religion and people has accepted the degraded moral status that has been foisted on them through continuous allegations of Holocaust "complicity."

The process is actually ritualistic. An allegation is made and is typically be picked up by the media. The coverage, which is often extensive, will feature Jewish leaders and/or activists expressing outrage and directing harsh condemnations towards the accused. "Survivors," if there are any, will give tearful interviews during which they will describe their alleged trauma. The accused, whether it's an individual, a people, religion, or a country, has absolutely no chance to be cleared of the reckless or unscrupulous charges and smearing (the ethos of "innocent until proven guilty" has no bearing in such cases). The accompanying pressure is often so great that the accused usually has little choice but to acknowledge guilt. The next step is a public apology and in some cases compensation cash is also demanded. All of this supposedly "improves" relations by forcing those allegedly responsible to "come to terms" with whatever it is they've supposedly done, or in some cases didn't do (i.e., stood "idly by"). However, in reality it only whets the appetites of the accusers, so that they strive for more and more, being never satisfied. The St. Louis affair is a shining example of this grotesque ritualistic process. Its growing legacy is being used to slander Canada as a country allegedly needing to "acknowledge" its "historical badness."

Not surprisingly, the public apology to the survivors received both national and local media coverage. It was given considerable attention on Canada's major television networks (the CBC and CTV) and was also discussed on Rabbi Reuven Bulka's program on CFRA's talk radio in Ottawa. Bulka, not one to shy away from preaching about Canada's "shameful past," interviewed Mr. Demian (the event's organizer) who not only explained the supposed purpose of the apology, but who also managed to lecture about Canada's English-French relations and the Native question. It's disappointing that Damian failed to throw the Israeli-Palestinian situation into the mix and suggest that Bulka and his fellow Israeli supporters attend an event where they would kneel and apologize to Palestinians and Arabs for the killing and brutality for which Israel is responsible.

Thankfully, not everyone in Ottawa was in a repenting mood. Ottawa revisionist Philip Belgrave, a staunch Catholic activist and a long time critic of the farce known as the "Holocaust industry," armed himself with a placard and revisionist material (which he distributed) and courageously demonstrated where the event was being held. Belgrave has staged similar demonstrations in front of both the Canadian War Museum and the Parliament Buildings. An upsurge of visible local protests across the country, similar to those of Belgrave and Michael Hoffman (an American revisionist who is also known for picketing Holocaust and pro-Zionist events) would likely contribute a great deal to public awareness of a grave cultural psychosis that requires all the patriotic opposition that our civilization can muster.

Stockwell Day & Holocaust "Denial"

On November 14th, Liberal (Canada's ruling party) Immigration Minister Elinor Caplan stated that Stockwell Day's Canadian Alliance Party has supporters who "are Holocaust deniers, prominent bigots and racists." She added that "You can tell who a person is by the people who support him." Caplan's rant was a response to the recent endorsement of the Canadian Alliance at a meeting held by a group lead by lawyer Doug Christie of British Columbia. Caplan applied some syllogistic reasoning and came up with the Stockwell Day/Canadian Alliance=Doug Christie/Holocaust deniers/bigots equation. The controversy has been playing itself out in the media for several days and has contributed to making this one of the ugliest election campaigns in Canadian history.

Christie is one of the most maligned figures in Canada, largely because he's by far the biggest thorn in the side of Canada's censorship-happy crowd. He has very capably defended the freedoms of a host of politically incorrect people, including a number of Holocaust revisionists (Ernst Zundel, James Keegstra and Malcolm Ross). His main agenda is to get the western provinces out of the Canadian federation. This would permit the autonomous region to determine its own immigration policy, dump anti-majoritarian measures such as multiculturalism, official bilingualism, and the repressive "hate laws," and also abolish the vengeful "anti-racism" and "human rights" industries. It would also spell an end to having to deal with the constitutional demands of the primarily French province of Quebec, something that unfairly consumes an enormous amount of time, money and energy. Christie has also made it very clear that the assault upon European traditions would come to an abrupt halt in the new country (don't count on any "Holocaust Act" coming anywhere near the legislature!). If successful, this would make him the architect of North America's first formal European ethnostate, something that might develop into a trend. No wonder they're so scared of him.

*Quotations taken from the Ottawa Citizen article at the address below:

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