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1 - Freedom Fighters?

There's no such thing as a Palestinian terrorist! If partisans in Europe had a right to resist the Nazi occupation of their lands, haven't Palestinians an equal right to resist Zionist occupation of theirs?

In Yitzakh Shamir's self-serving autobiography, a chapter dealing with the activities of his own terrorists is titled _Freedom Fighters_. How can that name be applied to foreign thugs who killed scores of people in blowing up the King David Hotel, who murdered 123 British police officers and a Swedish peacekeeper, who tried to _make a pact with Hitler_ to help him drive the British out of Palestine? Those Eastern European thugs were pushing into a country which did not belong to them and never had, wheras the Palestinians are only trying to recover their own.

Anyone able to see through the fog of Zionist propaganda must know which of these two groups has a right to Shamir's title.


Amid all the viciously one-sided propaganda today about "Palestinian terrorists", has everyone forgotten that these people have a perfect right to resist the _illegal_ occupation of their lands? U.N. Resolution 142 still stands, calling upon Israel to end that occupation. Every government in the Free World - even the American, which under Bush was less captive to the Jewish Lobby than Clinton is - urged Shamir to stop expanding Jewish settlements there. Who hears anything about that today? Instead, the U.S.A. is now supporting Israel in turning back the clock to those conditions which produced the Intifada a decade ago!

How did this come about? Readers of Viktor Ostrovsky's courageous expose of the Mossad will already know the answer - that Zionist hardliners hate the peace process and will do anything to derail it. Why else, when harnas has been quiet for months, would Shin Bet choose to stage their high-profile assassination of "the Engineer"? Because they knew that Hamas was bound to retaliate. The rest follows. A _Globe and Mail_ article confirms: "The pause in bombings was to end the wake of two dramatic assassinations of Islamic terrorist leaders. Smiling Israeli officials pointedly did not deny responsibility."

Of course they were smiling! They've got what they wanted. Who could blame those formerly-moderate Palestinians who now conclude that justice for their people can come only through the destruction of Israel?


An apologist for Israel writes to the Calgary Herald that Palestinian conflict is "based on the fact that Arabs did not want to live with Jews." That's not what leading Zionists have said! Joseph Weitz, for example, heading Jewish colonization in 1940:- "Between ourselves, it must be clear that the only solution is a Palestine without arabs. Not one village, not one tribe should be left." Can anyone doubt that this remains the opinion of Judeo-Nazis like Arel Sharon?

As for the Press in general, Zionists all too often are allowed to lie their heads off while those of us wanting to tell the truth cannot get a word in! What's particularly sickening is the Zionists' endless promotion of "Jewish anguish" over the Nazi holocaust while never mentioning the 50-year anguish of the Palestinians.

When will those people realize that they do not have the exclusive franchise on suffering?

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