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In a _Globe and Mail_ article headed _Harassment of Jews Rising_, the B'nai Brith's Frank Dimant suggests that this could be due to "hate propaganda" on the Internet. "We are witnessing an exponential growth in cyberhate," he says.

Though there probably is some scurrilous material on the 'Net, let's bear in mind that a lot of what Mr. Dimant and his ilk called "hate" is what most people would consider fair comment. Zionists routinely classify "hate" as any disagreement with their own version of things.

Their Customs censorship - inexcusable in a free country - is one example. Others are their "Open Door" corruption of the Immigration and Refugee Board, their perversion of Human Rights Commissions into a system for _suppressing_ the rights of individuals, and their sponsorship of laws designed to abolish freedom of speech.

As if all of this were not enough to justify a backlash on the 'Net, Jewish groups have long been harassing public meetings held by people whose opinions they oppose. We have not yet seen in Canada anything as ugly as the $20,000 trashing in 1994 by the Jewish and Communist thugs of a Berkeley _YMCA_ where David Irving spoke. (Just the way Nazi brownshirts behaved in the 1930's!) But it's escalating here, too; the CJC's minions have publicly declared that they will not _allow_ meetings they disapprove uf. Where thugs don't suffice, they use financial pressure. Thus, of nine meetings recently scheduled in Western Canada to discuss a perfectly innocent back-to-the-Constitution agenda, only four could be held because hotel bookings for the others were mysteriously cancelled.

Nor are these Judeo-Nazi tactics confined to North America. The same harassment occurs in Australia, France, Germany. _Why_ these constant attacks on freedom of expression?

Are those people aiming for the sort of mind-control their Bolshevik cousins imposed on the Soviet Union? Can a global GULAG be far behind?

For this writer, the issue is simple: Canada was a free country when I came here 40 years ago, and I want to keep it that way. And having spent four years of my youth under arms because of one self-proclaimed "master race", I will not submit to another. If living in a free country doesn't suit those types, let 'em go somewhere else!

If they won't do that, then let 'em at least stop whining that we're harassing _them_ when this claim - as usual with Zionist propaganda - is the exact opposite of truth.

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