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Canadian Human Rights Commissioner Max Yalden's latest call for further restrictions on freedom of expression makes us wonder about the purpose of his recent visit to the notoriously repressive rulers of Red China: Did he go to teach, or to learn?

Banning "hate propaganda" is not about freedom of speech, he says, because "denying the Holocaust is not genuine historical debate but an incitement to hatred". But who is to define "hate propaganda"? Should it not include the propaganda barrage - now endorsing even arson and murder! - directed by Yalden's supporters against all who oppose them? Then, should questioning _any_ aspect of their Holocaust-story be translated as denying the Holocaust altogether? How can doubting their iconic "6 million", for instance, be thus regarded _when no reputable historian today supports that figure?_

And why should doubting the Zionist version of history be equated with "hate"? That false equation, peddled for years by the Canadian Jewish Congress in an effort to bully the rest of us into accepting their story under pain of being called "anti- Semitic", is plainly dishonest. Blending emotional smear with rank illogic, it amounts to the kind of pseudo-intellectual thuggery embraced by Nazis and Bolsheviks alike.

Irving Abella, past president of the CJC, promotes it further by crowing that Canada is now unique in that "Our emphasis is not on free speech but on freedom _from_ speech...We do not allow people to criticize minorities." In fact, he says, "we've made it a crime" to do so. To tolerant Canadians, this may sound like a good thing - until they realize that it invovles the wholesale suppression of _truth_. Anyone knowing, for example, that a certain ethnic minority among immigrants is responsible for a disproportionate measure of crime is not allowed to say so, even though it may be his _job_ to keep us informed. The reader wondering who benefits from this needs only reflect how much it helps those who insist on "open door" immigration despite the majority's opposition to it!

Mr. Abella also declares that Canada's immigration policy up until the 1960's was "racist". Meaning that her largly Western European population favoured Western European immigrants? What is wrong with that? Doesn't every group quite naturally favour its own kind? Do we call the State of Israel "racist" for welcoming only Jews - and only believing that Jews at that, as Christian Jewish Immigrants obliged to go there from Russia have found to their cost? Do we call Canadian Jewish spokesmen "racist" for lamenting the decline of _their_ collective through assimilation and "marrying-out"? Can't we detect a whiff of the old "double standard" here? In any case, Canada's past policies seem to have produced a country - and a culture - which made her the world's most desirable destination. What's wrong with _that_?

Now, why should Messrs. Yalden and Abella et al be so hostile to a culture which their own remote ancestors did nothing to found and which has, after all, enabled them to do rather well for themselves?

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