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Why Christians should oppose the War on Serbia.

Samuel J. Owens

We are in the 53rd day of NATO bombardment of Serbia. I am appalled at the lack of protest against this homicidal and ill advised undertaking. Being a child of the 60s, I thought that there would be "peacenicks" coming out of the woodwork. Instead there is a deafening silence. Where are the protests? The newspapers and TV networks are supporting this war. For a so called "free" country there is a suspicious lack of disagreement. Are our news outlets controlled? After having searched for as much truth as I could find I want to lay the reasons out why this war should be vigorously and strenuously opposed.

ONE We are bombing Christian women and children on behalf of Muslims! How in the world did we come to this? Wasnt it the Muslims that bombed the World Trade Center in New York that barely escaped killing 500,000 Americans? Arent the Muslims responsible for bombing the American plane over Lockerbie, Scotland? Didnt the Muslims bomb the American barracks in Saudi Arabia, killing hundreds? Didnt the Muslims kill many of our young marines in Lebanon? Arent the Muslims responsible for the death of over 1,000,000 Christians in this decade in Sudan? Didnt the Muslims take over our embassy in Tehran and take advantage of our weak president by holding them hostage for so long? Muslims have been making war on Western civilization for 1,400 years. When our culture says anything bad about the Muslims they call them "fundamentalist". Isnt that what they call us? Arent we Christian fundamentalists and proud of it?! Are we going to war to make the world safe for Muslims?

TWO Kosovo has been a part of Serbia for over a 1,000 years. Today, Kosovo is a part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (another name for Serbia). Kosovo is to the Serbs as Florida is to the United States. What if Castro said that "ethnic Cubans" were being oppressed in Florida and began to bomb Washington, D.C.? Sounds far fetched? This is exactly what is happening in the Balkans.

THREE There is a civil war going on in Kosovo. "Ethnic Albanian" is a code word for "illegal alien." The "ethnic Albanians" do not want to be a part of Serbia. They claim they have majorities in some urban areas. Should an alien group be given independence based on their birth rate? Los Angeles is 90% Hispanic. Should LA be ceded to Mexico? Washington, D.C. is 80% African-American. Should Washington, D.C. be ceded to South Africa?

FOUR Where are the ethic Albanians to go? Right beside Kosovo is the nation of Albania. It is one of the least populated countries in Europe. It is a beautiful country. Albania is a good place for Albanians. That is why they call it Albania!

FIVE What is the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA)? Remember that these are the people that started the civil war in the first place. Remember "Liberation Army"? This is a Marxist term for a revolutionary army?

The KLA is a leftist army that is backed by Iran. Our own state department lists it as a terrorist organization. The KLA gets most of its financing via the drug trade. Albania the home of "ethnic Albanians" is Europes number one source of illegal drugs? Are we going to war to make the world safe for drug dealers?

SIX This war in the Balkans has been projected to cost 100 billion dollars. Last week I watched NATO blow up a 10 year old VW van which I estimate to cost $3,500 with a million dollar bomb! We are told that there will not be any social security for us when we retire because we cant do anything to fix social security but we can squander money like this while we have the highest tax rate in the world? A tax rate of 50%!! This is a shame and disgrace. This is why our labor is worth so little and our wives and our childrens mothers must be away from the home. This is why we must have second jobs. This is why we are so tired we fall asleep in church. This is why young people find so little incentive to have and keep jobs. A tax in the Bible of over 15% was justification for a civil war. If God only requires 10%, why does the government require 50%?

SEVEN Clinton has provided poor to no leadership in the conduct of this war. Are we fighting this war to give Clinton a legacy that will make his personal scandals appear minor? Is this war a smoke screen for the treason of Clinton and the Democratic party that sold nuclear secrets to the Chinese Communists over the objection of our own State Department ? Clinton has slashed the military muscle of this nation 60% since taking office in 1992. Clinton is on record as "loathing the military". He is a draft dodger and war protester. The Serbs were treating the "ethnic Albanian" insurgents with much restraint according to Balkan standards prior to the bombing. He was warned that bombing the Serbs would spark mass ethnic cleansing. When we bombed and it happened he said, "They were going to do it anyway." Ugh? Clinton has molded the US armed forces according to Hillaries agenda. It has females integrated into the combat formations and people of their ideological ilk running the show. It did not seem possible a few month ago but this war has given the moral high ground on the world stage to the likes of Russia and Red China. Finally what Clinton is doing is debasing national morale. We are shocked an appalled at the massacre at Columbine High School but we are doing the same thing daily to the Serbs. What sort of message are we sending our youth?

EIGHT Trying to bring the Serbs to heel by making them suffer wont work; these people have had too much practice at suffering. After the Serb army was slaughtered by the Muslims at the Battle of Kosovo Field in 1389 and 10,000 Christians were beheaded in the aftermath, things stated to get rough for the Serbs. For half a millennium the Christian Serbs fought the Muslims and finally succeeded in driving them out. I wouldnt go into the massacres and atrocities these Christian Serbs had to undergo at the hands of their anti-Christ Muslim antagonists prior to the 20th century. At the beginning of the 20th century the Serbs fought 2 wars against the Muslims before the first world war (WWI). In 1914, the Serbs were overrun by the Central Powers. The Serbs lost 25% of their population as a result of WWI. Since I am throwing around a lot of numbers let me give you some examples of percent of population loss and its effect on the morale of a nation. The greatest tragedy our nation has ever experienced was the War for Southern Independence aka the American Civil War. America lost 600,000 people or about 2 % of its population. Germany became prostrate in WWII after it lost 4% of its population. The widespread sloth and despondency in Mexico is attributed to their horrendous Civil War between 1910 and 1920 which resulted in a whopping 10% death rate. During WWI the Serbs lost 2/3 of its male population between the ages of 15 and 55. It got worse for the Serbs in WWII. The Serbs were overrun by a Nazi blitzkrieg and found themselves at the mercy of the Nazi Muslim Croat puppet regime, the Ustashe, who killed over a million people in death camps so horrible they repelled even the SS. Meanwhile, the Serbs somehow managed to pin down eight divisions of Nazi infantry, the Italians, a Bosnia Muslim SS Division and wage a bitter civil war against fellow Serbs. In all more than 25% of the Serbs were again wiped out in WWII. Also toss in several hundred thousand dead Serbs since the wars in Croatia and Boisnia started earlier this decade. You get the idea. No wonder the Balkans are called the "Powder Keg of Europe". Suffering and bombing will not cower these people!

NINE The endless comparisons of Milosevic to Adolf Hitler insults the American peoples intelligence. Christians must do their own research in foreign and domestic affairs. Do not be lazy and let the TV tell you who the "good guys" and "bad guys" are. Remember this is the same media that tells us that abortion is good and that Christians are narrow minded. It is the same media that promotes homosexual rights and disarming the middle class. Think for yourself. The enemy controls the channels of mass information in America. All of the major TV networks, all of the major motion picture studios and the outlets for distribution, all of the major publishers are all controlled by an alien minority that are at work against God and His Christ. I would recommend going to the Internet for information that is not filtered.

TEN If all of the above is true (and I sincerely do believe that it is) why are we at war in Yugoslavia? I believe that this is the latest in the long history of mans rebellion against our lawful King and Judge, Jesus Christ. By fostering multiculturalism we are saying that all peoples beliefs are equal. Unlimited Third World immigration into the United States is destroying our cultural base and making us into a "Balkan nation". This will result in the further dilution of the Christian majority. Until just a few years ago most nation were culturally and ethnically homogeneous. The only exceptions were 1) the Soviet Union, 2) Yugoslavia, and 3) the United States. In our lifetimes we have seen the fall of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. Is its Gods will for us to have multicultural states? Multiculturalism is just another term for the old tower of Babel ploy. Does anyone really believe that NATO can bring lasting peace to the Balkans? Our natural rebellion to God and our tribalism are rooted into mans nature. God separated the Nations at the tower of Babel on the plains of Shinar. Our ethnic differences were put there by God. Isnt it hard enough to live together in peace when we are of the same group? Just adding more groups to the same area is just a recipe for disaster. History plainly teaches this!! Kosovo plainly shows multiculturalism does not work!!!

It is the God-given right of Christian men and women everywhere to live in the liberty of true Christian government, according to the moral law of God as laid out in the Old and New Testament. We must be free from the tyranny of men and creeds that are in rebellion to God. God was, is, and always shall be the one who determines what is right and wrong. As Creator and King of the universe, He has that right. The entire history of mankind has been one of man defying God, and God reconciling some back to Himself. Man has steadfastly sought to define right and wrong for himself, and force others to accept his definitions of right and wrong instead of Gods. In so doing, man has steadfastly sought to take Gods throne by taking His kingly, lawmaking prerogative.

The state, being the most powerful human institution , is often the focal point of mans defiance of God. The institution of the state, even if formed with good intentions, naturally and normally deteriorates into rebellion against God. We who are children of God need to put a stop to this rebellion. We want a God honoring not war making state!

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