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Warren Kinsella Rants on the Freedom-Site in the National Post
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Far right's opposition to war is no surprise Bombing of Kosovo has whipped extremists into fury

Warren Kinsella - Guest Commentary in the National Post
National Post | Tuesday, June 01, 1999

It is not merely the far left, the New Democratic Party, and assorted tenured university professors who oppose the war against Slobodan Milosevic. The far right -- neo-Nazis, white supremacists, Holocaust deniers and their apologists -- strenuously object to the conflict, as well. Given the latter group's well-documented fondness for destabilizing conflicts, and the usage of force, this may come as a surprise.

But it should not, as we will see.

A quick tour through some of the 1,600 Web sites that far-right groups maintain on the World Wide Web shows near-total unanimity on NATO's action. From far and wide, skinheads and Klansmen and their ilk have been whipped into an indignant fury about the war.

Ernst Zundel, for example, is a Toronto-based pro-Nazi publisher. On his much-visited Web home -- called the "Zundelsite" and maintained for him by a follower in California -- Zundel recently offered up his views on the conflict: "[The war is] a chance for the proponents of multiculturalism to enforce their liberal chimera with guns and bombs . . . If NATO wins, the military-industrial complex can rub its blood-stained hands with glee, while the mothers weep and babies die."

Zundel's Web site manager struck a similarly melodramatic tone, sympathetically likening Milosevic's position to that of Hitler, and referring to NATO as "the warlords of the New World Order." As was the case with Nazi Germany, the Zundelsite proclaims, the Serbs merely wish to fashion "policies according to their own cultural traditions and needs, not the needs of liberal pipe dreamers and one-world globalists!"

David Irving, a British Holocaust denier who refers to himself as a "moderate fascist," has frequently used his slick Web site to denounce the war. Just last week, for example, Irving reproduced a critical column by Canadian journalist Michael Harris, stating that it highlighted what he called "NATO's half-truths, lies and bloody murder in the Balkans."

Elsewhere, between advertisements for posters of Hitler and Irving's much-reviled books, the British writer provides a direct e-mail link to the "Letters to the Editor" section at the National Post. Irving's followers are encouraged to write to the Post, applauding an anti-war column that appeared here by Prof. Michael Bliss, and supplied with tips on how to compose their letters.

The principal Web address for Canadian neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups such as the Heritage Front is called the Freedom Site.

At the four-year-old Web location, former Armed Forces reservist Marc Lemire provides a platform for the like-minded to heap opprobrium on multiculturalism, immigration, the Holocaust and "censorship" of the Internet. (Parenthetically, Messrs. Zundel and Irving have expressed tremendous affection for the CRTC's recent decision to refrain from preventing the circulation of hate propaganda in cyberspace.)

A very recent essay on the Freedom Site is headlined: "Why Christians should oppose the War on Serbia." Among other things, the correspondent objects to the fact NATO is "bombing Christian women and children on behalf of Muslims!" If anyone deserves to be bombed, the Freedom Site columnist suggests, it is the Muslims for their faith.

There is much more of this sort of offal for those with the stomach for it. But, suffice to say, the far right remains steadfast in its opposition to the war in the Balkans. Why so?

The war against Milosevic's regime, most agree, is a long-overdue and co-ordinated international response to a humanitarian crisis. The fact Western leaders have pointed to the lessons of the Holocaust as a historical rationale for the NATO effort has rendered the far right apoplectic. Just as they know the reputation of National Socialism cannot be rehabilitated while a crime as monstrous as the Holocaust continues to be associated with Naziism, the leaders of the far right are certainly aware that oratory that draws parallels between Adolf Hitler and Slobodan Milosevic is unhelpful to their cause.

Similarly, the far right generally supports the genocidal program devised by Milosevic, and called ethnic cleansing: The forced separation of certain races, creeds and ethnic groups has been a core belief of the far right, after all, since the establishment of the Ku Klux Klan in Tennessee in 1865. As the passage from the Zundelsite makes clear, the far right also possesses a lively paranoia about "One World Government" and its assorted manifestations -- the United Nations, the global banking system, gun control and black helicopters.

On the rare occasions when the international community actually joins forces to prevent a pogrom -- as was the case eight years ago during the Persian Gulf War -- the far right (like the far left) will be seen agitating against the effort. To the adherents of the Freedom Site, the Serbs are regarded as modern-day Christian Crusaders, once again ridding Europe of unwanted ethnic impurities.

If a cause may be judged by the character of those who support it, so too may it be judged by the quality of those who do not.

By that measure, the war against the regime of Slobodan Milosevic is a very noble cause, indeed.

Warren Kinsella is a Toronto lawyer, and author of Web of Hate: Inside Canada's Far Right Network.

Article Kinsela refers to is at



Marc Lemire Sent via facsimile June 01, 1999
Dear Sir;

Warren Kinsella's opinion piece "Far right's opposition to war is no surprise" (National Post, June 1, 1999) is as usual for Kinsella full of errors.

As the owner and system administrator of the Freedom-Site I take offence to Mr. Kinsella referring to my site as "The principal Web address for Canadian neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups such as the Heritage Front is called the Freedom Site" Had Mr. Kinsella bothered to read any of the material on the site he would clearly see that the site is certainly not a site of "neo-nazi and white supremacist groups" but rather a site where people are free to speak their minds on topics such as Immigration, freedom of speech, multiculturalism and other issues important to a variety of Canadians.

A quick look at on our search engine for the term "hitler" clearly shows that we are not "neo-nazis" as Kinsella would have readers to believe. For instance you would find the great columnist from British Columbia Doug Collins saying that "... I am 77 years of age, that I defended freedom in the 1940s when Hitler was on the loose, in the 1950s when McCarthy was on the loose, in the 1970s when the federal hate laws were passed, in the 1990s when those idiots in Victoria passed their misnamed Human Rights Act, and that I shall go on defending freedom until the day I die." Or you would find Paul Fromm of the Canadian Association for Free Expression saying "I've asked my folks, why my Mom devoted five years of her life to World War II, and my Dad four ... and they said "We'd heard there were these Nazis in Germany and they did things like burning books." And I thought - well, my God - what has changed? They may have beaten Hitler, but we still have book burners." It doesn't sound like the raving words of extremist "neo-nazis" at all! Why would Kinsella, who is the number 1 visitor to the Freedom-Site in the entire world want readers to believe different?

The Freedom-site unlike many other sites on the Internet has open forums where visitors are allowed to take part and state their opinions, free of censorship. Mr. Kinsella himself has taken part in those forums and has posted his opinions on losing a case in British Columbia in which he libelled Roger Rocan.

Mr. Kinsella goes on in his piece to say that "A very recent essay on the Freedom Site is headlined: 'Why Christians should oppose the War on Serbia.' Among other things, the correspondent objects to the fact NATO is 'bombing Christian women and children on behalf of Muslims!' If anyone deserves to be bombed, the Freedom Site columnist suggests, it is the Muslims for their faith." This is an outright lie. No where in the article he refers to, which can be found at, does the author, Samuel Owens, say that Muslims should be bombed for their faith.

Kinsella says later in the article that "To the adherents of the Freedom Site, the Serbs are regarded as modern-day Christian Crusaders, once again ridding Europe of unwanted ethnic impurities" No where in the article are Muslims or "Ethnic Albanians" referred to as "unwanted ethnic impurities". In fact the author of the article makes the point that "'Ethnic Albanian' is a code word for 'illegal alien.' The 'ethnic Albanians' do not want to be a part of Serbia. They claim they have majorities in some urban areas. Should an alien group be given independence based on their birth rate? Los Angeles is 90% Hispanic. Should LA be ceded to Mexico? Washington, D.C. is 80% African-American. Should Washington, D.C. be ceded to South Africa?"

Considering Mr. Kinsella has generated a staggering 5,251 hits, from July, 1998 to May 10, 1999 or 14.3 hits per day in a year period, he should be able to clearly read the material that was posted, and not resort to misrepresenting what is on my website.

The truth of the matter is that Warren Kinsella is obsessed with my website. He is the largest single user to visit my website, as pointed out above. He was extremely mad, that I have pointed out on numerous occasion that he has lied, specifically when he said on the April 12, 1998 CBC show "On the Line" that "... a fellow in BC, a little guy named Bernard Klatt, who runs a little server that hosts the US Nazi Party, that hosts various sites that advocate death to Jews, Blacks, non-Whites, Feminists and disabled people". Then goes on in the show to claim that Bernard Klatt has posted HITLISTS of people on his webserver. Both absolutely untrue. Have a look yourself and see for yourself how crazy such a statement by Kinsella is:

Out of that article Kinsella wrote me and threatened to sue me, and again lied in his letter dated Monday April 13, 1998 which he claims I violated a supposed undertaking that Paul Fromm took in 1996, and then goes on to allege that Mr. Fromm has violated this undertaking. This is a serious charge, which is utterly false. I have spoken personally to Mr. Fromm and he informs me that no such undertaking has ever been given as mentioned in Kinsella's letter. Kinsella goes on to accuse me of trying to avoid service of documents, which again from a lawyer is a very serious charge, and of course is utterly false.

Kinsella has even went as low as to send me letters that read "You Hitler-loving pillow biter. [Your] Too busy stocking up on kiddie porn ..." E-Mail message dated Wed, 27 Jan 1999.

Warren Kinsella clearly has an agenda, which includes smearing people he disagrees with.

Marc Lemire 
System Administrator
 The Freedom-Site



Paul Fromm Sent via facsimile June 1, 1999
Dear Sir:

Warren Kinsella's opinion piece "Far right's opposition to war is no surprise" (National Post, June 1, 1999) is a disgrace and a mish-mash of smear and disinformation.

One thing he does have right is that the left and the right and, truth to tell, many in the centre, are united against Canada's involvement in Clinton's War. He makes the scurrilous and preposterous claim that "the far right generally supports the genocidal programme devised by Milosevic and called ethnic cleansing."

What follows are our reasons for opposing any Canadian participation in Clinton's war of aggression in Yugoslavia.

NATO is a defensive alliance. No NATO member has been attacked. The NATO attacks are attempting to forcibly meddle in the internal affaitrs of a sovereign nation. We would rightly resent foreign air strikes to punish a Canadian government for efforts to suppress violent Quebec separatists.

Nations are well-advised to ponder carefully before letting "slip to the dogs of war" which, as Shakespeare warns, create "havoc" and unexpected consequences. Mumbling Pentagonese, Kinsella hails Clinton's War as "a long overdue ... international response to a humanitarian crisis." Well, this "humanitarian" war has already caused great "collateral damage" (to use aniother Pentagon obfuscation). The demolition of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade has plunged U.S.-China relations to their lowest in several decades. Admittedly, the Kosovars may have been poorly treated prior to hostilities. Now, over three quarters of a milion have been made into refugees. Some victory for the "humanitarians"!

Nations should only go to war when attacked or to defend clear, narrow national interests. Obviously, Canada hasn't been attacked by Serbia and it is hard to imagine that Serbia threatens any serious national interest.

The Balkans are immensely complicated. The region is riven by religious, ethnic, ideological, and linguistic fissures. All factions have long memories. Otto von Bismarck wisely concluded that the region, like a surly bear, was best left alone. He declared: "The Balkans are not worth the blood of one Pomeranian grenadier."

To take one example. What's going on in Kosovo is a bit more complicated than "ethnic cleansing,." The region was, until recently, Serb. Albanian Muslim Kosovars have moved in and overwhelmed the Serbs over the past half century. The regiion contains the Field of Blackbirds, an emotive shrine where Serb Christians were massacred in a heroic attempt to stop the invading Muslim Turks. Would Americans be quite so moralistic if, say, Hispanics came to dominate Pennsylvania and decided to secede, taking with them such historical shrines as the home of the Liberty Bell and Valley Forge?

Kinsella does the serious debate between us Isolationists and his fellow internationalist interventionists no service by striking up the chant of Klan, Nazis, and Holocaust with which he created so much unhelpful smoke in his much criticized book Web of Hate: Inside Canada's Far Right Network.

Sincerely yours,

Paul Fromm 
Director, C-FAR


Author of Article Responds to Kinsella

Samuel Owens By E-Mail

Mr. Kinsella wrote an article about the growing opposition from all sides against NATO's war on Serbia. I am the author of the article headlined, "Why Christians should oppose the War on Serbia" which is displayed on the Freedom Site which Mr. Kinsella cited. This four page article traces the origin of the Balkan struggle and gives reasons why Christians should oppose the aggression.

I am glad that I am on record as vehemently opposing the "bombing of Christians women and children on behalf of Muslims!" Sadly Mr. Kinsella totally misrepresents me when he says that I believe that Muslims should be bombed for their faith. Mr. Kinsella you should be ashamed of yourself. I want to stop this senseless slaughter while Mr. Kinsella is stroking the fires of hatred which cause such outrages as this bombing of Serbia. I do not want to see anyone bombed!

In fact our outrage should be even more kindled in light of the events of the past few days in which NATO has killed a 100 women, children and old people in their latest misfire, the bombing of the sanatorium in Surdulica. Bill Clinton, Madeline Albright, Sandy Berger, and General Clark are truly evil people and more insane and ruthless than the Nazis. Even the Nazis didn't bomb hospitals, schools, monasteries and churches. Our nation must come to its senses now.

I have enclosed a copy of my article for your inspection and publication. Please see if you can find where I claim that Muslim's should be bombed for their faith.

-Samuel Owens


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