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Hypocrites in the media. Is the only hate White hate?

Joe Lockhart

If you were to believe what the media says, you would have the opinion that the only hatred is White hatred. This of course is the typical liberal nonsense that millions of people are victim of. While the media is spreading hatred against an identifiable group with impunity, you must ask the question, why does the media ignore hatred against White people.

We have in the past seen media reports told with a different spin, all because of skin color. One can still remember Collin Ferguson, a black man who had in his possession notes that explained his motive for murder as his hatred for, Whites, Orientals, and Uncle Tom Blacks. His motive was clearly one of hate, yet this aspect was ignored by most of the main-stream media. The main-stream media never asked the question regarding White hatred. As we see the media wants us to believe that there is no such thing as Black hatred. Ferguson's murderous rampage was defended by a Jewish lawyer as based on four hundred years of oppression, and not his racist hatred for Whites.

Another case from Flint Michigan is a classic example of how the media is biased when reporting crimes based on race. This horrendous crime included six black residents of Flint who beat and shot three Oakland County teenagers – killing one. The victims where White.

According to Alan Lessig of The Detroit News: The six accused men and boys ranging in age from 16 to 23 -- were arraigned on charges of murder, kidnapping and assault in the attack on two boys and a girl who hopped a northbound train in Highland Township, and got off in the wrong neighborhood.

Michael Carter, 14, of Highland Circulation Township, died from a gunshot to the head in the attack. His 14-year-old girlfriend from Highland was beaten, forced to perform a sex act and shot in the face. Carter's longtime friend, Dustin Kaiser, 15, of Davisburg was shot in the back of the head. He was in fair condition in a Flint hospital.

According to the chilling statements given to police by some of the suspects, the three were picked at random as robbery victims. Here is how authorities say the crime occurred: The group of six young males led the Oakland County youths to Bonner Park on the pretense of getting them to a phone. Once in a wooded area of the unlit park, Carter and Kaiser were knocked to the ground, beaten and punched. The girl was dragged up a hill near a swing set, where she was pistol-whipped, her pants and underwear stripped off. She was forced to perform a sex act on one of the attackers.

Twice, she escaped, only to be caught and dragged back to the scene. Her friends were nearby, being held to the ground by Darling, who was wielding a sawed-off shotgun. The girl then was dragged down the hill to where her male friends were splayed in the tall grass. Tyrone Reyes held a .22 caliber handgun to the head of one of the boys. Another attacker held a shotgun to the girl.

"Do it!" someone yelled behind Tyrone Reyes. He fired into the head of one of the boys. Darling pulled the trigger on the shotgun with it aimed at the girl, but the gun jammed. Tyrone Reyes then fired two more shots, one into the head of the other boy, and one into the face of the girl.

The three were left for dead, but Kaiser and the girl struggled out of the park. Police received an anonymous tip that led them to one of the suspects. The statement of that suspect led them to the others. A .22-caliber handgun and a sawed-off shotgun investigators believe were used in the attack were found in the home of one of the suspects. (End of story)

Could you imagine the out-cry from the media and all of the so-called ‘human rights groups' if four Black youths innocently found themselves in the wrong part of Mississippi, only to have the same treatment by a group of White youths? If that was the case, you would have heard of this story, but since the suspects are Black, and the victims are White, the media ignores the race issue.

Here in Winnipeg, a young White boy named Jeff Giles was murdered during an armed robbery by a shotgun blast to the face. The alleged murderers are Native, and members of a gang called Indian Posse. Not once has the local media asked the question, is this a crime motivated by hate? Did the alleged murderers have hatred in their minds because of the constant flow and anti-White hate propaganda spewed by the schools and the media? Did the alleged shooter have any remorse for killing some White trash? We will never know, because those questions will never be asked.

One case that stands out in my mind as proof that the media is biased, comes from New Jersey. Avi Kostner, a 52 year-old Jewish man was spared the death penalty in the brutal MURDER of his two children. Why did he kill his children, Beth a 12 year-old and her brother Ryan who was 10 you ask?

"Kostner pleaded guilty February 24, to suffocating and killing his children for fear that his ex-wife Lynn Mison would convert them to Christianity." (Jewish Post & News Friday April 11 1997)

Did you hear any main-stream media outlet report that hate crime? Just reverse the roles on this one for a second. The father is a Christian who killed his children so his ex-wife wouldn't convert them to Judaism. For how many years would we have to put up with cry of ‘hatred' or ‘anti-Semitism' from the media and the so-called ‘human rights' groups? How many new laws would have been passed to curb all of the "White" hatred? These new laws would never apply to Black, Jewish, or Native hate. After all, there is only White hate.

While the killing of an elderly caretaker at a Sikh temple in BC is an horrendous crime, I find it rather coincidental that with all that is going on in BC, this should occur. If the police in BC are as corrupt and as politically motivated as they are here in Winnipeg, I would not be surprised to finds some agent provocateur whose purpose is to further the cause of anti-White hatred.

Prepare yourself for the future of more sanctioned White hatred. Prepare for government imposed hatred. We see the multiculturalism minister, Hedy Fry, state words to the effect of run the racists out of town. (April 24 1998 Vancouver Province) Is the government of Canada going to sanction hatred and violence against an identifiable group of people? Are we seeing the words of Christ come true? For He said, "Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake." (Matthew 24:9 AV)

As one person put it: "Store your food, and have the means to protect it."

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