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Why is the emotion of HATE worse than the rest?

Joe Lockhart

If you were to look at news reports today, you would see that the emotion of hate is demonized as the worst. We, here in Canada have laws that make it criminal to promote ‘hatred' against an identifiable group. We also have a law that would sentence you to more jail time just because the victim believes he or she was attacked based on your hate. As I write this article, we even have a politician who wishes to pass a law that would make the possession of so-called ‘hate' literature a crime. If the bill passes, we could see the Bible banned as hate literature.

Why is the emotion of hate considered the worst? Is the emotion of hate more or less destructive than other emotions? What about other emotions like, love, passion, jealousy, lust, or greed. Are these emotions also not as destructive as the emotion of hate?

How many people have been killed because of the emotion of love. Sounds funny, but think about it. How many killers have been asked why they killed their spouse, only to get the response "But I loved her so much." How many women, (and now men) stay in abusive relationships because of love? Why is there no laws against promoting ‘love' After all, ‘love' could lead to a persons death? Love could lead to a lot of violence. Why not have a law that bans all of that ‘love' literature, Soap Operas, and even Fabio. Love should be an emotion banned for the good of the people. After all, the government will tell you who to love.

Even today we all have heard the term, ‘crime of passion.' How many murders have been committed in cases of ‘crimes of passion.' If there is such a thing, why is there no law against it? Why is there no laws on the books that would sentence you to jail for advocating ‘passion'? Let's pass a law that would increase the sentence of people convicted of a crime of passion. Crimes of passion kill far more people than so-called ‘hate' crimes.

What about jealousy? We all have been jealous at one time in our life right? Have we not wanted to beat-up an old girlfriend's new boyfriend out of a fit of jealousy? Some criminals say they rob from the rich because they are jealous that the rich have it all, and they have nothing. How many people have been killed out of a fit of jealousy? So in our New World Utopia, I say we make it a crime to be jealous. Anyone who is convicted of a crime, and is found to have been jealous at the time, shall have an extra four-years placed on their sentence.

Now there's the emotion of lust. Here is an emotion that needs curtailing. How many people have been raped because of the emotion of lust? How many people have, and will suffer of die because someone who has AIDS (or some other STD) lustfully spread it to unknowing victims? How many unwanted babies have been born due to lust? The emotion of lust has turned this moral nation into another Sodom and Gomorrah. How soon will it be because of the emotion of lust, will we see pedophiles in every Boy Scout club, and defending that lust as just another life style? Yes people, we need laws now to outlaw the emotion of lust. Just look at all of the damage it's done.

Then there's greed. The emotion of greed could easily be blame for murder, wars, and famine. Just think of all of the million of people who've been killed because some despot wanted more land, more crops, and more gold. How many workers are exploited, (some to their deaths) because some greedy boss wanted maximum work, for minium wage. How many people have been kicked off of their farm land, kicked out of their homes, because some greedy banker wants his compound usury paid in blood? How many thousands of workers have lost their jobs because some greedy corporate CEO wanted to increase his share-holders bottom line? Yes the emotion of greed far outweighs any other emotion. Why is there no laws against that emotion? Why are greedy bankers, politicians, and CEO's, not responsible for the damages of their greed?

In our politically correct world, the only bad emotion is hate. Again we see the hypocrisy from our liberal friends. While we are told by the liberals that all races are ‘equal' it seems that all emotions are not. Some emotions, are more equal than others.

Why is the emotion of hate so demonized? Why are there laws against one emotion and not another? Why do the enemies of freedom fear the emotion of hate, and not the emotion of greed? Perhaps our enemies know us better than we do. Do they realize that they can circumvent any resistance to the plan of the New World Order, by simply conditioning our brains to love our enemy and not to hate him?

As the Bible states: "A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace." Ecclesiastes 3:8

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