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A Forest Fire comes your way

Joe Lockhart

You live in a small northern Christian town. You moved there to escape all the filth of the alternative life styles, all the crazy people and all their political correctness. But an event occurs that will attack you're Christian values, it will make you re-evaluate everything you believe in.

A forest fire breaks-out. During a lightning storm, a small forest fire starts about 25 Km west of your town. A early warning scout called the fire department to report the small fire. The fire marshal calls city hall to get a few men together, to put out the fire. There is just one problem...

About a week before the fire, a man named Bruce moved into town. When he moved into town he told his neighbors that he was a "human rights" activist. When Bruce became aware that the town was going to put out the fire, he became concerned. A town hall meeting was called for all the people concerned. Bruce stood-up at the meeting and tried to explain how fire had certain rights, and that fire was really misunderstood. Bruce explained to the people that the fear of fire really was a bad thing, and people who were afraid of fire had a mental problem that he and his 'human rights' friends could fix.

After the people of the town stopped laughing, they told Bruce to go back to where ever he came from. The town voted to go out the first thing in the morning and put out the ever growing fire.

Bruce realizing that the dumb people really didn't know what was good for them, decided to take matters in his own hands. Firstly he would make a few phone calls and get reinforcements, and secondly he would get a court order stoping the town from putting out the fire.

In the morning the self-proclaimed 'human rights' fighter Bruce went before the town judge. Bruce explained: "Fire is not something to fear, fire is a good thing, that keeps us warm in the winter, fire, is our friend." Bruce also told the judge that he and the town were obligated to protect fire under the United Nations charter. The judge seeing no option, put a court order against the town stopping them from putting out the fire.

The town was not going to sit back and watch this fire grow. The town people decided to go to the Supreme Court to ask permission to put out the fire.

Bruce had other ideas. The next morning, a bus pulled into the small Christian town. Departing from the bus was a motley crew of the most vial looking scum that ever crawled out of a sewer. Bruce with a smile on his face, looked like he was in heaven with all of his reprobate friends. "What is happening,?" asked one of the town people. "There is going to be a demonstration today," another replied.

Carrying placards with slogans like; "Fire-lover and proud." "Smash the Fire Haters," or "Fireophobs Fuck off." The town was in shock... and the fire gets bigger.. and closer.. The scum- bags in the crowd yelled that they were going to make sure the town respected fire, and if we did not, they were going to spread fire all over the town, because hateful people like us deserve it. One yelled he was going to make our schools teach fire sensitive courses to our children. Our media would have to show fire friendly T.V. shows or else a wing-nut screamed.

All the town people could ask was "what about our rights." Bruce and his friends march down the front street of the town, spitting, pushing, and shoving people who were in the way. All this time the town people were living in fear. At the end of the march, Bruce makes a speech. "We've had a great victory today, we passed new laws making it a hate crime for yelling the word "forest fire."We also passed a new law protecting the rights of the fire. No longer will the fire spotter be able to tell the fire department where the fire is. In fact the fire spotter was fired from his job for being fireophobic. The fire now has the right of privacy, so no one will know where the fire is." Bruce looked like he was going to mess his shorts. "Any person in town caught talking negatively about forest fires must be denounced as 'bigots' or 'intolerant' if they continue, they will be arrested for a 'hate crime.'... Bruce goes on.. and on.. all the time the forest fire gets bigger, and bigger, and close to the town.

A secret town meeting is called in the basement of one of the Christian leaders. Of the twenty people called only five show-up. "What happened to the rest of the people," a town person asked. "You heard Bruce, fire is our friend, some people have accepted that," another towns person states. "What about the fire chief?" a concerned towns person ask? "With the new 'hate' law he was arrested because he said he was going to put out the fire himself if the town wouldn't." was the reply of a sad looking towns person.

"But the fire is getting bigger and closer to the town." a exasperated towns person said. "what are we going to do?"

To bad.. Fire has all the rights.. the town has none.. And it goes on... and on.. Until the town was destroyed by the forest fire. And Bruce and his friend, went on to another town to ensure the rights of fire...

This story is used to illustrate the absurdity of the so-called fight against a forest fire called AIDS!

What would happen if a forest fire came to your town? Would you sit back and let a small minority dictate to you how you should think and feel? Would you allow some one to call you names and out right lie about the facts of the damage the forest fire will cause?

Or would you join the fire fighters and go out in the forest and fight for your family, for your values and for your town, with every last breath you have in you until the fire is stomped into the ground?

The choice is yours....

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