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Freedom of religion in Canada is DEAD!

Joe Lockhart

Jubilee Canadian Correspondent

The Supreme Court of Canada in what was an expected move, voted 9-0 against the religious freedoms of Malcolm Ross. Ross was a teacher in Moncton school district number 15. In his spare time Ross has authored several books based on his religious convictions This, in a free and democratic country should be the norm. People of all religious back-grounds should have the right to speak and write about their religious beliefs. Well, not so in Canada!

Malcolm Ross a former math teacher in Moncton, New Brunswick, a small province in eastern Canada, wrote books based on his religious beliefs. When the Atlantic Jewish Congress found out about the books being publicly sold, they tried to get his books banned, they failed. Then they launched a hate campaign against Malcolm Ross in the media. The media pressure was so strong, any store selling his books promptly took them off the shelf, thus in affect banning the books.

According to his peers he was a 'great teacher' who never expressed his religious views in the classroom. But the 'never forgive and never forget' club, said his presence alone 'poisoned' the environment of the classroom and they wanted him removed.

Along comes David Attis a member of the Jewish community, and his daughter who is not taught by Ross, and who doesn't even go to the same school district where Ross teaches. She claimed that books read by a few people had somehow 'poisoned' the atmosphere. Thus the Atlantic Jewish Congress (who wanted to stay in the background because they feared a backlash against holocaust studies they wanted in the school curriculum) started a campaign of hate against Malcolm Ross and Christianity. David Attis stated what he thinks of Christian teachers: "I would think, sir, that if an individual was a teacher in a public school system and advocated the principles of Christian domination of the land, that person should not be a teacher."

At the forefront of the removal of Malcolm Ross are Canada's self-proclaimed 'human rights' groups. Whose 'human rights' are the CJC (Canadian Jewish Congress) and the B'nai Brith fighting for? Are religious freedoms not a human right? The CJC and the B'nai Brith don't think it's a good thing to have a teacher write books not approved by main-stream Christianity. But, it seems they think it's OK for a Professor (who believes it's OK to be a pedophile) to teach his students by day and be a male prostitute by night. Why has the CJC and the B'nai Brith remained silent over this pervert teaching students? Where is the call to remove this man for 'poisoning' the environment?

Another man Gerald Hannon who writes for Canada's national newspaper the Globe and Mail is a teacher at Ryerson, (a University in Canada) and regularly teaches his beliefs about pedophilia with his students. The CJC and the B'nai Brith have remained silent over this teacher who compares child-sex rings to children's hockey. Hannon said: "I could never understand before how children's hockey differed from organized child-sex rings. Both involved children and adults. Both involved danger. Both involve pleasure. Yet we approve of children's hockey but deplore child-sex rings." Where is the cry about 'poisoned environment' from God's chosen ones? Why is there no attempt to remove this man from the classroom?

In a case in Alberta involving a homosexual lab instructor, the CJC in their own words have placed homosexuality above their own religious beliefs. Hal Joffe of the CJC stated: it is "..not a difficult issue" to support protection of human rights on the basis of sexual orientation, and Jewish religious leaders have been quite clear on it, Joffe said. Human rights based on 'sexual orientation' for whom?

Joffe continues: "Beyond that -- personal religious belief against homosexuality -- we all have to take a step back and realize it is not our right to force other people to act as we would wish..." The question is: if a homosexual wants to teach at a Jewish school, would they let him? Or is that only good for Christian schools? If we don't have the right to force people to act as we would, why can they DEMAND we accept their values? Why is it if we don't we're called 'intolerant,' or just 'haters,' 'bigots,' or 'homophobic.?' Who is truly intolerant?

Why are these people not 'poisoning' the environment? How are these men good role models for our children? Why are the 'human rights' of sodomites more important than the rights of Christian men like Malcolm Ross? What happened to a so-called country that accepted 'all' religions? Or is that just another lie fed to us by our master of the puppets?

What about Jewish teachers, are they exempt from the rule? Can a Jewish teacher who has strong religious beliefs, check them at the door? Why then is a Jewish teacher a good role model for our children when some of their religious teaching are vehemently anti-Christian? How can a Jewish teacher, teach a Christian child effectively, when he may believe what is taught in the Talmud? Does a Jewish teacher give a Christian school a 'poisoned' environment when he may read/write or teach that the Talmud states that: "Jesus Christ is in hell and to be immersed in boiling excrement?" (Gittin 57a) Jews have the right to believe what they want, but are they still good role models for our children? Why is there a double standard?

Here is another example of how the double standard of religious freedoms only applies to non-Christians. Black Muslims from the Nation of Islam have an extreme set of religious dogma. They believe that the White man is a invention of an evil large-headed Black man. He made the White race to get back at Blacks. This White race are today called devils, or savages who lived in the caves of Europe, until Allah made Moses, the first Jew who civilized the devils.

Does this rather extreme view of White people by Black Muslims disqualify them from becoming teachers? Or are they 'good' role models for our children? I can say there must be teachers in Canada that hold these views. Will they be hunted by the CJC and the B'nai Brith because they 'poisoned' the environment? Will they be able to teach with impunity to our children? Or will they be fired for not being a good role model? I think not.

As you can see some people have religious freedoms. You have the religious freedom to blaspheme Jesus Christ and his teachings. You have the religious freedom to call the White people a devil savage race. Yes religious freedoms are extended to every other religion. If you're a kosher Judaeo-Christian worshipping to a Jewish Jesus, you have all the religious freedoms you want. But if you step out of the state approved religion, you will lose your so-called right to religious freedom. AND NOW EVEN YOUR JOB!!

The loss of religious freedoms by non-mainstream Christians is hailed as a 'victory for Canadian pluralism' by some. Just as every Christian trait of Canada is replaced by secular humanism.,When Jesus was kicked out of the school, he was replaced by condom machines and now metal detectors. Our national police the RCMP must now accept members who have exalted their religious headgear over ours. The men who fought, bled, and even died for religious freedoms must now sit back and let a small minority exalt their religious dress at our place of remembrance. All thanks to the same people who helped build a divided multicultural society that is 'good for us,' as long as it does not include them. They will remain non-assimilated, and non intermarried. Here are a few quotes from Irving Abella, the past president of the Canadian Jewish Congress, Canada's largest Jewish organization. The CJC is at the forefront of censorship, multiculturalism, and Canada's infamous hate laws.

"Today, we Jews in Canada worry more about rates of assimilation rather than rates of anti-Semitism. Our greatest concern is for our children. Will they remain Jewish? Will our community survive into the next century as strongly as it seems to be leaving this? Are the very seeds of our destruction implanted in our success?

"Can Jewishness in Canada survive freedom? Can it survive an open, tolerant, multicultural society?"

"Paradoxically, throughout our history, Jews feared a truly open society as much as they desperately and valiantly fought for it. Our greatest triumph, helping create in North America an open, absorptive, democratic society might result in our great defeat." (Canadian Speeches Issues of the day, June, 1995 Vol 9 Issue 3 Page 43-43)

Jews who admit creating the multicultural mess worry more about "assimilation rather than rates of anti-Semitism." In other words 'pluralism' is good for 'us,' but not for them. Multiculturalism is good for the 'goyim' but is a 'paradox' for Jews.

The Bible states: "Even as I have seen, they that plow iniquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same." Job 4:8. Yes Abella and his crew have sown great wickedness. And now our people, are praying to the other gods of 'multiculturalism.' Multiculturalism is the acceptance of every religion including Witchcraft (Witchcraft is against the law in Canada. Sec. 365) You can worship the sun or worship a tree in the forest, but don't you dare worship the King named Jesus Christ. Our once great Christian nation is now the play ground for every pagan demigod that would make Satan blush. And yes people -- each and everyone of them -- can teach YOUR CHILDREN!! But now that non-state/Jewish approved Christian teachers can be fired for not having politically correct religious beliefs, who is next? Will all people who are considered role models like a teacher be the next victim of the Spanish Inquisition? Policemen, Doctors, anybody who may be a role model now become targets of this New World Order thought police. If Jews don't like your religious beliefs for what ever reason, they can now have you fired for not being a good role model, for 'poisoning the environment.' The precedent has already been set!

Not too long ago Canada's Lone Ranger free speech lawyer Doug Christie warned that: "If you fired a person for what he said in a classroom, soon you would also fire a person for what he said out of the classroom." This prediction sadly enough, has come true.

Jesus warned us how the world would treat a true Christian. (Those of us that won't get 'raptured' away.) Read the following Bible verses, and try to understand that the tribulation period spoken of in the Bible, is one step closer as of April 3, 1996:

Matthew 24:9 "Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake."

Luke 6:22 "Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you [from their company], and shall reproach [you], and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man's sake."

John 7:7 "The world cannot hate you; but me it hateth, because I testify of it, that the works thereof are evil."

John 15:18 "If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before [it hated] you."

Now that you have read them, think about what future you want for your people. Do you want to live free and be able to pray to Yahweh as you please? Or will you stay on your knees and read from the New World Order Bible like a good sheep in the slave camps of the New World Order? The choice is yours!

Reprinted with permission from the Jubilee July/August 1996 Page 10

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