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The Strange Case of Matt Lauder

Marc Lemire

April 30, 2001

New Spokesthingy for "Anti-Racism" in Canada

Matthew Alexander Lauder is the director of the "anti-racism" program at the Guelph and District Multicultural Centre. [1] For the past 2 years he has used the alias, "Anschluss Kanada" on the Internet. By day he was railing against "racists" at the multicult centre, come night Matt would write scathing articles on anti-white government policies, big brother, government tyranny, holocaust survivors, the Heritage Front and a variety of other topics. Matt Lauder was also the editor and webmaster of the "Canadian Nationalist Review" at

Not only was Matt Lauder an interesting if not strange writer, but he took it upon himself to act as an agent provocateur, agitating Racialist and Nationalist groups in Canada and the United States. Matt was especially interested in proposing the revival of some "radical youth-oriented group." His odd and secretive behavior generally annoyed and irritated people into steering clear of him.

Matt Lauder first contacted the Heritage Front in July of 1995 when he was attending Queen's University in Kingston. [2] He claimed to be writing a dissertation on the "Right-Wing" in Canada, so the Heritage Front sent him some information in the mail. In 1997 or 1998, Marc Lemire, Wolfgang Droege and others met up with him in Kingston prior to a Paul Fromm meeting. From that moment on, we knew he was not quite right. Something was always strange with him.

Come late 1998/1999, Matt Lauder was trying to re-organize the Heritage Front. It was pretty short lived, with Lauder turning his interest to hosting the Heritage Front Forum on the Internet. Through the Heritage Front Forum he tried to illicit information from people using the Heritage Front's name.  His strange behavior scared people off.  The HF Forum lasted only a few months  and then Lauder turned his efforts to the "Anschluss Kanada" website.

In 1999, after his return from a trip to Great Britain, Lauder becomes much more interesting. In the early months of 1999, Lauder managed to infiltrate a closed list of "anti-racism" types run by Harry Abrams out of Victoria, BC. That list, called the "Golem Gazette," was really a gold mine of interesting information and Lauder would forward to the Freedom-Site all articles of interest.

Some of the information, included correspondence and letters from "anti-racists" across Canada, inside information, articles, press releases, security breaches of our meetings, and it also detailed the inner workings of the "anti-racism" movement in Canada.

Here is a short list of some of the good stuff we got from this list. By no means is this a complete list. Some of the information we are still using and prefer to keep it private for now.

March 2nd, 1999, David Lethbridge from BC and his close ties to the violent, terrorist Anti-Racist Action. [3]

May 20, 1999, David Lethbridge reveals the leader of the British Columbia Aryan Nations as a Marty Olsen. This E-Mail is interesting because it shows how Lethbridge works behind the scenes. Calling up the local paper, calling up Aryan Nations and other people. [4]

[Left] Notice the "real tough' piece of trash holding a stick to try to stop Collins!

May 20, 1999, Harry Abrams passes on information about Canadian Free Speech League meeting in Victoria. We at the Freedom-Site warned the CFSL, the day before about the problems they are walking into at the meeting. A ruckus ensues, where "anti-racism" demonstrators try to punch and kick Doug Collins, but the meeting goes on, thanks to additional security measures taken from the warning. [5]

July 14, 1999, Lauder forwards us an E-Mail from Bernie Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress about an article in the June 17/23 issue of NOW Magazine. The article was about the Swansea Town Hall's decision to allow Paul Fromm to have meetings there, against the moans of the "anti-Racism" industry. Instructive to learn that -- days before publication -- Enzo's articles are submitted to Bernie Farber for proof-reading. No wonder Enzo's articles are so biased and twisted. [6]

August 3, 1999, Lauder informs Aryan Nations in the States as to who the Communist agitator David Lethbridge is (since he was bothering them about Marty Olsen) Also, Irene Zundel (Ernst Zundel's crazy ex-wife) is working with Abrams and is giving them a wacky point by point reaction to what Ernst wrote in his Power newsletter. [7]

Wacky Warren KinsellaAugust 27, 1999, An avalanche of letters appear from people like Lethbridge, Dr. Steve Brodsky, Dr. Steve Scheinberg and wacky Warren Kinsella complaining against Diane Francis of the National Post. Her sin? Quoting Paul Fromm without calling him all kinds of names. Kinsella recommends lodging a "Press Council complaint." That'll teach her to be a decent journalist! [8]

September 24, 1999, More from the deranged Irene Zundel on Ernst Zundel and his lawyer. Her hatred for Doug Christie blowing her away on the stand when she testified against Ernst Zundel at a "Human Rights" Tribunal hearing comes seething through. Irene goes on a wild rant to call Doug Christie all kind of names to ingratiate herself to her new found friends. Irene says such crazy things as "I believe he also dabbled in the drug scene, though it was the more yuppie drug of coke from what I understand.... He takes pride in being caustic and feels himself above apologizing to most. He is an alchoholic, an extreme womanizer, and schizoid about his Catholicism...." She goes on about Doug Christie to say "I know of no women that he keeps as generally he prefers the ease and anonymity of hookers. He makes a fetish out of being a Scot, is cheap as hell, and cries like a baby in the movie "Braveheart...." [9]

September 27, 1999, in a moment of candor from Matt Lauder, he writes the Freedom-Site and says "If Irene thinks that Abrams is insightful on a psychological level, she's more of an idiot than I had previously thought." [10]

October 14, 1999, poor Matt Lauder was quite upset that Marc Lemire was not inviting him to many of our meetings. Matt writes "When are you gonna give me the skinny on dates and places of meetings. Even if they are in BC, let me know, I've got to head out there to check things out at some point anyway. C'mon, I hate hearing about upcoming meetings from the yids!" [11]

November 6, 1999, Alan Dutton, the husky director of the Canadian Anti-Racism Research and Education Society in Vancouver reports that Charles Scott, one time Racialist from BC, has turned on the movement and is now working with them. [12]

January 10, 2000, B'nai Brith asks readers of the Golem Gazette to report "Hate Crimes" to them for inclusion in their "Audit of Antisemitic Incidents". Among those antisemitic incidents to be reported is "systemic discrimination (like not getting Jewish holidays off from work)". And according to Amelia Golden of the B'nai Brith, you don't even have to recall any of the specifics of the "Antisemitic incident" that happens to you. Something to definitely remember once a year when the B'nai Brith puts out their "audit". [13]

While I don't want to bore you with too many of these messages that Matt Lauder sent us, it is good to know most of what he sent us came in very handy.

I was really amazed after reading over numerous postings from anti-racism types in Canada, how pervasive mental illness is amongst these people. Massive paranoia, to the point where these weirdo's actually thought we were using a "high-powered laser-style microphone system" to listen in to what they are saying. Talk about a bunch of cranks, fruit loops and social misfits.

From the beginning, Matt Lauder always had a fascination with radical groups like the Knights of Freedom (USA) and others like Alex Curtis in San Deigo. In the summer of 1999, his fascination took him to Washington, DC, where the Knights of Freedom were supposed to have a "March on Washington". According to Lauder's report when he got back, all of 15 people showed up. He was appointed as a Knights of Freedom "security officer" and met with them the night before the march and stayed at a KoF supporter's farm in Virginia. During the protest that ensued in Washington, Lauder snapped lots of pictures, and was kind enough to forward them to the Freedom-Site via his "Guelph and District Multicultural Centre" E-Mail account. [14]

On March 28th 2000, Matt Lauder drove Marc Lemire down to Washington, DC to hear David Duke, Don Black and Paul Fromm speak. Thanks go out to the "Guelph and District Multicultural Centre" for probably footing the bill, since Marc didn't pay a cent for the gas or the rental of the car.

The movement did benefit during our trip to Washington also. During our stay in Washington, I spoke at length to Lauder about the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and what parasites they are. Matt Lauder showed an almost obsessive interest in Grant Bristow. After we got back, Lauder wrote a 4 part series on the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, and Marc Lemire put it on the Freedom-Site for all to see. [15]

The Two Personalities of Matt Lauder

One might really wonder why a person like Matt Lauder would love to play both sides so often. It was a perplexing problem for me to answer. But after consulting a few of the medical texts on my shelf, I think I may have found an answer to my query.

Jumping straight to the mental illness section, then paging over to "Dissociative Identity Disorder," the answer comes more into focus.

"Dissociative Identity Disorder" is defined by the American Psychiatric Association as "The presence of two or more distinct identities or personality states (each with its own relatively enduring pattern of perceiving, relating to, and thinking about the environment and self)." And it goes on to add "At least two of these identities or personality states recurrently take control of the person's behavior." [(1994). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, fourth edition]

The "Anti-Racist" by day, and the "Racialist/Nationalist" by night. Two very  distinct identities, each with its own pattern of perceiving the world. When one looks more into this "Dissociative Identity Disorder," one cannot help but think most of the "Anti-Racist" industry is afflicted with this condition. 

You have cranks like Hefty Fry, Minister of State for Multiculturalism regaling Parliament with the outrageous statement: "You don't have to look far in Canada, to the province of British Columbia, where crosses are being burned on lawns in Prince George as we speak." [16]

Paul Fromm from Canada First hits the nail right on the head when he wrote on March 23, 2001 that "Anti-racism is a form of mental illness." [16] Therefore makes me consider writing to the American Psychiatric Association for inclusion of "Anti-Racism" in the 2002 edition of "manual of mental disorders" ... but I digress.

As for Matt Lauder, let's have a closer examination of some of his published statements and compare for signs of "Dissociative Identity Disorder."

Profile #1 
ARA: Friend or Foe

Personality "A" - Matt Lauder "Racialist/Nationalist" does the following:

On March 18, 1999, Matt Lauder has a meeting with the terrorists from "Anti-Racist Action." He learns that "They are planning on getting more active, they say. Protests at houses of so-called Nazis are, apparently, being planned. And, of course, more anti-racist concerts in TO" and as to where the ARA gets its information, Lauder offers this: "As for the ARA's connection to the B'nai Brith, it looks as if it's tenuous at best. The B'nai Brith doesn't seem to be offering them money, but a pipeline of info is set-up through Abram's web-zine Goleme Gazzette. They also get a lot of info from Kinsella, as far as I can tell." [17]

Personality "B" - Matt Lauder "Anti-Racist" does the following:

Matt Lauder gives the Anti-Racist Action information on a meeting about immigration, Paul Fromm is having in Kitchener on March 23, 2001. Members of Anti-Racist Action come to the hotel and try to disrupt the meeting and to shut it down. They fail. After they get expelled from the hotel by Police, they flyer the parking lot. Some of the text of the flyers comes from Matt Lauder. [18]

Profile #2 
Catchy Headlines

Personality "A" - Matt Lauder "Racialist/Nationalist" wrote the following:

On July 6, 2000: "Nothing like a catchy headline on Nazis to sell papers, and then to make your article better, the special interest lobby will offer up their own resident 'expert' to make up something about how insidious the right wing movement is in Canada. By the time the liberal media confers with the 'experts' and finishes the article, the story has taken on a life of its own, with no basis in reality." 

Personality "B" - Matt Lauder "Anti-Racist" says the following:

On April 18, 2001, Matt Lauder takes it upon himself to call up the Kitchener-Waterloo Record to "expose" a group called the Canadian Heritage Alliance. He claims they are a white supremacist group. There is the "catchy headline on Nazis" as if to confirm the hypothesis described above. Lauder offers himself to the local newspaper as a "resident 'expert'" to say "We should not give this space and publicity to this group. It legitimizes this group." Soon he "is demanding the region remove the [Canadian Heritage] alliance [Adopt a Highway] sign, a position supported by Karen Mock, national director of the League for Human Rights of B'nai Brith in Toronto." In steps "resident 'expert'" number 2 and friend of the Terrorist ARA, Karen Mock. Now as Matt Lauder wrote only a year ago, the story starts to take "on a life of its own, with no basis in reality"

To further add to the confusion, Matt Lauder helped to set up the Canadian Heritage Alliance, and assisted in writing some of the original policies of the group, which he later labels as "white supremacist".

Profile #3 
The Growing Right-Wing and the Cash Cow

Personality "A" - Matt Lauder "Racialist/Nationalist" wrote the following:

On July 6, 2000: "The pressure for the media to write fictitious stories comes from the neo-liberal special interest groups. The short [and] the long of it is that stories about so-called "radical groups" justifies an increase in funds to the special interest groups, not to mention the police departments and CSIS so they can "fight" the supposed terrorist. You need money to survive, and the special interest lobby and the police have found a convenient cash cow to guarantee funding. All you have to do is scream "neo-Nazi skinheads" and the government comes running with a bag full of money."

Personality "B" - Matt Lauder "Anti-Racist" says the following:

On April 22, 2001, in an interview with the Buffalo News, Matt Lauder said: "while the extreme right is much smaller in Canada than in the United States, there are a handful of groups and they are growing. 'There's a network of far-right groups' in Canada, he said, adding they cross-promote each other."

See now that Matt Lauder, in his "Anti-Racist" personality, has found a "convenient cash cow to guarantee funding" of his program. Just as he blasted the special interest lobby for doing in his "Racialist/Nationalist" personality, he turns around and does it himself.

Lets be honest his first quote really says something about the "radical groups" in Canada, doesn't it? Like the barking dogs complaints in Vancouver [19], the REAL threat in Canada is the number of people fighting to secure a place at the anti-racism udder.

Profile #4 
The Cycle of Corruption

Personality "A" - Matt Lauder "Racialist/Nationalist" wrote the following:

On July 6, 2000: "And the result [pressure for the media to write fictitious stories] is that the media plays into the game. They publish the articles because, in return, the special interest lobby feeds them information and gossip which sells newspapers. It's a cycle of corruption."

Personality "B" - Matt Lauder "Anti-Racist" said the following:

April 18, 2001, Toronto Star: "Senior regional officials were unaware of the [CHA Adopt-A-Highway] signs until contacted by the Kitchener-Waterloo Record, which was informed about it yesterday by Lauder."

Once again, Matt Lauder in his "Racialist/Nationalist" personality describes this as a "cycle of corruption", then proceeds to feed the media information and gossip about the Canadian Heritage Alliance, which helps the media sell newspapers and of course, helps to "sell" Matt Lauder, as a "resident expert" and helps perpetuate the cycle.

Profile #5 
Freedom and Civil Law

Personality "A" - Matt Lauder "Racialist/Nationalist" says the following:

"All of this is evidence that we are facing an internationally co-ordinated political conspiracy, a giant machine that uses law enforcement agencies against us. We, as democracy-believing people of the Western world, have always fought for liberty and freedom and we are now denied this through persecution via the courts. We did this against the book buring [burning] and censorship-obsessed Nazi's in WWII and we do it now against the forces of the politically correct."

Personality "B" - Matt Lauder "Anti-Racist" says the following:

"Rather than treating hate as a criminal offence, social and legal policy should provide the means for civil litigation, with a mandate well beyond the classification of a libel suit. Suing the hate group for compensation, an approach used in the United States with much success, may likely be the only effective means of reducing the racist organizations' ability to propagate hatred on a large scale. To take money from racist organizations is to limit their access to mass communication and their ability to spread hatred. Only then may racial tension and hate be eliminated. "

Other interesting Matt Lauder Quotes

"We have lost our rights in this country and many people don't even realize it as of yet. The fact is that the police and other minority rights advocates and teamed up to slowly erode the principles of individual freedom. In this age of neo-liberalism, one is made to feel guilty about holding popular views..."

"Vilification of people, or in this case a website, simply due to one's capacity to discuss contentious issues is a pusillanimous attempt at censorship. Disparagement and denigration of groups holding opposing viewpoints has been a principle technique by powerful groups for thousands of years."

"Why is it that the terms "racist" and neo-Nazi" are thrown around ad liberti when any European group wants to get together and discuss the issues from an in-group perspective? What is so inherently wrong in preserving my culture and heritage? Is that not an inherent right of all the world's people's? When will these groups practice the tolerance they so often see fit to preach?"


I'll leave the interpretation of Matt's problem to you, but don't forget to read the rest of his articles on the Freedom-Site before making any decisions.

Matt Lauders articles can be found on the Freedom-Site at:

And on the Canadian Heritage Alliance's website under the name "Canadian Nationalist Review"

Also note, I E-Mailed this article to Matt Lauder 3 times before I put it on the Freedom-Site, and he refused to answer or make any comments on it. If he does make any comments on it in the future, his comments will be added to the text of this article.

And a final thought. The Guelph and District Multicultural Centre Inc. has received $46,170 of your hard earned tax money to fund its project: "Outreach and Education, Canadian Youth and the Far-Right: Countering Recruitment through Community-based Initiatives." According to the Justice Canada website: "The objectives are to convince young people to leave hate groups and to limit hate group recruitment through public awareness and education. Workshops will be delivered in secondary schools, university and public meeting places and the Centre will build upon existing relationships with community leaders and mentors." [20]



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