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Doug Collins

April 12, 2000

When I was working for the Calgary Herald about a hundred years ago, an editor called Dick Sanburn used to talk about “British faggots.” He thought they made London the stinkhole of Europe and that they were responsible for the Decline and Fall of the British Empire. Perhaps he was right.

Mr. Sanburn has long gone to the big newsroom in the sky, and until I join him I can’t find out what he now thinks about our own stinkhole. For although most of the Western world has now succumbed to homosexuality in one way or the other, no country can actually beat Canada in the faggot stakes.

What the Toronto Gay "Pride" Day looks like:

We have Pierre Trudeau to thank for that long march. For it was yon genius who told us that the state had no business in the bedrooms of the nation. Whereupon we all nodded, nincompoops that we were. But who ever thought it would come to what we see today, with what amounts to victory on all fronts going to what a British philosopher called Roger Scruton has called the homintern?

There is no limit to it. As anyone who has an idiot box knows, those idiots in Ottawa are about to bow to the howls of the homosexuals by bringing in a bill granting homos all the rights now restricted to heterosexual married couples. It is a piece of gandy dancing called, “An Act to modernize the statutes of Canada in relation to benefits and obligations.” Modernize? Try not to laugh, but it says here that 68 federal statutes will have to be altered if this sanctification of homosexuality is to be achieved. But let’s not be too hard on the Minister of Injustice who is responsible for this. She’s only doing what the Homintern tells her to do.

Elinor Caplan, Canada's Jewish Minister of Immigration

Similarly, our Jewish Minister for Disintegration, by which I mean Immigration, trots off to tell her club that she’s going to let in 300,000 immigrants a year — few of them white, if she has her way, but many of them homo. 

They are already being admitted, either as “refugees” or by ministerial permit. How do you think Svend Robinson got his boy friend in?

When I went to Sunday school, which was two centuries ago, we used to sing a hymn with the words, “There is a happy land, far, far away.” God reckoned it was Canada, but God had it wrong. God now gets everything wrong.

So what’s the buzz behind the pressurizing of society by the homos? Why do we curtsy to the contaminated? The late Malcolm Muggeridge would say it was the liberal death wish. I think in darker terms. Time was when I didn’t believe in conspiracies, but that time has gone. Government and institutions have been infiltrated by conspiring creepy-crawlies.

British Columbia fell by the wayside quite early. Vancouver, under Mike Harcourt, an oh-so-nice socialist mayor who later became premier, was the first in Canada to declare a Gay Pride Day. And from that day on the NDP has never stopped going from bad to worse.

My favorite enemy, Ujjal Dosanjh, then the attorney general and now premier of all the British Columbias, in 1998 gave pension benefits to“same-sex partners” in the civil service.The year before that it was “equal rights” on child custody, plus they became “spouses” in the Family Relations Act. Progress! And no opposition in the media that I ever noticed.

Long before that, Ontario’s Chief Lesbian, Mary Woo Sims, was hired to head the B.C. Human Rights Commission. A woman, a lesbian, and half Chinese -- if only she had been a cripple the politically correct circle would have been perfect. Mind you, if she had stayed in Ontario she might have received the same accolade there, where Mike Harris appointed a homosexual to run his rights commission.

Wasn’t Harris supposed to be a conservative? Sorry. There are now no conservatives. They are one with the dodo.

The NDP’s partner in crime, the B.C. Teachers Federation, has voted in favor of promoting clubs in the schools for homo students. That involves the promotion of homosexuality, although they lie in their teeth about it. But battle has been joined. The worm has turned. Parents are up in arms. In Surrey, especially, no such clubs will be permitted.

Or so they say. But mayors who refuse to proclaim Gay Rights Days are now hauled before Rights Gestapos, just like columnists who write about the Jewish domination of Hollywood. Oh well. Didn’t I tell you guys that the rights disease would one of these days hit you, too?! No man is an island.

The courts are also “gay-friendly,” from the top one down. All in the name of toleration, while the homos themselves are the least tolerant That’s why Dr. Laura is under the gun.

For us strangely straight folk it’s a bit like being caught in one of those nets the gladiators of Ancient Rome used to toss at one another, and I predict that the day will come when Canada will be filled with homos of color doing a kind of the last tango in Paris.

What was that you said about the Brits, Mr. Sanburn?


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