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Canada's multicult mayhem

Doug Collins

March 19, 2000

A recent front page of the Vancouver Province was devoted to the picture of a body being removed from a main street, plus a huge headline that read:


Inside, a double-page spread under the heading, "Blood on the streets" quoted the police as saying that Vancouverites were at risk as Vietnamese gangs went on "revenge-shooting rampages".

And the front page of the Vancouver Sun offered this news: "40 kids seized in war on drugs."

The first article described an execution-style murder, of which which there have been many.

The second one informed us that Vietnamese kids had been taken into provincial custody as part of the war being waged against marijuana growing operations, which seem to be unlimited. And controlled by Vietnamese gangsters.

"We are dealing with families who very shortly after they enter Canada, seem to be recruited to become gardeners for grow-ops," said a police spokesman.

Over 90 officers are involved in this "war." Last year, it took 100 policemen to quell riots in Sikh temples. And police squads arrested dozens of Honduran "refugees" who were openly selling crack on in Vancouver streets.

All of which is reflected in every large city in this country but never mentioned in Liberal conventions. Or any others.

In Edmonton, for example, it was "Sunday, bloody Sunday," over a story that the police there were calling for calm when Vietnamese gangs were using guns.

But that sort of stuff is not the item. The item is that the politicians don't want to know about any of it. If they did, they would be asking whether Canada wants or needs the kind of immigration we are getting.

The same applies to the mainstream media. If there is a single columnist who has had the stomach to go to the root of the problem I must have been a victim of narcolepsy - brought on by the shock of seeing the True North being metamorphosed into the True East.

Some are prepared to attack the symptoms of the disease. Diane Francis of the National Post is one and she has done some noble work. But it's mostly about how the system is being abused, as in the bogus refugee racket. No one says that the system itself IS the abuse because of the pretence that race is of no consequence.

Or, as Pierre Trudeau told us: "It doesn't matter where the immigrants come from." It's not as if this situation has only recently raised its ugly head.

In 1979 I wrote a book with the title, "Immigration: The Destruction of English Canada." Than which there was never a truer title.

No need to quote the figures. You see them every day in the streets. And the corrupt Liberals in Ottawa are determined to keep it that way. The Opposition, meanwhile, has a tape over its mouth. It is either frightened to death of being called racist, or is just as anxious as Chretien & Co. to get the immigrant vote.


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