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Doug Collins

Aug 12, 2001

 As a media wretch of some fifty years' experience, I should write a
book about the media, especially about me and the media. We neo-Nazis, racists, white supremacists, fascists, skinheads, anti-Semites,
holocaust deniers, hate merchants and other scum for whom names have
not yet been invented are always facing the firing squads of political

The latest atrocity concerns Canadian Press and a story by a fem by the
name of Sue Bailey that went country-wide. It had the Supreme Court of Canada "rejecting my appeal" to challenge B.C.'s outrageous Human Rights Code, under which anyone expressing an opinion disliked by pressure groups like the Canadian Jewish Congress can be hauled before a rights

"Ex-columnist loses bid to challenge ruling," was the happy headline in
The Vancouver Sun, which is controlled by Izzy Asper & Co. "Collins...fails to get top court to hear his appeal," was the sub-head.

Trouble was that I had not asked the Supreme Court or any other court
to do anything of the kind. The Bailey girl got it all mixed up and it had never occurred to her to observe a basic rule of reporting and ask me or my lawyer, Doug Christie, for comment. If she had, we could have put her straight.

What actually happened was that Mr. Christie had asked the court to
state whether these tribunals were entitled to declare that their
decisions were constitutionally correct. In its wisdom, the court
declined to rule on that, and that was the "rejection".

Mr. Christie phoned the fem, and a new story was put out. But the
damage had been done. TV outlets had put out "flash" news on the matter
and they and most newspapers couldn't be bothered to run the second version. Which didn't mention that the first one had been wrong. That would never do.

I get used to it. Here are some examples of what I mean.

Two years ago Mr. Christie and I held a fund-raising meeting in the
North Vancouver public library. It was entirely peaceful, over $3000 was donated to help with the costs of my challenging the Rights Code, and so many people attended that I had to speak twice.

Two months later a leftist leader of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (aren't they all?) complained that it was a racist meeting. That led to a councillor demanding that library facilities should be banned to "hate groups". He got nowhere, but the Sun ran a scare story headed "Neo-Nazis spark move to ban hate groups from public space".

Vancouver Sun scribbler Paula Brook did a five-column article in which
she ranted on about how more than a hundred skinheads had been at the
meeting. and how library staff had been "intimidated".

That was a lie on both counts. She too never had asked Christie or me
for comment, nor did she consult the reporter from the local paper who
covered the meeting and saw nothing of any skinheads. Eventually, the
Sun ran a two-paragraph retraction in which it confessed that no more
than two people at meeting could be described as skinheads. In fact,
there were none, unless a couple of bald-headed, aging men could be
regarded as such.

A great newspaper, the Sun.

Another little drama was played out in Oliver, B.C. In 1998, Sol
Littman of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre had been shouting about Oliver
being the "hate capital of Canada", a local internet service provider
having run stuff Littman didn't like.The internet being under threat, Paul Fromm and I went to the city to hold a free speech meeting. The story got national attention and this time the Sun's headline was, "Town of Oliver awaits the hate", plus an editorial headed, "Racists challenge the good people of Oliver". Ujjal Dosanjh, then the NFP's
attorney general, sent his police "hate squad" to watch events.

Nobody found any hate, I talked about B.C.'s Rights Code and the
threats to free speech in Canada. A hysterical woman started screaming
something about racism, and Terry Milewski of the CBC told his national
audience: "She's talking about Doug Collins, who says the Holocaust
never happened."

I had made no reference to the Holocaust, and I have never said it
never happened, although I believe that the six million story is an
exaggeration. I complained to the CBC Ombudsman, and after a six-month
investigation during which CBC News put everything I had said or written
under the microscope, the ombudsman agreed that my complaint was
justified. CBC News promised a retraction was but it was never made.

On Press Freedom Day the Sun wrote an unctuous editorial on journalists
who have lost their lives defending freedom and asked what life would be
like if you could only know what the people in charge wanted to tell

Physician, heal thyself!

I have written the Sun a letter asking when it will stand up for freedom of expression and proper reporting here, but am not holding my breath about its being run.

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