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Save Free Speech Now!


Doug Collins

July 31, 2001

 There is a god! Only weeks after taking power the new Liberal
government has sacked B.C. Human Rights Commissioner Mary-Woo Sims. The cheers have been deafening. Even the Asper-controlled press approves of the death warrant, although it had never had the stomach to demand that she be done away with.

The leather-clad Mary-Woo, born in Hong Kong, is a former Chief
Lesbian of Ontario who was imported by the lesbian-lovin' NDP to make
this province the most politically correct in Canada. Which she did,
even to the far end of the ridiculous.

A Victoria businessman had to pay $30,000 to a guy who refused to put
poinsettias on display at Christmas, he being a Jehovah's Witness who
did not believe in Christmas and who claimed his feelings were hurt. He
either quit or was fired but, incredibly, part of the award was for lost

An American couple were awarded $1,200 when a B.C. lodge owner asked them to take their three very young kids to the cafeteria instead of to the dining room.There have been many such cases, and it is reported that more have been argued by B.C. at the Supreme Court of Canada than by any other province.

Some sort of action by the Liberals was expected. Mr.Geoff Plant, who
was then the shadow attorney general, said before the recent election that something had to be done in view of the many "goofy decisions" that were being made. But his rollerblading removal of Mary-Woo on his becoming the A.G. still came as a surprise to us pessimists. Trouble is that the Acting Commissioner is now Harinder Mahil, an East Indian who used to run the Farm Workers Union and is a politically male version of the Woo girl. Let's hope he doesn't act for very long. But at least the Woo woman's departure sends out the right kind of signal.

There is, however, more to all this than the above-mentioned goofiness.
I refer to the threat to press freedom, of which my case is an example.

It was not mentioned in the editorials on the Woo firing in the Sun and Province. Perhaps their scribblers have bad memories, but it's more
likely that they didn't want to upset Organized Jewry and Izzy, for
whose latter papers I am a non-person.
For years I have been a major target of the rights fanatics, but with the help of lawyer Doug Christie and free speech groups I am fighting for a judicial review of the Rights Code in the expectation that its censoring sections will be struck from the books.

It's a slow process. The courts have directed that before our application for a review can be considered we must ask the rights tribunal whether the decision it brought down against me was constitutionally valid. Weird, because there is about as much chance of the tribunal's declaring it was in the wrong as there is of my becoming
the next NDP premier of British Columbia. Anyway, when it has said that what it did was the best thing since sliced bread it will be back to the
courts. Provided I live long enough.

For the Mary-Woos and the former NDP regime I am a hate merchant. What is hate? What the Woos and the Jews say it is. Under B.C.'s rules,
anyone denouncing Israel's persecution of the Palestinians could be hauled before a tribunal for subjecting Jews to "hatred and contempt".

In my case it was for stating that the Jews control Hollywood, that the
six- million holocaust story is an exaggeration, and that the Canadian
Jewish Congress and similar groups are against free speech. All of which
is true, and none of which is defensible under the Code, truth being no
defence. What matters is whether people like Harry Abrams of B'Nai Brith feel "hurt", he being the one who made the complaint against me.

It is amusing, in its way, that the lawyer for the government claims that "society" demands that people be protected against "hate speech". She speaks for the previous government, of course, whose work flows on like the Fraser river. In fact, society demands nothing of the sort. It is special interest groups, hot-eyed reds and other freaks who demand that unpopular opinions be censored.

Attorney General Plant plans to review the Rights Code. Alarmed Jewish
groups say they expect to be consulted, which is not surprising, seeing
that they asked for this abominable legislation in the first place. He
will therefore face formidable opposition, but the removal of Mary-Woo Sims shows that he knows which end is up, and the Liberals may change
the law. If they don't, the courts will be our dare I say it? final solution.

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