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Doug Collins

March 1, 2000

The NDP leadership dust has settled and now, as the headlines tiresomely tell us, B.C. has the first East Indian premier in Canadian history, Meet the ever lovin’, ever smilin’ Ujjal Dosanjh.

We also have the first premier ever pushed into that spot by sheer trickery, for he would not have made it had it not been for mass NDP membership sign-ups in Sikh temples.

That too was a first. The Chinese swarmed to elect Raymond Chan federally in Richmond. But even they didn’t parade in church to push membership applications under people’s noses. (They paraded in downtown Vancouver.)

There was plenty of publicity on this but the Vancouver media shied away from saying that what happened was racism, pure and simple.

One wonders what ordinary NDPers thought as the watched all those turbans and saris doing their victory dance when Dosanjh walked away with the top prize.

Wonders never cease, though. For anyone who has watched the media tip-toeing around the obvious where race is concerned, there was an article in the Edmonton Journal that laid things on the line.

Lorne Gunter had this to say:

“If the meek are sure to inherit the earth, the Sikhs seem poised to inherit B.C. — not just a handful of riding associations, or a nomination or two for the Legislature, but the whole samosa — the provincial NDP and the government it controls.”

I was saying the same thing in print years ago but I didn’t expect to see such candor in an otherwise politically correct newspaper. There it was, however, the cloud no bigger than a man’s hand.

To make sure readers got his point, Gunter closed with this:

“The principal end-product of Canada’s multiculturalism policies will be, not universal harmony, but intractable ethnic power-struggles in the nation’s politics.”

How did that get past the paper’s censors? Or has the Journal, long leftish, taken a turn to the right?

Then there was a cover story in Maclean’s magazine on Sikh Power. Written before the Great Event, it made the usual excuses where ethnics are concerned, but nevertheless conveyed the message that violence and ruthlessness in Sikh society are major problems.

That was no news to British Columbians. The headlines have been telling us that ever since extended family reunification led to the flood from the Punjab.

As time went on, the situation worsened.

“Sikh temple closed after stabbing, arrests.” (Vancouver Sun, August 24, 1998.)

“Fearing violence, Surrey denies Sikh parade permit.” (Vancouver Sun, July 4, 1998.)

And so on. And on. None of which has prevented politicians from kissing Sikh bums for a vote.

Provincially, the NDP has grovelled the most, being in government and wanting to stay there. Federally, the award goes to the Liberals. They even supported Dosanjh’s leadership campaign with funds. (“Party in a furor over Liberals’ aid.” (Vancouver Province, February 18.)

And when there’s a federal election in the offing, the first man the Liberals’ organizer from Ottawa meets is Prem Vinning, who steers most of the Sikh vote. In gratitude for multicult and Sikh Power, y’know.

There’s little doubt that, provincially, white Liberals will be on their knees, too. I am told that for starters the Sikhs have demanded three seats in the Surrey and Delta districts. No ifs, ands or buts. Just in case the NDP loses out next time, see.

They act as if this were the Punjab. Consider this can of rotten worms:

In the run up to the NDP leadership convention, Provincial Fisheries Minister Dennis Streifel was supporting Gordon Wilson, who was opposing Dosanjh.

When it came to selecting convention delegates from Mission-Kent, Streifel’s own riding, the Dosanjh mob moved in and took over. Many of them didn’t even speak English, but the ruling powers don’t care about that. Gujarati is good enough.

Streifel wasn’t even allowed to speak. “If you didn’t have a voice for Ujjal Dosanjh, you didn’t have a voice at the meeting and I find that repulsive,” he declared. And this, let me repeat, in his own riding.

“The actions of the Dosanjh team infringed on freedom of speech,” he said, adding that“the “strong arm tactics” went right to the Dosanjh headquarters.

Welcome to the club, sir. You are now learning what goes on in the real world of multicult.

At that point Dosanjh stopped smilin’ and lovin’ for a few minutes to say that everyone involved in the campaign should behave with dignity and respect for others.

Sure. Just like when he renounced mass membership sign-ups — after the sign-ups had taken place.

Your scribe gets a little Schadenfreude (malicious joy) out of all this because he has been beating his gums about minority racism for years.

Only one question remains. Dosanjh has until June, 2001, before he must call an election, Will rank and file NDPers and the public at large remember how he got to the top spot in the province? Will they remember, as former premier Bill Vander Zalm has stated, that this “new” NDP is still the old NDP?


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