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A Word in favour of Extremism

Doug Collins

June 25, 2001

What this country needs is more extremists. Like Paul Fromm, like me, and like the silent millions who hate what's happening to Canada but don't have the backbone to do anything about it for fear of being called racist.

This conclusion was came to me in the middle of the night, planted there no doubt by a succubus.

It happened after I'd read the bibble-babble in the National Post about how Alliance MP Leon Benoit had been tricked into talking to the sinister Mr. Fromm.

The story had two purposes: the first was to take a run at any MP who appears to be weakening on political correctness, it being the desire of our media to consign White Canada to the dustbin of history; and the second was to demonize a man who is trying to inform Canadians about the facts and consequences of our disastrous immigration scam.

The usual negative adjectives appeared, based on the ravings of one Matthew Lauder, a "program worker" with the Guelph and District Multicultural Centre. "Neo-Nazi", "far-right group", and "extremist" popped up..

Lauder, it seems, had himself spent two years posing as a neo-Nazi and collecting information he now feeds to the police and anti-racist groups.

Brave fellow. Except that anyone who is interested in what Mr. Fromm has to say can attend his meetings, read his newsletters, or follow this Web site. There's nothing secret about it, and the only people who would call it neo-Nazi are the mentally handicapped, neo-Bolsheviks and nitwits. In addition to which, anyone with any sense would take with a grain of salt statements made by some guy who labors for a multicultural centre. But that, apparently, didn't occur to the reporter who wrote the Post story.

The Alliance MP had had two meetings with Fromm. Poor show. It should have been twenty-two, and Stockwell Day should have been there instead of hiding in the PC corner and assuring audiences that converting Canada into suburbs of India, China, the Caribbean and Africa is OK. Which is one reason why members are drifting away from his party. There was once some hope that he would stick a spoke into the Liberals' immigration wheel, but that hope has now gone with the wind.

Perhaps Mr. Day has been reading the Vancouver Sun, which in its Millennium issue listed cultural diversity as one of a hundred "best things about B.C." In the space of two generations, it said, "B.C. has produced one of the most multicultural societies in the world".

Thus do we cheer the demise of traditional Canada and the victory of the anti-racist racists.

But I digress, the subject being the urgent need for more extremists of the right kind. Pun intended.

We see stories every day about what we have done to ourselves re immigration. (Make that what you have done to yourselves, since I wrote a book over twenty years ago titled, Immigration: The Destruction of English Canada.)

We now have the glories of drive-by shootings; an open road for terrorists and criminals; policies designed to put Whites at the back of the bus for job hiring; and multiculturalism that allows minorities who will soon be a majority to protect their race while denying us the right to do the same. There's even a move to admit cripples, health care not being in enough trouble already. In short, our borders have become a fiction and a farce.

Extremism? Isn't it those who favor more of the same who are the real extremists? Who could have thought, thirty years ago, that a revolution of this sort would have taken place? One thing is sure. When Pierre Trudeau was grinning at the adoring crowds in that 1968 election, no-one knew what lay behind the grin.

It is the 6/23/01 extremists of the left who now call the tune. It's got to such a pass that when the mayor of Toronto makes a crack about not wanting to be put into a boiling pot in Africa it's national news.

In the story in the Post, Mr. Benoit rated a three-column photo for having strayed an inch from the proper path. And although he was quoted as saying that the anti-immigration extremist - Fromm - had some good ideas, he also said he had not spoken to him "since learning of the Fromm group's unsavory reputation".

Is the destruction of traditional Canada what you really want, Mr. Benoit? I think not. So do us a favor and become an extremist of the right kind. That way, the Alliance could win an election.


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