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Doug Collins

June 10, 2001

Great news! In the happy near future, people with AIDS are no longer to be automatically barred from Canada. Not that they are now, really. Refugees, who are mostly phony, already get the green light. So do relatives of "Canadians" already here. But now "the last barrier" is coming down, just like for women in submarines.

Let's send the news to South Africa, where it is said that about 20 per cent of the black population is HIV-positive. I mean, we must maintain our reputation for liberal thought and action, and I liked Immigration Minister Elinor Caplan's comment that "we can't shrink-wrap our borders". That would never do.

Not to be outdone, Health Minister Allan Rock said the idea was to eliminate the stigma that too often attaches to those living with HIV.

Just the kind of health minister we need. Dr. Rock also assures us that the disease is not transmitted through casual contact, and that its spread can be slowed down.

There we see the power of positive thinking. Pity it can't be applied to TB, though, which is on the up and up (another cause for rejoicing). According to doctors here in British Columbia at least fifty per cent of cases result from immigrants who either came in with it or have kindly donated it to the locals.

Cost? Don't be mean-spirited, although I see from the public prints that in 1997 Health Canada predicted that AIDS would cost our economy $22.2 billion in the following five years, and that the bill for each case involves indirect costs of $600,000 over a lifetime. Not much, considering the joy we can bring to the world by letting in a few thousand more AIDS sufferers.

Our national motto should be changed from Sea to Sea, to Our Door Is Always Open, which used to be the fashion in labor disputes. Today we are laboring to give it real meaning.

Consider: homosexuals, who now rule the roost (if I may use that expression), and can get in (if I may use that expression, too) by claiming that the police in their country don't like them.

Refugees? Teenagers can now be accepted as refugees by claiming that their daddies didn't love them. Parental abuse, and all that. A "first" for our refugee system, it has been announced with pride.

Terrorists are especially welcome. According to the Toronto police about eight thousand Tamil terrorists are on the loose in that city. Not to mention the guys who come in here en route to the U.S. with the intention of blowing up a few buildings. In the spirit of anti-racism, which is always good, they can even get Canadian cabinet ministers to attend their banquets.

And I especially liked the picture of a grinning Sri Lankan who applied for refugee status in Montreal "because Canada is the best country for refugees". He was later arrested for being a high-ranking terrorist leader. Never mind, plenty of lawyers paid for by the beaming Canadian taxpayer will be helping him in court over the next three years or so.

Ordinary criminals are also welcome, and have been for years. But now we get headlines that read, "Immigration system unfair to criminals, court rules." Yes, ever mindful or our welfare the federal court has ruled that a guy who had been convicted of drug trafficking and robbery and numerous other crimes couldn't be sent back to Guyana.

An author in Toronto who has written ten books on the subject told a police convention recently that Canada is a welcome wagon for undesirables and a free market for the underworld, with 18 major criminal syndicates operating across the country.

That's the stuff. Canada cares!

And as we all know now, we wouldn't dream of sending murderers back to their own jurisdictions if they face the death penalty. That what our Supremos in the highest court in the land say we wouldn't dream of doing, anyway.

But here an awkward thought occurs to me. Suppose Timothy McVeigh had been smart enough to slip over the border to Canada instead of waiting around for the FBI to pick him up.

Would he have found sanctuary here, just like hiding in a church in medieval times? True, he wiped out 168 men, women and children, but principle is principle, you know, and justice is always blind. Or as the Caplan girl says, we can't shrink-wrap our borders.

Spies? We love them, too, judging from a court decision that questioned whether a Chinese student who was spying on other students for Peking was really a danger to Canadian security.

The 20th. century was supposed to belong to Canada. In the 21st century Canada belongs to the world. AIDS and all.

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