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Doug Collins

June 10, 2001

The gnashing of teeth that has accompanied MP Rob Anders' refusal to sanctify Nelson Mandela by making him an honorary Canadian citizen is a classic in political correctness.
Alliance MP Rob Anders

As the whole world knows by now, Anders called him a communist and a terrorist.

Was St. Nelson a communist? Of course he was. And judging from the Chris Hani award he got from the South African Communist Party three years ago he may still be one.

Was he a terrorist? Of course he was. The reason he spent all that time in the clink was that he was part of the Rivonia plot of the early 1960s, which involved the stashing of weapons and enough high explosives to blow up half of Johannesburg. He was also Mr. Big in the African National Congress, a communist organization. Which it still is.

There are two kinds of terrorists. Good terrorists and bad terrorists. Good terrorists include Israeli prime ministers who blow up anyone who gets in their way. Bad terrorists are people like Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader. In a world turned upside down, the former are guaranteed a good press, the latter a bad one.

The politicians follow the fashion. See Stockwell Day, who blames the Palestinians for the war in Israel. See also the spectacle of Jean Chretien spitting hatred at Mr. Anders and calling him stupid, while nearly everyone else in that craven mob in parliament joined our version of the Greek chorus.. (An exception was my MP, Alliance House Leader John Reynolds.)

The appropriately-named Inky Mark of the Alliance Party added his bit to the song "I think it's an insult to our party, too," quoth Inky, "and not only to Mr. Mandela."

As it is today, so it was yesterday, the magic word being racism, by which the white race is destroying itself. The western media never lost an opportunity to bash the South African government for hanging on to power, which it often did by violent means. But the violence of the ANC was mostly not reported.. It was condoned. Which made them good terrorists.

Consider the practice of "necklacing", which meant placing a rubber tyre around the body of the victim, throwing gasoline over him, and letting him slowly burn to death. Black teenagers who ignored ANC instructions not to go to school were often necklaced, as were black adults who offended the ANC. Such atrocities numbered in the hundreds and perhaps in the thousands. Some of them were filmed, but to my knowledge were never once shown on TV in the West.

Victim of a "necklace" murder in South Africa

I saw them because I paid two visits to South Africa during apartheid days, and was there, indeed, the day white rule collapsed.

Mandela was in jail while necklacing and IRA-style bombings were going on and there is no evidence that he was involved, even in spirit. That being said, there is also no evidence that he condemned those outrages. His wife at the time, Winnie, got a kick out of them. "With our matches and our necklaces we shall liberate you," she trumpeted. She also organized murder with her so-called football team. Couldn't we make her an honorary citizen, too?

Mandela, meanwhile, continues to support communist regimes like that of Fidel Castro, plus the Libyan dictatorship of Muhammar Gaddafy. But that doesn't worry the Nobel Peace Prize committee. Nor, obviously, do Chretien and other Canadian star-gazers lose any sleep over it.

Gaddafy and Mandela

A skewed view of reality is typical of them. When he was prime minister, Brian Mulroney paid an official visit to Zimbabwe, where on our behalf he paid fulsome tribute to that thug Robert Mugabe and made a long face at the graves of dead terrorists. Pity he doesn't go back there now for a repeat performance. Mugabe's men, busy though they are with the murdering of white farmers, might hold him hostage. He would then have to take a break from cuddling Joe Clark, who recently led that gay pride parade in Calgary.

Is there anything to be said for Nelson Mandela? Yes. He is highly intelligent. Also courageous. When he was on trial for conspiracy and treason in the Rivonia affair he let it be known that if he was sentenced to death he would not appeal. He is also a nice guy. On becoming President of South Africa he did not engage in a policy of vindictiveness. But such stuff does not make him a candidate for honorary Canadian citizenship. Other nice guys, like Helmut Oberlander, are actually being deprived of Canadian citizenship.

Today's South Africa is slipping into the same pattern as Zimbabwe, but Ottawa doesn't want to know about it. Farmers in areas that have never known violence have had to arm themselves. Crime flourishes as never before. Discrimination against Whites in government service is routine.

Mr. Anders's offence was telling the truth. And truth can be the greatest offence. Or, as John Cleese said in that famous Fawlty Towers scene:

"Don't mention the war!"

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