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Doug Collins

June 5, 2001

It takes a bit of believing, but the New Brunswick Appeal Court has overturned the libel judgment against a Jewish cartoonist Josh Beutel who depicted Malcolm Ross as a Nazi.
Malcolm Ross speaking in Toronto

Mr. Ross is the author and former teacher who has been hounded for years by Organized Jewry.

It began when a human rights inquiry decided on a Jewish complaint that books he had written had created "a poisoned atmosphere" for Jewish students. His removal from his position was ordered in spite of his never having mentioned the Jews in class. Nor had his books ever been read by them.

Ross challenged that order in court, and it was vetoed, the judge holding that his freedom of expression and freedom of religion were being infringed.

He is an ardent Christian who believes the Jews are the enemies of Christianity which, in view of the attacks on Christian prayers in schools and city councils, and demands that they be dropped in legislatures, is not entirely unreasonable.

The court verdict didn't suit the Canadian Jewish Congress and B'nai B'rith, which fought the matter to the Supreme Court of Canada. Whereupon the Supremos ordered that Ross could not teach class but could hold a non-teaching position.

The media demonized him and the school board fired him. No reasons were given, nor was he granted a severance package. Just a pink slip. Homosexuals and freaks of many kinds can be teachers, but not a guy who annoys the powerful. Meanwhile, the politically correct New Brunswick Teachers Association lifted not a finger in his defence. They were on the other side.

In 1993, in fact, the teachers held a day-long seminar at a local synagogue during which Beutel showed crude, anti-Ross cartoons. One had him with a pencil up his backside, over the caption, "Free at last, to write for The Klansman, The Aryan Newsletter, The Order." Another showed Hitler on one side and Ross on the other, with the question, "What is the difference between Joseph Goebbels and Malcolm Ross? This one wrote in German, this one in English."

Beutel shows disgusting cartoons of Ross

Ross sued for libel, with B.C. lawyer Doug Christie representing him, and was awarded $7,500, plus costs, the Court of Queen's Bench judge stating:

"Beutel comments upon and criticizes Ross as a person who is a Nazi and should be characterized as such. He comments on the fact that Mr. Ross's views are substantially the same as those held by Hitler, Gobbels (sic) and other leaders of Nazi Germany.
One of Beutel  cartoons about Ross

"On my assessment of the testimony and material presented at trial, evidence does not support that as a true fact.

"Ross strongly denies that he is a Nazi [and] points to the Nazi philosophy as being anti-religious and as such the antithesis to his position."

The decision vexed the Jewish side mightily. Up popped the CJC's Bernie Farber with a comment that should win a prize for hypocrisy, considering that no group in the country has been more opposed to free speech than his lot, both in human rights tribunals and in the courts. One might have thought that the Jews had had nothing to do with the original human rights complaint against Ross in the book issue.

"The judge's decision was a very dangerous breach of the right to free speech," declared Farber unctuously.

Can we assume that the CJC and B'nai B'rith leopards have changed their spots? Were their complaints at my two rights tribunals all a mistake? If I get to court to challenge B.C.'s Human Rights Code will they be on my side?

I'm not holding my breath. But with a Jewish cartoonist on the griddle the CJC and B'Nai B'rith became suddenly converted to freedom of expression.They intervened on Beutel's behalf in his appeal against the libel verdict and, as stated, got it overturned.

Ross now asks what would have happened if a Christian had drawn cartoons of equivalent nastiness against a Jew, and mocked the Jewish religion in the way Beutel mocked his.

The mind boggles, too, at the Appeal Court's view that the Beutel cartoons were without malice.

According to the Oxford Encyclopedic Dictionary, one of the meanings of malice is to tease, especially cruelly. But perhaps its editors don't really know the meaning of words. Or could it be that the New Brunswick Appeal Court doesn't have a dictionary?

To call a man a Nazi means that he supports government-by-thuggery. As the initial verdict made clear, nothing in his history shows that Ross does that.

Is it libellous to call a man a Nazi who is not a Nazi? Apparently not.

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